Bezness polls


What are the popular sayings from Bezness-men?


Someboby from my family is in the hospital cant you send my some money? 25
Why you ask me this, don’t you trust me? 24
Age is just a number 24
Don’t listen to others they all jealous. 18
I am nothing without you 17
I will buy it for you, when they see your face the price will by higher. 16
You are perfect i miss you 13
Your my sister 12
The european women are so clever comparing women over here 11
You are my family I will never lie to you 10
My father need hartoperatoin, but we have no money, he will die soon 10
I need you for ever 10
I love you so much that I will leave my wife for you 9
Your eyes are like the stars 9
I’m not like the others, please don’t trust them 9
We can’t start buisness here and yoy buy a house for us 8
I waiting hole my life for you, you are my sunshine 8
I give you special price because you are my friend 7
Look at my hand, not all my fingers are the same 7
I love you till a die 7
A white heart 7
You have white heart, you good person God with you 6
Don’t mix with europeans here, they are bad people 6
You have the most beautifull body I ever seen 6
Why you don’t trust me? I am a Moslim 6
I want you all for myself, so have to protect you for others 5
Do you want massage? 5
Where are you from? Where is your husband? 5
You cannot laugh to all men here, They will say you are bad woman 5
I can buy good shop, but I no money now, my family not for you and me 5
When we marrie I don’t have to go to the army 5


3 Responses to Bezness polls

  • Marcela says:

    I will do the best for you

  • anymous says:

    My Nubian boyfriend in Egypt say only this to me, but does that directly means that he’s a bezness man? We have a relationship of one year and until now everything seems to be okay. But i am sceptic all the time. He seems to be a 26 year old boy who is uncertain some times. But there a no clear signals to me for bezness. I am 28 years old woman from Holland.

    He says this to me:

    I love you till a die
    You have a white heart
    Your eyes are like the stars
    You are my life, i love u forever

    like all of these words.

  • T says:


    Ik denk niet dat het slecht is om sceptisch te zijn!
    maar je vraag, je vraagt of hij een bezness man is, maar er zijn geen duidelijke signalen voor je.

    Denk voor een ander dan lastig te beoordelen als dit om bezness gaat.
    maar S.V.P blijf op je hoeden want 98% van de mannen doet wel aan bezness.

    Liefs, T

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