Fooled by an Egyptian man.

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I am Arabic and been fooled by an egyptian man. We met in one of the Gulf states where we I work. When I met him he was staying illegaly and had no work. He charmed me and showed me the “kindness mask” – now i know. I went to Egypt with him to marry, he introduced me to his mom,brother and sister. They rent an old scary apartment in Ain Shams – very poor neighbourhood.

He changed 360 degrees after we signed the marriage certificate in the ministry of justice in Cairo – he started his abusive behaviour right at the contract signature. no need to say that all his family and his friend are all into it with him in ”cheating” those poor women – yes, there are many before me and sure after me –

I went back to the gulf state to make his vis – i was his sponsor because I have a good job and situtation there – he was calling me everyday on the net and puting psychological pressure on me to expedite his visa and to get rid of my cat and to wear the islamic cover and to…and to…never ending “orders”.

I was tired and fed up before even he joins me back to the country and even wanted to end the marriage while he was still in Egypt cause the emotional torture was unbarable. When I delayed his visa, he called my older brother and started saying lies about me – he didnt know my brother – he was implying that I was pregnant and got rid of the babay and went to Egypt to marry – the WORST thing that one can accuse a muslim woman of: adultery,abortion….luckily my brother knows me and he knew i would NEVER do such horrible things – but…my brother pushed me to expedite the visa and bring my husband. I did.


Once he came back….I let you imagine…emotional and verbal abuse, cheating with soooo many other women, belitteling, screaming and yelling in private as well as public places, try to take my car, my money, my house…all+ evrything. I was the bread winner, he was staying home: spending his mornings in the building swimming pool (hitting on single women there old and young – i knew after), i come back from work he is rarely at home and comes back 8pm and then 10pm and then midnight and then 3am and after one month: he even wanted to spend the night out but the “person” who was supposed to call him to go out did not.


All this happened during barely 3 months of marriage.
He started harrasing me emotionally more and more and more, cheating on me openly, women calling him at home late nights and weekends…etc
I asked him to divorce me many times – in muslim countried, man has to agree on divorce – he refused everytime saying (i am quoting him: so easily, I will not and I will torture you and marry other women and make you miserable and when i decide to divorce you , i will first get my ”rights” first.
One day, he bought 10 litres of petrol and brought it to the house and said to me: a little petrol a cigarett and …poutch….all finish!
I called the police, press charges,made a restarining order, cancelled his visa and cut all contact with him.
Now he is in deep sh***t. He has no visa in the country, he is staying on prosecution order waiting for judgement.
I also opened a divorce file at court to get my divorce legaly by giving up on all my rights (muslim men need to give women some money when divorce).


God… after the police took him i doscovered horrors in his belongings – his personal computer and papaers—he is married to a 63 years old (he is 33 yo) american women in Egypt and left her without notice or goodbye after one year and ran away to this gulf state – i found a letter written to another women where he is saying that he never loved her and had a plan with her that he executed and that he did noting wrong and he is happy that she loves “his son”!!!!!!
I found pictures with soo many other women from all ages old and less young…ssome in pornographic situations…
The man is a complete fraud, a looser, a liar, a jurk, a thief, a criminal…etc


This is what I know. I am sure what is hidden is even more terrible and scary.

I am Arabic and in the Arab world unfortunately this nationality is a red flag – to Mido I say, not only the men working in tourist places are dangerous and cheater – mine was a school teacher.

Playing with people’s feelings is a crime infront of God – it is unforgivable!


Like someone told me: when a man accept to live as a liability on another person especially a woman and more especially on his wife, this man can do anything because simply he LOST his manhood.






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  • Seems Like I Know This Person says:

    This could be the person that broke my heart. It hurts but I’m so glad it’s over for me too. May your life get better.

  • dontwanttogive says:

    I know of a lady whose Egyptian husband works in pizza hut uxbridge who is a coptic christian. The chrisftian european wife is a good woman and they have children. She thought all was well untill she went to his work place and found him flirting with the young collegue but she thought nothing of it until she put his name in to google and found out that he had his name on dating websites. And on facebook and other social websites like google he does not say he is in marriage or has children. He even admitted all the staff in that branch sleep with each other. Poor wife, i feel so sorry for her, she said that when he started working for pizza hut that is when he changed from a loving christian husband in to a sexed up man.

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