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As with most of these false relationships I met him online but with no intention of starting a relationship. After 6 weeks of mailing we met in person. He did not live far from me. He was the most charismatic, charming young man, 10 yrs younger. Within a few weeks we started a relationship. He had me utterly spellbound by his charm, manners and general affection. I have never met a man so brilliant at being charming, entrancing even.


Only a few weeks later he asked me to buy him clothes. My heart sank because things had moved so fast and there were already doubts in my mind, this really didn’t seem right. I refused and he said he was joking but still it wasn’t correct.  Generally, he got me to pay for things like food, transport, cigarettes. Over 18 mths he asked me for an ipad, a phone, a camera, to get a bank loan and to rent commercial premises. He always enquired or tried to ascertain my earnings. The most obvious and extravagant items were marriage and a child.  


I was confused about the so called relationship, he would visit then go then be hard to contact, not reply to texts or answer the phone, then he would send gushing texts of how much he missed me and needed me but with only the explanation that he had been visiting family or working hard for his `Uncle’ as to why he couldnt send just 1 text.  He also spent a lot of time out of the country on visits. When we would meet he would be so loving that I would forget all the odd behaviour because surely a man that sings you to sleep and wakes to put the covers back over you isn’t a total lying bastard? Then hed be gone, no texts, no answer and Id be lost again. Wondering what I did wrong and what I have to do to make it right. Doubting, thinking, going back over conversations, things just didn’t add up. Was this all because he had to keep me secret from his strict family? Or was it something else? I questioned why he wanted so many things from me.


I started to research on the internet and I found hundreds of stories yet I still didn’t want to believe. I was helped by others, listened to and Im grateful they helped me see. He had all the marks of a beznesser. Everything, every tactic, every line, phrase. I broke away from him eventually. I even accused him of being a beznesser which he of course denied. He kept trying to contact me for 8 mths after as I wouldn’t change my number (why should I) I never answered. It took an incredible amount of time to break free from him. He got little out of me financially and I was fortunate.. I hear stories of women spending years of their lives and their life savings on these game players and I truly understand how it can happen. Anyone that tuts at this then ask yourself why would anyone do so if not under some kind of influence or altered state of mind?? It is a type of hypnotism, brainwashing. They are trained conmen and unless you have been in the same situation you cannot imagine.    



Im no longer the same, I was betrayed like never before. Being with an actor, a master liar will damage a woman badly. The emotional carnage of being with a conman is very hard to get over. Its not a normal relationship where over time things perhaps sadly go wrong and there is a parting, an end. This man singled me out and I was to be a step , a ladder. An investment.  He felt nothing and lied a lot.


If you are involved with a man from one of these countries (Egypt is just one) you may think at first you have found someone extraordinary, like someone from a fairytale but Im quessing 99%  its not. For your heart, your dignity,  your sanity, stay well away from them. If a man treated his sister like this, that man could end up suffering serious harm and remember no genuine Egyptian man will ask you for a penny and certainly not presume to start a relationship of any kind. Please educate yourself on these codes they have within their family, you will see that by their treatment, you are not being classed the same.  In a way Im glad I went through this I learned a lot and I see people from his country and culture differently, I wised up. I know much more than I did then.


From the first paragraph he is clearly a user and is out to take from me and you will be amazed to learn that he lives in 2 countries, mine and his own. He lives in my wealthy UK city and studies at its university, with some distant family nearby and goes back home frequently to stay for long periods (possibly visa conditions) and visiting other women. I believe he is married and has children. He exploits women (there are/have been others) and searches for his visa wife (he admitted to me that his student visa was running out and he needed to marry) With his visa running out he deployed bezness tactics… or was it  for the sport, the fun of it, free romance and/ or money using women that are unsuspecting and trusting. Or both, why not? In their eyes we are asking for trouble.  If you think you found your Arab Prince, you haven’t, walk away, they do not respect you or your country.   






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  • caziz says:

    I am so sorry you have had to go through this. Your story is similar to mine: charming Egyptian man, love bombed, abused, used. Your’re right, it takes such a long time to recover. Mine physically, mentally and emotionally abused me, but I got out quite quickly. He wasn’t such a financial leech as yours, but I think if I had stayed he would have got worse. It all happened in Alexandria, Egypt. He got away with it, and is now after other women to get a visa to go to the west. He is a deeply disturbed person able to present a charming persona. But underneath he’s full of anger and loathing for everyone and is dangerous. I worry for any woman who gets involved with him.I am a much wiser person now, and there was a lot in the relationship that was initially good.But there are plenty of men like this looking for a deep meaningful visa and money. Yo

    • A says:

      Thank you Caziz for your supportive comment. I hope your story is on here if full. You say he is still after his visa to go to the west, this is what I think the 2nd part to the beznessers life, if they succeed to get to the west, they will continue their behaviour in case it all falls through. They have no loyalty to the person that got them here. When on holiday the problem is still not fully known and publicised this is why there are so many holiday romance victims unyet they also operate via internet and in my case right in my own country aswell. I will not be the only one this has happened to Im sure.

  • Mido says:

    Hi, I am egyptian man living in Belarus.I want to tell you that most egyptian guys who work in Hurghada or Sharm have many relations with many many womens from Europe,even sex relations and ask for money to support their poor families in Luxor or Menia or Cairo or another city.But you went to egypt and your mind thinking about the old egyptians who made cilivisation and pyramids which you read about it or watched films about it
    but if you want to meet an educated egyptian man can love you,and not just asking money from you,so you must search on some one dont work in turist places.
    But even that man will ask you to marry him first then sex comming after,because his family will not accept sex without marriage certavicate first..or you search on christian egyptian can have easy and his family have open mind..good luck

  • Arabvictim says:

    I am Arabic and been fooled by an egyptian man. We met in one of the Gulf states where we I work. When I met him he was staying illegaly and had no work. He charmed me and showed me the “kindness mask” – now i know. I went to Egypt with him to marry, he introduced me to his mom,brother and sister. They rent an old scary apartment in Ain Shams – very poor neighbourhood. He changed 360 degrees after we signed the marriage certificate in the ministry of justice in Cairo – he started his abusive behaviour right at the contract signature. no need to say that all his family and his friend are all into it with him in ”cheating” those poor women – yes, there are many before me and sure after me – I went back to the gulf state to make his vis – i was his sponsor because I have a good job and situtation there – he was calling me everyday on the net and puting psychological pressure on me to expedite his visa and to get rid of my cat and to wear the islamic cover and to…and to…never ending “orders”. I was tired and fed up before even he joins me back to the country and even wanted to end the marriage while he was still in Egypt cause the emotional torture was unbarable. When I delayed his visa, he called my older brother and started saying lies about me – he didnt know my brother – he was implying that I was pregnant and got rid of the babay and went to Egypt to marry – the WORST thing that one can accuse a muslim woman of: adultery,abortion….luckily my brother knows me and he knew i would NEVER do such horrible things – but…my brother pushed me to expedite the visa and bring my husband. I did.
    Once he came back….I let you imagine…emotional and verbal abuse, cheating with soooo many other women, belitteling, screaming and yelling in private as well as public places, try to take my car, my money, my house…all+ evrything. I was the bread winner, he was staying home: spending his mornings in the building swimming pool (hitting on single women there old and young – i knew after), i come back from work he is rarely at home and comes back 8pm and then 10pm and then midnight and then 3am and after one month: he even wanted to spend the night out but the “person” who was supposed to call him to go out did not.
    All this happened during barely 3 months of marriage.
    He started harrasing me emotionally more and more and more, cheating on me openly, women calling him at home late nights and weekends…etc
    I asked him to divorce me many times – in muslim countried, man has to agree on divorce – he refused everytime saying (i am quoting him: so easily, I will not and I will torture you and marry other women and make you miserable and when i decide to divorce you , i will first get my ”rights” first.
    One day, he bought 10 litres of petrol and brought it to the house and said to me: a little petrol a cigarett and …poutch….all finish!
    I called the police, press charges,made a restarining order, cancelled his visa and cut all contact with him.
    Now he is in deep sh***t. He has no visa in the country, he is staying on prosecution order waiting for judgement.
    I also opened a divorce file at court to get my divorce legaly by giving up on all my rights (muslim men need to give women some money when divorce).

    God… after the police took him i doscovered horrors in his belongings – his personal computer and papaers—he is married to a 63 years old (he is 33 yo) american women in Egypt and left her without notice or goodbye after one year and ran away to this gulf state – i found a letter written to another women where he is saying that he never loved her and had a plan with her that he executed and that he did noting wrong and he is happy that she loves “his son”!!!!!!
    I found pictures with soo many other women from all ages old and less young…ssome in pornographic situations…

    The man is a complete fraud, a looser, a liar, a jurk, a thief, a criminal…etc

    This is what I know. I am sure what is hidden is even more terrible and scary.

    I am Arabic and in the Arab world unfortunately this nationality is a red flag – to Mido I say, not only the men working in tourist places are dangerous and cheater – mine was a school teacher.

    Playing with people’s feelings is a crime infront of God – it is unforgivable!

    Like someone told me: when a man accept to live as a liability on another person especially a woman and more especially on his wife, this man can do anything because simply he LOST his manhood.

  • Marianne Das says:

    I also had a relation with an Egyptian man, a massage therapist. Many things which are mentioned in this story also happened to me. I also felt guilty and gave him a lot of money. I met him on a Nile cruise and he gave me massage which ended in sexmassage and at that time I felt lonely, divorced etc. I visited him 2 times in Hurghada and now finally found out he is married. He also told me all the time that I was crazy. Told me stories of being robbed, sick child, no job, no food etc.

  • corny says:

    hi… how do i know if an egyyptian man is not a conman?… i met him online and he said hes not after my money.. and hes graduating civil engineering… how do i know if he doesnt break my heart. please email me your answer i hve lot of question..

  • Maliki says:

    I am Muslim girl and meet with highly educated Egyptian man. He was from El Mahallah El Kubra. He was Muslim and did haj and Omra many time. At the beginning I was very happy to meet with a religious person as well as educated. He was very sweet and understanding, loving at the beginning. I use wear modern and short dresses as I am not hard Muslim girl. He was telling me nicely at the beginning how to wear dress as Muslim woman and don’t need to talk with any man. I started to think that I find the right man for my life who care about so much. I stopped wear dress and completely stopped talking with even my female friends who he doesn’t like. We get married but without any document. He say he keep Allah as evidence of our marriage. After few days of staying together him, I get to know he has children and wife. but he said he is separated from his wife and only do contact with children. I didn’t mind that he has children. Anyway he had 4 children and two wife at that time but he said one wife and three children. he was not living in Eygpt and I was not live in my country. so we had to travel few time to each country. One day he told me that his son is sick…..he was damn liar and can cry very easily. He son become really very sick and after few days die….Now his lie become true…he had 4 child but he keep saying 3…and finally its become 3 now. After his child die, he wanted to start a new fresh life….he wanted to make my marriage documented and visit my country. As I was not lived in my country for many years,,i couldn’t arrange everything very good but I tried my best. After 3 day of staying my country, one day night he left the country middle of the night. I was so upset and so upset. I keep crying for few days….I called his family and told everything what he did to me. His family didn’t care this at all and his brother stop receiving my call. I spoke with his son but as he is small boy kids, I couldn’t tell him anything. Anyway,,i wanted to end up everything with this bastard who mother even doesn’t know who is his father. Then he started again to talk to me and keep insisting me to meet with him. I melted again and did the most stupid mistake in life. but before I moved to meet with him….I pray to Allah, Please help me……I don’t know what I am doing for this bastard….I left my house for a new life for a new house. After few days of living and travelling with him, one day he started to cry and saying that he don’t have money. He asked me for money. I was very pity on him because he was earning a lot and now for little money he was crying. I promises to give him everything I have. he was keep asking me the money I have and finally I drawn all the money and gave it him. He expenses all my money very luxury way and one day telling me he has to go his country for money and he will come back after 1 month. I asked him how I will spend my time in this country while I have no money. still he has money and he even didn’t bother to how I will spend my life here. He left and promises me to come back under any condition. He didn’t come back and left me the country alone. I am thousand thanks to Allah,,,i get rid from a real Satan…….And I keep praying to safe me from this Egyptian Satan. I read my articles and many of my friends told me about Egyptian man! but I never believe and didn’t trust them. Allah open my eyes and help me a lot to come out from this situation.

  • nadine says:

    Hi all, i m stuck wz a child .i also mentally tortured by this egyptian really regret marrying him.they are really opportunist!

  • Sid says:

    Hi everyone. I was searching for such Egyptian marriage issues so I happed to visit this blog. I’m an Indian Muslim graduate in business studies. my story is just opposite from your’s. I fel in love with an Egyptian girl online. we’d been chatting & talking on phone for almost 4 months. She is had a boyfriend earlier who left her & the. she was attracted to me but her boyfriend is back in her life so she left me & barely talk to me. & I’m left with her memories ;(
    can anyone let me know that are Egyptian men & women both are the same cheating type.??

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