Reports Egypt

Many woman don’t informed about bezness.                                                                                      

They are “in love”, but they now nothing about that “reality”

in holiday areas. It’s time to put aside miss place shame

and feelings of fear and trun them in some positive actions;

help to warn others, so we can prevent this happening to others!




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  • Mar says:

    There are blacklist for these lovescammers,
    can i put the links here?


    • Ambar says:

      Hello ladies,

      If you are traveling to Sharm Elsheikh any time soon, please be aware of Go Dive, a group of guys that work as divers and helps boats in Sharm Elsheikh in Naama Bay. These group of guys are all working to scarme western women. They target you as soon as you ether alone or with other girls. they play with every wesrten woman that comes into their boat, first they tell you they want to marry you and to have children with you. Also, they will go as far as asking u to send them a visa when u get back to your country so they can love you even more etc. Second, they make you pay for everything, the shops they take you and restuarents are all in it with it, just to take as much as they can from you. Finally, they show off to their friends how skilled full they are by telling you a complete lie everyday and make u believe it. This group of men has no shame, and should be stopped! please avoid them as much as you can, all they do is to ply with women’s feelings like toys!

      The names to avoid are:

      Mohamed Mosaad (el Haloof)
      Mohamed Zaki
      AHMED Sheko
      Heytham Fox
      Hossam Elkabry
      Ehab Bob
      Mohamud Sharaf

  • Bezcatcher says:

    Hello. Please notice:

    It is very important to tell the hotel, whe you meet the Bezzi.( best is , if he is working there). Once the managements of the hotel get noice about, they will fire the person and give informationes about to other hotels in hurghada at least.So he will find no other job in tourism. This is the only way to put some security for European women at least in the hotels. Thank you for attention. If you have any questiones, please write to my mail.
    I have good communication to authorities in Hurgahada ( incls. police) and I know some influenced people haveing interest to stop the BEZNESS . The Bezness in Hurghada is growing in this days. And it is already not only cheating a woman and take her money. In meantime the targets are to bring young woman to prostitution, drugs and trade with human. So be very careful. Not every Egyptian is a Bezzi.
    But at the moment the most seem to be one because of the political situation in that country. please ask, if you need any help or informationes about special persons.


    • Joan says:

      Hello bezcatcher,

      How do i now my Egyptian friend is a Bezzi?
      Can you help me please?


    • Catharina says:

      A guy from Port Said took a lot of money from me, money I just received after the death of my dead. Police in here will do nothing just say I am a fool. I want contact police in Port Said. How big are my changes by Egyptian police in a country where this is normal ? And how can I get contact with the police in there ? I know the guy who fooled me still try to fool others.

  • Bezcatcher says:


    Dear Carla. I am only involved inside Hurghada. Sharm is far away and maybe total other kind of people and other methods on Bezness.

    What you could do is:
    Gon on facebook with a new and unknown nickname and visit some Egypt pages( pages with most users are the best). Also visit special pages on Sharm and Egypt tourism there- like them and be member of that pages.. Next step be a silent user for some time, give some “I like”.And just watch the actives users there. Then , if you find out some other persons from Sharm, maybe working in same hotel living in same district, etc, you can start a anonymous contact and get their trust. Never tell your real identity and place of living.Use another photo from other woman( google pictures). If you got trust to some people, try to ask them to find out, whatyou want to know. I am sure, if they work in hotel or other tourism.branche, they all know each other or they ask in the internet.-cafees. Look for profiles of lawyers especially. The lawyers( there are many) have many problems to find a “new case” at this touristless situation in Egypt.. And they are looking foreward to help any European people( in view of getting a new and strong payment client :-) After you know, what you want to know , you can easy delete your fake profile and nobody will know, where you got the informationes from. It is just the art to get informationes without beeing identified. I wish you many succes ;-)


  • Bezcatcher says:

    I must tell you, that I am only involved in Hurghada not in Sharm.
    My tip: Find people in Sharm via social networks and win their trust. Do not use your real name, not your real picture. Just try to ask other people without telling, what you want or who you are. Everybody knows anybody , who knows somebody… maybe you have luck.
    Please do not show your real name on webpages. As all what you write,is visible on google! Maybe you could get legal problems with the user of the posted names.


  • Franco says:

    I will read the book now.I was also in hurghada.Made a boattrip.And he tells me i love you need you and and and.Until al those nice words fall in love.He ask to rent a apartment for the both of no time was also his brother there.Have to go to the store,many things buyed and i must pay.going to the disco,also i must give him money.It was not usual that a woman payed,so he ask give me the money and i will pay.So stupid that i did do all those things.I was always be carefull and this time so unbe carefull.But i am now standing on the ground and know that it is just a game to make quick money.For all the woman and girlls dont ever trust those man.And i know not all hands are the same!!As i got also a very good friend,he ask me never ever for money.And he say also to me be carefull and dont trust anybody they all afther yr money.I learn quickly becorse i hear at my feelings.Dont trust them and becarefull!!!!

  • Maotest says:

    Please prevent other women from getting hurt and put any info about the men you know they are scam artists at

  • Layla says:

    Dear bezzcatcher,
    Is it also possible to ask information about a person to prevent an unwishful situation eventually? I was on holiday in El Gouna, near Hurghada, and I fell in love with a man who works at the hotel where I stayed for one week with a friend at the beginning of april 2012. I am a Dutch woman, and 20 years older than my egyptian boyfriend. I don’t know if I can trust the situation. We keep in touch by sending each text messages on telephone, and chats on Skype. He asks me every time: when do you come? I want to marry you, etc. Thank you in advance for your reaction.
    Greetings layla

    • lisa says:

      Dear Layla,
      I was involved in a relation with a 22 years younger man and believe me, they are all the same and they have more women. They only want to collect as fast as possible money for themself and their family. PLease stay out of this situation, it brings you nothing, only a lof of pain! Especially people from Luxor, they are trained very well and all their friends and his whole family are in this complot.

  • Kelly says:

    To make this website really helpful it is necessary to answer questions. You (people of this website) do a very good job. I ask you: if you really want to prevent others for bezness, then please answer questions! the last question to bezcatcher is from the 24th of may, and obviously an answer didn’t ever come.
    If this service does not exist anymore from bezcatcher, please remove this from the site! In my opinion this is not helpful at all in spite of your good plans.

    • Star says:

      Forgive me ladies, but we must face the facts. After all advices, red flags, alarms, and bad stories which women hear, no matter, women in deep love will always say “my mohamed is different” or “I pick the good, the others are bad”.

      This will continue again and again. There is no end. Why?

      Because men in arab lands if they don’t have money for gold, flat, furniture, wedding, they will simply not marry. And women in western lands are fed up of men not interested in marriage. For this reason western women are so vulnerable, and arab men very “trained”. NOT all arabs are the same, but unfortunately we must accept the fact that very very few marriages (between muslim eastern and western non-muslim), very few are successful.

  • melissa burkholder says:

    Whatever you do…..DO NOT GET MARRIED AND DO NOT GIVE THESE SCUMB-BAGS ANY MONEY. MY EGYPTIAN OWNED 2 BUSINESSES, BUT SOMEHOW NEVER HAD ANY MONEY. BASICALLY HE WANTED ME TO SUPPORT HIM AND HIS FAMILY AND THE WHOLE COMMUNITY WAS IN ON IT. He had hit his wife, had he needed to to bring me down and humilate me, he’d have hit me too. Their goal is to own you and all of your resources. In luxor, I do not believe any of them. NONE! Warn your friends and if the guy is asking for money, believe me, it will never ever stop.

  • Cher v.d. Bosch says:


    i would like to ask youre help about so many things,,
    this month i’m one year married but i just found out it is orfi (what i really didnot want)
    last month i become 22 so i am really young and allot of stupid things happend in egypt hurghada- el guana – Qena… Its to much to write here and also to private..
    please contact me by mail because i really dont know what to do and the situation is really getting out of control

    thank you verry much i hope to be contact with you soon”

    • lisa says:

      Hallo Cher,

      Ik ben ook in het bezit van een orfi-contract. Ik wil je graag met raad en daad bijstaan. Laat me weten waar ik je mee kan helpen!


  • Irma says:

    Cher, what kind of help you need?
    Layla, did you ever get an answer? it was may. How is it now? Please take care.

  • luuk says:

    Mijn vrouw heeft al 4 jaar kontakten met een egyptenaar(Mohamed Hamdi)
    Uit Luxor, reisleider met een appartemenenkomplex.
    Is er een lijst van bezness mannen uit Luxor?

    Bedankt alvast

  • Suzan says:

    My mother has fallen in love with a boy from Egypt who is 26 years(!!) younger.
    She has seen him 3 times shortly in Egypt and is about to leave and settle down in Egypt in a couple of weeks from now. He works in a shop (where he sometimes does not work for a few weeks) and he has no permanent home/house.
    My mother has already paid money and transferred money to him because he (supposedly?) needed surgery. She bought him a moped. He is now studying again (?) and she has paid money for his study. And so there will still be more things that we do not know about.
    I and everyone in my neighborhood are so afraid of the consequences if she goes to Egypt, but can not persuade her. She lives on a pink cloud and sees no danger. All we’ve said and done, all goes past her. She is focused on her boyfriend and is convinced that it is true love. I’m so afraid that she will lose all her money and self-esteem.
    If we talk to her, sometimes get angry and tell her that it is naive what she’s doing right now, then she has the feeling that everyone is against her and that she’s alone in the world. She seeks her support than at him, because he talks the sweet talk to her. How harder we try to convince her and protect her, the greater the distance becomes between us, just because she does not feel understood. I don’t know what to do to let her stay here.
    Can somebody give me advise? Thanks!

    • lisa says:

      Hi Suzan, i had also a bad experience with a man, 22 years younger than me. I tought i was his only swety, now i know he have a lof only to collect money as fast as possible. So, your mother has to open her eyes! How sooner how better!


      • Joan says:

        Hallo Lisa,
        Mag ik je vragen naar jouw ervaringen?
        Ik ga namelijk binnenkort op vakantie naar Egypte om mijn vriend te bezoeken, maar ondanks dat hij mij al veel heeft verteld over zijn privéleven en hij erg bezorgd en lief is, heb ik toch soms mijn twijfels of alles wel klopt?
        Nu ik hier de verhalen lees, herken ik er wel wat van en heb wel vragen in mijn hoofd?

        Groetjes Joan

        • Joan says:

          Hoi Lisa,

          Wat extra informatie over mijn vriend zodat je weet waar ik vragen over heb.
          Hij is 14 jaar jonger maar wil heel graag met mij trouwen in de toekomst. Is nog getrouwd en heeft een kind, kan vanwege kind en familie nog niet scheiden.
          Wil een eigen zaak en wil dat eventueel samen met mij opstarten. Hij woont in een mooi eigen appartement samen met zijn moeder en zijn kind. Ik weet niet waar zijn vrouw woont. Op skype heb ik al regelmatig gesproken met zijn dochter. (10 jaar oud).
          Hij heeft een baan als manager op een boot en daar heb ik hem leren kennen.
          Hij vraagt mij nooit om geld!


          • Lisa says:

            Hallo Joan, ik denk dat die Euro 500,= voor een appartement niet klopt. Ik was in maart nog in Hurghada in El Kawser, de beste wijk van Hurghada, en heb daar een appartement gehuurd voor LE 2000,= in de maand, daar kwam nog een borg bij van LE 2000,= Waarschijnlijk heb ik weer teveel betaald, de vorige keer kwam ik er nl ook achter dat hij mij had opgelicht. Hij zei dat het appartement Le 2000,= was, achteraf bleek het LE 1350,= te zijn (was een studio). Ik ben ook opgelicht met een zgn. Orfi contract, die kosten normaliter nietmeer dan LE 200,= , ik heb LE 5000,= betaald. Dom, dom, dom! Je bent verliefd en je zit op die grote roze wolk en ze zijn zo slim om op je gevoel te praten. Teken NOOIT een Orfi contract, dit heb je eigenlijk nodig om samen in een appartment te verblijven. Soms kunnen ze wat regelen met de huurbaas en wordt er een oogje dichtgeknepen, uiteraard tegen betaling. Iedereen profiteert mee. Aan een Orfi contract zitten heel veel haken en ogen! Pas heel goed op waar je mee bezig bent en geef geen geld verder uit! Groetjes, Lisa

        • Lisa says:

          Hoi Joan, ik heb 1,5 gewerkt en gewoond in Hurghada. Ik had 3 weken na aankomst al een relatie met iemand die in een parfumshop werkt.
          Het klikte meteen tussen ons. Ik ben 6 x bij zijn familie in de buurt van Luxor geweest en zij zijn allemaal heel erg gek op mij. Ook heb ik de bruiloft van zijn broer meegemaakt en ik werd door mijn vriend die dagen als een prinses behandeld.
          Ik ben wel achter dingen gekomen die niet klopte, hij had hier telkens wel een zogenaamde uitleg over. Ik ben onlangs nog weer 3 weken met heb samen geweest, vakantie, en hij kreeg toen de hele tijd smsjes en werd vaak gebeld. Hij zei dat die vrouw achter hem aanliep. Een keer toen ze belde gaf hij mij de telefoon en kon ik met haar praten, ik zei alleen hallo en zei ook en mijn vriend tussendoor ook. Ik heb haar telefoonnummer genoteerd en toen ik terug was van vakantie in NL heb ik haar gebeld. Ik wilde mijn vakantie hierdoor niet laten verpesten. Zij vertelde mij dat ze bij hem in de shop was geweest en hij had haar sex aangeboden.
          Ik kon mijn vriend na terugkomst in NL niet meer telefonisch bereiken. Ik heb toen iemand bij hem langs gestuurd die hem met zachte hand heeft bedreigd mij te bellen. Dat heeft hij toen gedaan en toen heb ik hem even flink de waarheid gezegd. Ik ben nl niet zijn enige swety! Ik heb hem vaak gevraagd gewoon eerlijk tegen mij te zijn, maar helaas was hij dat niet. Ik heb nog steeds gevoelens voor hem, maar ik moet nu sterk zijn. Ik ben ook veel geld aan hem verloren.
          IK ben heel benieuwd naar jouw verhaal!
          Groetjes, Lisa

          • Joan says:

            Bedankt voor jouw verhaal Lisa,
            Ik hoop echt voor je dat je sterk bent en blijft en niet meer teruggaat naar hem.
            Omdat ik al vanaf het begin (dec. 2012)soms dacht dat er iets niet klopte en dat gevoel mij regelmatig bekruipt ben ik op internet gaan zoeken en kwam hier terrecht.

            Mijn vriend is manager op een boot (Nijlcruise) woont in Luxor en heeft mij vanaf het eerste moment speciale aandacht gegeven in vergelijking met de andere gasten in het restaurant. We hebben alleen maar korte momenten gesproken en email adres. en tel.nrs uitgewisseld. Thuis veel op skype, hij belt de hele dag door soms en via fb.
            Ik heb hem weer opnieuw doen leven en hij heeft mij jaren terug al ontmoet. Toen ik ziek was leek hij wel een dokter, kwam met allerlei tips, maakte zich ongerust. Hij weet de dingen zo te vertellen dat ik hem echt geloof en de dagen dat ik twijfel en ook uitspreek naar hem kan hij me weer helemaal opvrolijken. Hij wordt nooit boos ook al ben ik dat wel omdat ik hem soms niet vertrouw, zegt dat ik zijn vrouw ben en mij wel vertrouwd. Maar zijn zinnen lees ik hier nu terug in het lijstje??

            Net zoals bij jou krijgt ook hij vaak telefoon als ik met hem aan het bellen ben, hij zegt dan het is onbekend of een vriend. Leeftijdverschil maakt hem niks uit? Ik heb hem in het begin al gezegd dat ik geen geld heb of bezit.

            Ik ga voor 2 weken naar Hurghada (all.incl. hotel) en hij komt voor ong. een week en wil dat ik bij hem in een appartement logeer en samen de kosten deel. Ong. 500 eg.pond per week?
            Omdat hij verteld over zijn dochter en zijn privéleven , ik heb op skype ook zijn huis gezien en met zijn dochter gesproken, weet ik soms niet of hij eerlijk is. Misschien kom ik er achter als ik hem zie?

            Groetjes Joan

          • Joan says:

            Sorry Lisa, het is geen 500 pond maar euro voor een appartement. Even correctie op mijn bericht.


  • Bezcatcher says:

    Hello community. Not writing a message in last months has strictly one reason, that it is now almost not possible to catch any besnesser by law. The new islamic government seems to support the bezness as it brings besides of much Bakshish for the helpers ( local policemen , lawers , etc.) many new woman converting to the Islam. So only help can be to say :
    Never give or send any Cent to a person in Egypt.
    Never subscribe any contract, and NEVER the ORFI-Marriage.
    If a woman comes back to Egypt after many years being seperated by her egypt beznesser, she could be hold by the authorities, untill she paid a amonut of money to her egypt “husband.

    And this for every month and year in the past time, from day of signingher ORFI-Contract.

    I am sorry, but I met again some Women from Russia and Germany being so in love and really stupid, not to believe all the written stories about bezness.They all say ” This is really love and true love. He is the only and right one man” I meet 1 person having done 5 different contracts and living well from the money of this 5 women. His hotel management fired him and let him work again after my return to Europe.
    So everybody has a part of advantage on this crime. It depends on each woman to be secure or being puled out like a stupid sheep. I am sorry for this, but women seem to think in other way like men. It is the same as with a men. To be honest: If a human is not good in having relationes or not good looking appeareance here in Euroope, he will not look better in Egypt. Egypt men also have very beautiful egypt young women. So do not believe to be more beatiful in Egypt!!! This is stupid nonsense.

    • Arabvictim says:

      Dear Bezcatcher,

      Even i like your harsh words that can make a dreamy woman wake up but still blame you for the harsh words!

      Thos cowards use women’s loneliness and lack of love as a business tool – they are so strong at what they do they can even con a psychologist or a PHD in human relations. All those women intentions were to find love and share their moments with a kind man! They thought.
      And by the way, not all victims lack relationship skills or are ugly – some of them are intelligent, young and beautiful…but are LONELY.

      The blame is on the coward loosers cheaters thiefs who feed from weak lonely good hearted women.

  • Katherina says:

    Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  • Natalie says:

    I want to warn everyone for a young Egyptian who works at the Park Inn hotel in Sharm! He has stunning green eyes and speask in a Britisch accent. He tells you that he studied physiotherapy and has a British mother, while his father lives in Cairo. He is all about bezness!He sells spa treatments at the hotel, and will do this in a rude way if you don’t buy straight away. And his attitude towards woman is all sweet talk of course. First he observes you and seeks your weaknesses, than he gives compliments about how you look and overwhelms you with attention and sharms. He always says that here can be no kissing because he could be fired, so he makes it fun to do it in secret. He tries to get sexual favors and lures you in for sex, than he talks about that he can’t miss you for too long and wants you to come back as soon as possible. So you can rent an appartment for a week so you have holiday together and can get to know each other. He also talked about a visum to come and visit, all wrapped in a sad little package that the Egyptian government sucks because they can’t travel abroad to their loved ones.
    I was fortunate that a woman at the pool watched us and warned me afterwards for his lies, but it still hurts that everything was a lie and pure business. It disgusts me to the bone! I hope to save some of you guys from this love fraud.
    So once again:
    - 25 year old egyptian working at the spa center Butterfly in the Park Inn hotel in Sharm
    - green stunning eyes
    - British accent
    - calls himself Mohammed (Moo) or Jaimee

    Watch out!

  • Dorthe Pedersen says:

    Hi everybody …

    I want to warn about Mansour Pop bartender at The Three Corners Sunny Beach Hotel in Hurghada. As for any of these scammers he is absolutely brilliant in charming your sucks off until your are hooked and then the game starts for real. Asking for money – marriage – urfi ect. I found out the truth about him now – he has a lot of girls and lies in EVERYTHING! Fortunately I found out in time – before I got totally ripped off. He really played with my mind even I knew something was wrong. PLEASE BE CAREFUL – This man is very dangerrous because he also have a “sweet side” and very good looking. All his friends at the Hotel and familiy is in it too. And they will all of them try to scam you or protect him from being fired. I went to Hotel management to make an report but I don’t think they will do anything about it. So MANSOUR POP 25-26 old from Luxor but lives in Hhughada – you can find him at facebook under the same name !!!

  • Lisa says:

    Which Mansour Pop on facebook, there are a lot!

  • anne knudsen says:

    Kan jeg få en forklring på ekteskap op hvitt papir som er et legetøy for egyptiske menn og hva er forskjellen på dette å URFI EKTESKAP er i sammen med en som har fått grønne papirer å du skal til dommer til slutt ( den svarte kappen) og etterpå om du ønsker å skille deg kan du ikke gifte deg på 3 år gjelder begge.Har ikke gått i noe felle enda men er redd og skal til dommeren 19 mai og da spør han meg er du den å den og vil du gifte degmed denne mannen og han blir spurt er du denne personen vil du ha henne til din kone,da får en nye papirer etterpå og disse er di samme som muslimene bruker (er ikke muslim) men alt står på arabisk å vvil ikke trø i fella kan noen svare meg ganske fort før dete skal skje da jeg føler uro.Mange millioner takk på gorhånd

  • admin says:



    De redenen waarom een Beznesser een Orfi-huwelijkscontract afsluit zijn:
    Omdat hij al gehuwd is.
    Om op een legale manier het bed met een vrouw(en) te delen.
    Omdat het volgens de Egyptische wet en de regels van de Islam verboden is om met een vrouw te
    slapen voor het huwelijk. Zo ontlopen zij dit verbod!
    Voor de man is het Orfi-huwelijkscontract makkelijk te ontbinden:
    Namelijk door het contract te verscheuren.
    De vrouw heeft dit recht niet.
    Mocht zij ooit nog naar Egypte willen reizen kan dit contract misbruikt worden.
    Het geldbedrag in dit contract vermeld kan door de man worden teruggevorderd in geval van
    Deze contracten worden zelden geregistreerd.


    Een Orfi-contract heeft niets met “liefde” te maken.
    Een Beznesser sluit een Orfi-contract af…..
    Dus wees gewaarschuwd!

    Volgens de cultuur en religie in Egypte:
    Is een vrouw die Orfi getrouwd is “een goedkope vrouw”.
    Een westerse niet-Moslim vrouw is in de ogen van een Beznesser en “zondaar”.

    Ook al zegt hij dat hij van je houd…een oprechte Egyptenaar sluit geen Orfi-contract af maar trouwt officieel.
    Een officieel huwelijk met een Beznesser kan ook gevaarlijk zijn,
    want het is een manier om aan een Europees paspoort en financieel gewin te geraken.

  • beso says:

    hi all I Beso from Hurghada
    I know you all have a many problems with Egyption guys
    but we can not say they are the same
    no & never
    I so sorry for you all & we hope to find solutions for this problems
    & be careful with any Eyption guys
    & I wish always you find the good one
    there is many but you cant see them because the bad much more
    just get a good time in Hurghada
    & never give your all money to Egyption man hahaha
    so good bye all SALAM

  • lili says:

    I, in the name of a number of women, would like to warn you about Zizo Redsea, acting as taxi driver and tour guide in the areas Hurghada, mainly Marsa Alam, Port Ghalib and El Quseir. Thanks to internet some of his victims found each other, and therefor found out that he belongs to the most successful liars and actors. Everything, absolutely everything that leaves his mouth is a lie. Do not believe anything and run for your life. Do not become one of his victims, you definitely will be, if you do not listen to this warning. He is married and has small children, and not single as he likes to tell.

  • MUSTAFA says:

    hey my name is mustafa from cairo .. lives in sharm elshiak .. sorry about this .. its my first time to see this site :D but what see most of woman speaking about egyptian like shit .. but u forgot that 99% from the eurpian are only thinking of sex sorry and they get to know the egyptian only for sex no more .. cuz they know they will never ever find the same in the home town .. and if the egyptian taken money from the non egyptian this is a normal for stupid thinking people .. if i have woman and i ask for money and she gave me so fuck her its not my problem its her problem she could say no also .. but she dont say yes and than cry like bitch .. THE MAIN PROBLEM WHOM THINKING OF SEX ALWAYS LOSE WHAT EVER EGYPTIAN OR NON EGYPTIAN . SO I ASK ALL THE WOMAN IN THEIS SITE TO CHECK UP UR SELF BEFORE U SPEAK ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE

  • lili says:

    Mustafa from Cairo: You are wrong. Europeans have a free approach to sex. Different than Muslim men and women. Yes. But here you find women who looked for love and thought they found love. They trusted the men and gave him their heart and body. But the men cheated them. First they played to be in love and everything. Which woman doesn’t want to help the man she loves when he needs money? After she gives the money then she finds out that all was just a very big lie. So who did bad? The woman who gave everything to the man she loved or the man who just sold his words and body like a whore?

  • Milka1975 says:

    Hi, does anyone has experiences with men from Aswan?
    It seems they are very different then other Egyptians, because they are Nubian, not Egyptian.
    For 3 years i have a relationship with someone from Aswan and after reading a lot of stories, i”m really getting very afraid !

    thx for your reply

    • Julia Simmons says:

      i have met a man on facebook who claims to be from Aswan: named Mohamed Abdelrauf or Mohamed Mido or other versions and spelling and different names he also uses. and he is a TOTAL COMPLETE FRAUD liar and has a way with words that could fool a lot of men or women. BUT BEWARE: he is absolutely cold hearted, possibly gay and a total woman hater. He will use the “slow con” which means a long “courtship” of chat wihout asking for money but will plant the idea of marriage and visit to Egypt in your heart. Then later the requests for money start. If then you refuse to give more; THEN YOU WILL SEE THE REAL HIM~~~ A raging abusive monster full of violence and hate of women and greed for money. Like all humans he does have a human side that is nicer ….where he apologizes etc, admits he is on drugs BUT that is short lived and he will then again use any method he can to extort more money. and as many people here have said: His family, Egyptian fiance and friends are in on it and YOU are nothing more than a big dumb cow they all milk. Yes there is some possibility that times they spend money on some girl they look at as a prize for beauty but sooner or later she will also find the HORRIBLE TRUTH

  • arabvictim says:

    Mustafa Egypt: it is clear that you are one of the thses low class bezness who sell their bodies for money. 1- Islam forbid sex outside marriage: bur bezness do this, so they are not only male ehores but also lie to Allah 2- instead of taking a regular job like everybody else on Earth, the bezness prefer the easy way to scam money out of poor women, and this is worse than prostitution 3-all the money that those male whores steal from women is HARAM and a as a muslim you must know that Allah will get his revenge on the scammer AND his family. So stop saying stupid things and oh yes, go learn English.

  • Marcel says:

    Ich habe mal eine Frage. Ist es ägyptischen Männern nicht Verboten, verheiratete Frauen auch nur anzusprechen ? Meine Frau hat mich für so einen Bezness Typen, nach Zehn Ehejahren, vor ein paar Monaten verlassen und hat sich im März 2014 Scheiden lassen. Sie kannte ihn nur über das Internet wo meine Frau einen Sprachlernseite hatte. Dort hat sie ihn wohl dann auch kennengelernt. Sie ist im September 2013 nach Kairo gezogen um bei ihm zu sein , nicht einmal 4 Wochen Später hat er ihr einen Verlobungsantrag gemacht, davor haben sie sich eigentlich nur über Skype unterhalten. Viele in meinem Freundeskreis haben schon versucht ihr zu erklären, dass sie dort nur als Reiseticket für Europa und Geldspender angesehen wird und auch die Familie nur so spielt , als ob sie Willkommen ist . Sie jedoch hinter ihrem Rücken als Sharmuta verspottet wird. Kann man ihr noch helfen ? Oder muss selber erst in ein Unglück rennen?

  • admin says:

    Received message:


    MIJN huis is afgenomen door een familie op de West-bank Luxor in Egypte.
    Door valsheid in geschrifte te plegen. Ik ben 5 jaar bezig om mijn gelijk te halen, tevergeefs.
    De boosdoeners zijn Ali en Hamdy die in Engeland vertoeft.
    Het draait allemaal om corruptie.


  • GYBob says:


    I’m not sure if this counts for me, I recently got back from a holiday in Sharm with a friend. And within our first night of arriving at the hotel she was instantly getting smiles and looks by the bar staff. At first I didn’t think it was anything until the following day he stopped her and gave her a gift, slightly getting worried now.

    Now after this a few more guys started looking at her, in the end around up to 4 or 5 guys kept telling her she was beautiful, that they love her. Of course I knew that they must of been lying to her as they were all doing it and other nights they were with other girls. Even a guy her age was doing it which she thought he actually ment it, and ending up going out with them, luckily she said she didn’t drink as she didn’t want anything to happen to her. I wanted to go with her just incase something might of happened but they (bar staff) didn’t let me and this was on our last night to make it even more worring. I decided to stay up until she got back to make sure she was safe, luckily she was.

    Another thing while over there before they even started to put their arms around her they asked us how old we were and if we were together (in a relationship) but we aren’t even if I do feel something towards her they still didn’t care much.

    Not sure if this story counts but you do have to be careful.

  • Magnuna says:

    this is common situation. hotell staff sees a new tourist girl, smile to her – hi, what’s your name, where are u from… bla, bla, bla….
    did your friend give her contact to anyone of them? hope, she didn’t not.

  • heba says:

    I am writting about Mohamed Rizk, real name Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Rezk, born in August 1970
    He worked in the army for number of years as an radar engineer. He sustained an injury and had to resign after a back operation.
    I’ve met him on a dating site, where he stated himself as a single man. In the past week I have found out that a man was married 5 times, has 2 children in Egypt and with his 5th wife he has a one year old boy. She is on Facebook, with family pictures,etc. Some intimate details: he says to every woman, that she gives him so much pleasure like no one else and that’s why he knows shes the one.
    After contacting his wife, Mohamed started asking me to block her and when he comes back from Egypt this Sunday he will tell me the whole story 4/5/2014
    He told me he doesn’t live her and he loves me, that’s why he would leave her eventually. I am sure I’m not the only 1 he has told this too.
    He says that he lives in a share flat with 2 Spanish guys and works as an engineer. He’s living with his legal wife and works as a porter on occasional hours.
    I was contacted on Facebook by several ladies when I started asking questions. Some approached me themselves. He sends same pictures and messages to each and everyone of them. He asked me to have his daughter for summer of 2014 so she would learn an English language. He asked me to calm down, when he comes back from Egypt he will tell me the thruth story. Some of the ladies were supporting him financially. Personally to me he said he has 3 flats and a house by the sea.
    At the moment I know about 12 ladies he’s been seing for the past year 2013/2014
    Why I’m doing this? Not for revenge. I’m doing it because I believe he should be exposed.
    This picture he send me and some other women I know. Showing that he enjoys holidays in Egypt where he is staying with one of his ex-wife’s.

  • lisa says:

    does anyone know a Mahmoud Ibrahim from sharm?

  • bet says:

    Is there any website with names of lovescammers in Hurghada?
    Thank you

  • Anna says:

    I thought that I was wise, and after many stories before, I believed I would never be so stupid to fall for a guy who would scam me in anyway. I thought that was usually older, lonely women who did that as they were desperate for love.
    I thought the guys that women need to be wary of in sharm are the openly pervy ones. But, every women knows these men are bad news. But, the true scam artists are the ones who appear normal, and respectful, offering friendship (at first), and say they are ‘open minded’.
    I fell for an Egyptian guy who was all of these things whilst on holiday in sharm. I truly believed he was different, he really had a talent of making me feel around familiar ground. He befriended me, gained my trust, then sweet talked me declaring love and all sorts. I was a fool and returned to Egypt, and before I went I got things from UK shops that he asked for for his friends, and he told me he would give me the money back….never happened. When I was there we also got an ORFI marriage. This was a complete secret to his family, he said they would be ashamed if they knew, and his mother had already called me a ‘European slut’.

    When I came back from holidays He would talk about the future, he said he wanted to marry me but spoke of living in my country, the UK. When I told him that I did not earn enough to sponsor a spouse, that was it. He changed, and went out every night with girls to night clubs. Then I was told he was cheating on me by someone else, and he tried to turn the whole thing around, blaming me for the relationship ending.
    He then blocked me, and cut all contact. I was very upset, but then thought perhaps it was for the best, his family would only ever accept me if I converted to Islam (turns out he wasn’t open minded at all), and I wasn’t prepared to do that.
    Then he started talking to me again, telling me sweet words such as I was the best girl he’s met and he can’t lose me as a friend….then he tells me he’s broke as sharm has no tourists, and he has no money for rent or food. He then asked, not even saying please, if I would send him £200 by bank transfer.

    Maybe I am cynical, but I feel used. For sex, a possible visa, and then for money. But he realised that I was not a great victim for this as I am only young and don’t earn that much to get anyone a visa. But what he has done has made me feel cheap, I feel guilty and like a whore for being intimate with someone that I thought loved me and I loved him. He has convinced me that Egyptian guys are bad news full stop, as even the seemingly nice ones are rotten at their core, seeing us western girls as trash.

  • Julia Simmons says:

    YOUR comments are not the first time I have seen older women insulted. I have news for you, older women are not totally disliked by men in the world. you seem to be something of a bigot against older women. i would look at yourself and see just how you might deserve bad treatment for being such a bigot against aged.

  • Vicky says:

    I would like to report about a man, 28 years old, named Waleed Said, who deceives many women. Now he is in Hurghada (Jasmine Palace Resort) working as head waiter.
    He says a lot of lies about him and his family with the aim of obtaining money and gifts. Please don’t belive him, because he is really a big lear.

    • Theresa says:

      Hi a reply to Bezicatcher/admin and the poster Vicky

      Do you live in Hurghada at present? I require help of someone or information of who can help to investigate if person I am in contact with is a scam?? Any help from anyone living in Hurghada would be greatly appreciated with thanks.

  • Justine says:

    There are so many bad men in Hurghada, but they are the worst of Luxor where the whole family cooperates. I met a man who was sooo nice. After many years together, I found out that he is married with three women!
    Everything is about money for them, they are trained on this, what they should say so on. Do not believe them!

    This man named Nobi and works in a shop called West Bank outside the Bella Vista Hotel. Everyone said he was a bad man, but I did not think belive them..of that.
    He is a great player and comes with fine replicas to us women .. Please do not listen to him. It is enough that we have made this mistake with him.
    He is also married to an Egyptian woman in Luxor, who now lives in his family’s house, as one of the wives have paid. Absolutely incredible how they can play and make money.
    And the apartment in which he lives at the Metro in Sakalla he owns with his wife.
    She spend much time there. I was told this by a lawyer in Hurghada when I was there in another case. He has received numerous complaints about Nobi. Luckily I did not get to him much money.
    ps. Everyone working on the westbank shop is related to the Nobi and his cousin owns hotelet. ds


  • I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty.

    You are amazing! Thanks!

  • T says:

    girls experience with Ahmed from sunrise makadi?
    Working for mustang taxi service.

  • T says:

    Ahmed al sayed abdelrehim kenawy this his full name

  • adrina says:

    Look out for sayed Ahmed noby hi look only fir money and when you not give it to him hi beat you like a dog look out

  • T says:

    Hello, just a advice!!

    In Arabic country,s manny people with the same name.
    Tell also where he work or what he do for work..
    Or his birtday, the city where he come from.

  • says:

    Mahmoud Ibrahim falcon naama blue from alexandria

  • nouara says:

    Please be careful with Abdelrahman Salama from Alexandria. He is a liar also. You’ll find him on facebook with 2 accounts, on viber, badoo.twitter,linkedin and God knows where else.He is 31 years old.He is saying is a bussinesman and he is very busy but is staying whole night on internet to catch women.His phone number is +201008621621. He is promising you everything and will ask you to come to egypt to be his wife.Just pls be careful because he is lying..Don”t let his sweet face to fool you.He is using the nickname Bode also

  • Monika says:

    Hi! Please be careful with Rami Elsayed from Tanta.He work in Mividaspa in Jaz Aquamarine – hairdresser. He was in contact with 2 women in the same time. For both he was the ” best one”.But it was a story about sex and money. Of course. …father sick, he was also sick, his sister got married. ….that means. …money. …

    • Monika says:

      Rami is 24 years old, handsome, and he says exactly what you want to hear! He abuse of his job to find new victims! A woman(a client for Mividaspa) who complaints about him was a victim to! He abuse her but nobody believe her story. ..

  • Karina says:

    My real name is Karina not Monika.

  • amira says:

    Anyone know men at Eatabe hotel, Luxor?

  • brokenheart says:

    Another love rat is Mohamed Elgamal,50yo from cairo .He is cardiologyst doctor.He is pretending is single but i found out he is married and has 3 kids.He s a sick mind and pervert.I found out also he is playing many women in the same time on many dating sites.He is using id mselgamal11 on skype,but you’ll find him on fb,whatsapp,badoo,line,tango.His mobile no is +20……580. On the begining he is so nice and polite but after some time he become a pervert beast.Don’t trust him when he will tell you he is divorcedbecause he is not.I found at least another 5 women played by this bastard and i am sure they are more but they are ashamed to tell about this.Be careful ladies and girls with this big liar

  • Samantha says:

    How did you find out all this. I too am worried about my situation it is not the cardiologist but I need to know how to check up on bim

  • brokenheart says:

    Dear Samantha it’s so easy.Make fake accounts on badoo, zoosk and other dating sites,put a sexy picture .Don’t expose yourself.Pretend u r someone else,u’ll be shocked.I hope is not the same Mohamed….lol. Good luck girl .Godbless u!

  • Samuel says:

    Mohamed Hamdy, It’s name of person who threatens, hurts and make offensive criminal activities to innocent people from different countries in whole world. He was a doctor for tourist in Egypt resort: Hurghada. Except this, he have good contacts in Egypt goverment where he worked as well. He thinks he have power to manipulate and threats people even psychically to rent contracts kill to other persons ( for example with applying acid as call” WaterFire” on the face of victims. We have evidence of his criminal activities ( can be called as “terrorists”). His activities lead us in dangerous situation where we can’t move freely in resort Hurghada and whole Egypt as well. It’s not problem of 1 or 3 persons but dozens of people. We must stop his activity in resort Hurghada and others resorts as well.
    Please contact me in order to get photo of this person

  • Lysmachia says:

    Alladin Mostafa alias Alladin Saleh, Hurghada
    He does the animation on a “swimming with dolphins/diving” boat trip, starting at El Gouna, he “acts” as a photogaph.
    I was suspicious in the beginning because he is about 20 years younger and we changed only a few words. He got my number, because I lost my mobile during the trip and he helped me by calling my phone.
    Back to Germany he contacted me and began with the “love attack”. A month of what’s apps later he convinced me to download Viber. Already during the second vibercall he began to tell me about his situation – bad job, needing 2000€ for being a diving teacher, the horrible rent of his flat, the bill of the fitness studio etc. Then he started talking about sex, the quality, the strength and so on of Egyptian men. After a short while I recognised he was masturbating!
    That opened my eyes (although I would have preferred to stay on my pink cloud which made my life so colourful) and I sent him a link to a bezness website the next day.
    First reaction: I don’t know what you mean. Second (one minute later): Bye!
    Just in time!

  • mido says:

    I am egyptian……please please…dont give money to any body in egypt …..dont give your body,,,very single body in tourism in Egypt is a thief and liar…..

  • Shelley says:

    Any one know anything about mohamed and el Aziz worked before elmasreyn restaurant old market sharm. This guy pretends to be moral and upstanding he’s not. I met him had a fling and refused to bank roll his business. I understand some other poor English woman has helped him and he treats her like dirt she’s lost everything and still he sucks her dry. He’s really dangerous don’t go near this guy.

  • Ika says:

    Taher Mohammed ragab Mohammed

  • klavdija says:

    I don’t want to share details,cus I’m still in shock.
    And the Oscar for best played love story goes to MOHAMED ABYOUSEF 1.9.1993 LUXOR. Full name Mohammed Mahmoud Youssif Said. Grand Resort Hurghada.

  • Dajinka says:

    Hossam Mohamed Ali Abd Rahman from
    Al Minya in Egypt, working in Titanic Beach Hotel in Hurghada as a Beachboy. We had a relationship over 3 years, where he told me many storys in this time and took thousands of euros from me. He had several women in the same time. I lost thousand of euros, send him a laptop and money for an operation, for the dentist, for everything. He swore me the biggest love and that I will get it back.None of it happen. He loved my daugther like his own as I know now all lies. He did the whole bezness-thing with me. Lasko I love you, I can’t forget you, there is only you in my life. His other girlfriend was with him in holiday while she found out that he was with me also in a relationship. She found my pictures in my laptop I send him. Glad that she contact me. As we found out he had some more english, polish and russian women who have all been tourist in Titanic Beach Hotel and who all fall in love with him. I start hating him much. I feel dirty, cheap and used.He act like the perfect gentelman while he is the biggest beznesser. The german girl lost more than 6000€ over him.I can’t forget what happened to me and the other woman.I loved him real, it felt real like he really missed me over the months we were talking in skype. The Hotel need to be warned by this man. Girls be aware

  • Angela says:

    Please there is a very big bezner in hurghada and he is tanoura dancer. Please stop him

  • Lena says:

    Here comes the next Beznesser.
    Kamal Salama he works in sunrise royal makadi.

  • Annie says:

    Hallo, does anyone know Ahmed Rasta? He is 29 years and comes from Aswan. He has worked at Titanic Beach and Spa in Hurghada and in other hotels too. He told a girlfriend of mine that he cares for her and loves her and so on. However I suspect that he has some girlfriends from different Countries and is a big cheater or even worse than that. I tried to warn her but she does not believe me.

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