The word Bezness is derived from the German word "Beziehung" (relation) and the English word Business, thus doing business.

It means used pretention of love feelings, with the sole objective of gaining financial or material benefits or a residence permit in Europe. By using emotional blackmail and manipulation.

In the tourist areas of Bezness countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and the Caribbeans, this has become an industry.

There are plenty of women and men who underestimate the cultural differences, and get caught in by sweet talk (because they are master liars).

But the scam is universal. Rights of foreigners in such countries are, because of a completely different legal systems, very opaque.

Through the social networks on internet, these "scrams" are very active as it comes to conducting "Bezness" as well.

The illusion of "true love" which is often too late "love of one side" appears to be.

Even tourists with the best intentions may be tempted to purchase property which subsequently purchase an expensive standpoint.

Bezness is the term used by the seducers themselves, to decoy or mislead tourists.

There are many forms of Bezness, but one thing is sure: men/women working in the tourist branch, nearly always belong to the group "Bezness". As the mass tourism started in the nineties, Bezness got more and more organised. It has become an importante source of income in the touristic areas. The harshness and speed this phenomenon grows with is alarming.