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In the past 2 years hundreds of Bezness victims did sign up with Bezness Alert.
Their demands vary from short help questions to very intensive accompaniment of dozens of victims from all over the world.
The result of all this is that we have collected a lot of knowledge, of where the bottlenecks are and we were able to support and help out dozens of victims.
Because of more public awareness of the phenomenon ‘Bezness’ and because of the release of the book ‘Kus kus, Bezness’, the flow of notifications increases hand over fist.
Bezness Alert consists of a team of experience experts, whom on voluntary bases gave very intensive personal accompaniment. Now, we want to start focusing on the positive results of prevention and information.


Figures that we collected through our survey.
Victims of Bezness practices in Egypt : 170

Women : 147 of which 90 younger than 30 years
Men : 23
From Holland : 98
From Belgium : 33
From Other countries : 39
Married/Relationship > 1 year : 34
Divorced : 70
Other : 66


50% of these victims were deceived for a sum of money over € 10.000,–


Resultaten Bezness Alert

Inmiddels hebben zich de afgelopen 2 jaar al honderden gedupeerden bij Bezness Alert aangemeld.
Deze varieert van korte hulpvragen tot intensieve begeleiding van tientallen slachtoffers vanuit de hele wereld.

Met als resultaat dat wij inmiddels veel kennis hebben opgedaan waar de knelpunten liggen en tientallen lotgenoten onze ondersteuning hebben kunnen bieden.

Door meer publieke bekendheid van het fenomeen ‘Bezness’ en het uitkomen van het boek ‘Kus kus, Bezness’ neemt de toeloop van meldingen hand over hand toe.

Bezness Alert bestaat uit een team van ervaringsdeskundigen welke op vrijwillige basis intensieve persoonlijke begeleiding heeft gegeven. We willen ons nu gaan focussen op de positieve resultaten van preventie en informatie.
Cijfers die door onze enquete zijn verkregen:
Gedupeerden van Beznesspraktijken in Egypte : 170

Vrouwen : 147 waarvan 90 jonger dan 30 jaar.
Mannen : 23
Vanuit Nederland : 98
Vanuit Belgie : 33
Overige landen : 39
Gehuwd/relatie> 1 jr. : 34
Gescheiden : 70
Anders : 66

Waarvan meer dan 50% gedupeerd boven de € 10.000,–

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  • EMY says:

    Hi,can tell me anybody,where i can find that “Black List of arabic man”,video,or photos,about this egyptian bad guys;i was looking on you tube,but i cant find.

  • sandra holmes says:

    i started to talk to a tunisian man on facebook 22 nov who calls himself anis nesta, he showered me with lots of loving words and attention he had no computer i wanted to see him on cam as i only seen him in pictures so when he asked me to send him laptop i accepted and sent him 2nd hand cheap laptop with cam,together with some cookies for his mother i sent it on 10 dec to this day he says he has not got it yet, and the poste in tunisia is charging him 120 tnd to collect it from there. during waiting for this laptop he says he needs money for internet on laptop i sent him 250 tnd, he says he wants me to come visit him i had arranged it for 20 jan, then he asked me for more money to buy clothes to be handsome for my visit this is when alarm bells rang for me, he had given up his job too, i cut my contact with him, he got nasty and his romantic side slipped, he says he videoed me on cam and will show all my friends and family on facebook, and on youtube, i got scared and started to talk to him again, i said i will visit him on 8 jan i booked a flight packed all my stuff, and then suddenly i stopped myself im still trying to get my flight refunded changed my number and closed my facebook, these men are dangerous and know what words to say but watch for signs they are there just we get blown away by love and youth we miss them

  • Aresa says:

    With 1750 girlfriends, you still need to copy texts from random blogs in support of the Bedouin integrity. ;-)

    The comment of bedouin@Petra is text copied from a blog by Floraine:
    ” “

    The comment of Bedouin@Anne is text copied from a blog by Mark:

    But Bedouin@Anne did not include the interesting argument at breakfast:
    ”I left the next morning with the Swedish couple to be told there had been some wandering hands from one of the Bedouin boys in the night and this had led to an altercation over breakfast.”

    The comment of Bedouin@Mary (5:35pm!) is text copied from a blog by Scott (aka Nev):

    The comment of Bedouin@Sweidan is text copied from a blog by (one of my favourite) photographers Amer Sweidan:

  • Angi says:

    Ik wil graag het Spaanse Woord voor BEZNESS weten. Kan er iemand helpen.

    vriendelijke groet,

  • Dominique says:

    I want to blacklist Ramy Mohamed from Hurghada
    Since 4 years I had a relationship with him. Two days ago he told me he wasn’t having a relationship with a Russian woman. Then on Saturday, he told me he was going to travel to Russia because the woman was pregnant. I couldn’t believe he did that to me because I have been sending him money every month since June 2012.
    I hope Russia will not give him the visa and if he has it, that he will not find work.
    He is a liar and would say anything to have money from any woman.
    You can find him on Facebook. He has a background with his nephew. He has a picture with a red tee-shirt and glasses.
    I gave him clothes, his glasses, money, a Samsung mobile phone. I helped him to create work recommendations for a work he wanted to have. I did everything for him. I am pregnant myself and he doesn’t care about me. I will contact the Russian Embassy otherwise another woman will suffer. Also he takes drugs a lot and he doesnt work since July last year. Normally he is working in hotels. He worked in PickhotelAlbatros.
    Please do something, he is a bad man and not honest only interested by money and would do anything to steel from women. I gave him 150.000 £E in 4 years.
    Please be careful.

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