Beware of the Jordan Bedouin Bezness

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Warning.. Beware of the Jordan Bedouin bezness.
All the boys from the bedouin village by Petra, Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum are scammers and liars!
Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Ahmed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Ali Albdoul and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep.
Their business is to fool and cheat all the girls they can into falling in love with them.
They do it for business – to get sex and money.


They often have 2-5 foreign girlfriends at the same time. Their family knows and lies as well. All the “nice” people you meet lie! They all lie for each other because they all want something… Gifts, sex, money, phone, computer, cloths, gasoline, a donkey, even camels…The money they get from girls they use to get other girls.
They will make you believe that they are different from the others and you will see the love in their eyes. But it is not true! Don’t ever trust them! They are all the same. They do anything to fool you!
They will take you to caves in the mountains, to the most beautiful views, they will make fire and cook for you, take you to their family, dance, drink, watch the sunset and sunrise on a blanket under the ‘shooting stars’.


They do business with girls! They go with tourists and then they charm the girls to believe that they are in love with them. The truth is that they just want sex. When the girl goes back home, they will make friends with her on facebook, messenger, skype, email or phone. They are on all social media and have a lot of different accounts and names, so all the girls they trick don’t know about all the other girls. They will try to get you to come back to Jordan. And if you go back – they will pick you up in the airport or hotel, but when you leave they go pick up the next girl or a new tourist. If you had sex with one of them please go to your doctor and get tested for all sex diseases (HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea etc.) and Hepatitis B. They are whores, gigolos, scammers, trick thieves and they have sex with all possible. It is like trick rape, so don’t ever think that is true that a Bedouin boy from Petra loves you or want to marry you!
They will all tell you that you are special and that they love you, but also tell you lies about that their donkey died, their car is broke, their motorbike was stolen, they have to go to the hospital, someone complained about them so they have to go to jail. They often pretend to get into trouble and want you to send money through Western Union. They come up with the craziest stories – Only to get the money from you!!
They look like Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow), most of them have kohl in their eyes, wear scarf’s or have long hair. If you are with your husband or boyfriend they will fool him too, they will let you believe you are his best friend but also try to fuck your wife or girlfriend!
Names of boys doing this for fulltime business (with variations of their names): Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Othman Salm, Mohammad, Ahmed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Albdoul, Albdool, Bdool, Bdoul, Mohammed Ali and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep (but they are not the only ones). They are all the same.. All the boys, men, girls, women and kids in the village is making business and living by cheating tourists.


And you will believe every lie they tell.. They are really good at this business!!
There are thousands of stories from girls around the world who experienced this, but- The government in Jordan knows about this problem but they don’t do anything about it!
The police know about this problem and should warn all tourists especially in hotels, in Wadi Musa and around the main gate to Petra about these people, but they don’t.
The embassy and the airport of Amman and Aqaba should warn all women who come, and especially the women that come more than one time, but they don’t!
Jordan is the ‘peace’ safe country in the Middle East, so they don’t want to destroy that image for the rest of the world.
It is also good for the Jordanian economy that all these girls keeps coming and it is very bad for tourism if the world knew the truth about the secrets of beautiful Wadi Rum and Petra.
Join the new group that wants to stop this and tell your story – Share the names and the lies:
We understand if you want to be anonyms, so create a new anonyms facebook account (like they do!) and join the group. Together we will open this story to the world and try to get the authorities in Jordan to warn about this and stop it!


44 Responses to Beware of the Jordan Bedouin Bezness

  • tara says:

    Lets shout what nams: mohamad mashaleh, mahmoud mashaleh, rami mashaleh but also lets talk about the rest. Many “nice’ men are stealing money from really honest and nice people from western countries. Tell me why? Because we are nice people and want to do honest busisniss? So the Bedouins are looking for victims in there village all the time and who will stop them? The secret police in Petra? Even they do nothing. You no why? Because the women send there money voluntarily. Most of the time by western union. So most of the Bedouins have a western union gold card and making a big smile to the police. Who can hurt them? Nobody…….. and the next day they go on. On every finger a women, a fuck by the day and a dollar in the pocket. Thats the proud Bedouin community? Where is honor and pride? Thats left a long time ago when they smell the money from the tourist. Petra became a 7 world wonder and it changed everything. wadi musa became hell on earth for many women on this planet. Sadly even the families dont care what happen with the women. they just like the money and keep there own daughters as treasures. That the western women just been stolen and be lied to by there own sons they dont care. So who will stop those kind of guys? Nobody… Sometimes the family push to a marriage with a foreign women just because of her money or the possibility to get excess to the states or europe. After divorce they will married a Jordanian treasure, a local women. Yes, people thats the truth. So what can we do. Shout on internet? No make complains about people with the police ministries en court. But also put the story on internet with name and picture so everybody know who we are talking about. Even when they delete it just go on and spread the word.

  • Fares says:

    The so called “Bedouins” in Petra that ride the horses in Petra Park before you enter the Siq are from Wadi Musa (in itself a town full of tricks, traps and major rip offs) and they are the worse type. Completely ignore the Hashims, Jamals, Mossabs, Ramis, Raeds. And anyone with the second name Mashaleh.

  • johnny depp from petra says:

    Hi my name is Johnny Depp from Petra. I think you underestimated me!
    I don’t have 5 women but 1750 from all over the world
    I am for rent not for sale
    I hope that there are some reasonable women who don’t believe all those made up stories. I also don’t understand why my name was mentioned in your comment. Do you have any back up story or proof of my wrong doing, if so maybe we should meet in court?

    On what basis do you dare to spread my bad name and my reputation?
    And why are you hiding behind anonymous account? Why don’t you reveal who you are and your name if you honest?

  • Gosia says:

    I came across this website and read all those negative comments about the Bedouin boys.

    I have to admit my experience in Petra was quite opposite. I find all of the people there very welcoming, genuine and respectful. I happen actually to meet in person Ahmed- Johnny Depp and spend some time with him and others having BBQ, walking though Petra and having shisha. I never even once was asked for money, offered any sex or being harassed. In contrary they bought the food for us, drove us in many places and spent time with us ‘for free’ telling us stories of their lives. Ahmed was open and honest about his girlfriend from Holland which I find very normal.
    I have noticed through my travel that the Middle East and north Arabic countries became popular destinations for a single middle aged women searching for easy ‘love’. They find the men in those countries and they want to live their fairy tell story choosing often to become naive or just being blind about the reality. In fact often they themselves look for easy sex in such exotic, magic places with such charming men. I have to admit that listening to the stories about two women aged 33 and 49 ‘falling in love’ with a Bedouin boy age 18 and expecting him to be their man when living apart in their countries seems to me little bit abnormal and it doesn’t give me a good picture of those mature women. I suppose the Bedouin guys in this age don’t differ from the European boys who I suppose are not mature enough to have serious relationships. I see as well those women being demanding, pushy and desperate in chasing their dream boy. A little bit of common sense would help in these cases of those ‘poor used women’ especially that they behave in this manner from their free will.

    I have to admit as well that except of the real case described in one of the comment about the money scam (which can happen anywhere in the world) there is no solid basis or real stories described here to support such statements. In contrary there are lots of happy real love stories of women who actually marry the Bedouin guys. During my stay I was even invited to the wedding party of the Bedouin man and a girl from Europe. I suppose you have to judge for yourself.

    I think that setting us such page, spreading a bad name and destroying reputation for all Bedouin boys/men is totally unfair. It looks that some woman with a broken heart is looking for revenge on all of Bedouin guys not even involved in her story.

  • Carotte says:

    I entirely agree with you Gosia, couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve been to Petra several times and I know some of the guys mentioned above pretty well. They’re genuinely nice and do their best to make my stay memorable every time i come to visit. They’ve become true friends and I respect them very much. Sad to read such resentful words about such amazing people.

  • Aresa Hafan says:

    Gosia (but I know who you really are : )

    Where in the Middle East and North Arabic countries did you travel? How are you so sure the women visiting these countries are searching for easy sex? Are you sure that is true? Did they tell you that? Did you see that? Is it AT ALL possible that women – like yourself ? ehmm – travel for the sake of meeting new cultures, experiences, making friends? This is also very judgmental: “I see as well those women being demanding, pushy and desperate in chasing their dream boy”. Is that true? How do you know that is true? That is your perception, from your (submissive?) point of view. See?
    Don’t make such unprofound judgmental demoralizing remarks about other women. You don’t know. You are assuming.

    You do not know the story of these women. You do not know what happened to them. You do not know the story of the boys/men from Uhm Sayhoun and Wadi Musa.

    Like you said: YOU have no “solid basis or real story described here to support such statements”. Or do you ?

    Silly woman : )

  • Aresa Hafan says:


    Each to their own. Your good experience, does not mean that other women did not have a negative experience. Possible right?

    Can you tell me why there are 3 Western Union agents in Wadi Musa? It’s not Amman, where many people go abroad to study mainly, work sometimes and send their family money.

    Do you think there is no scamming at all in Wadi Musa/Uhm Sayhoun?

  • Aresa Hafan says:

    @Johnny Depp

    I don’t know you. I assume Johnny Depp is not your real name.
    Why then grumble about others not using their real name?

  • Gosia says:

    I don’t think I know you. Have we met?
    It’s quite funny to call me submissive, I suppose we couldn’t met than as you would know my character 

    I have heard lots of stories and seen with my own eyes some desperate women trying to catch guys quite often half their age. I have travelled enough and met lots of locals (my friends) to see and hear such common stories. Believe me it’s not happening only in Petra.
    I think therefore that such generalisation about all men from Petra is not fair.

    I suppose it’s my word against your word 

    I have admitted as well that of course there are some real cases of money scams and such should end up in courts and being properly judged. And yes for sure some women had been used (like anywhere else in the world such things can happen) but this doesn’t give anyone a right to destroy reputation of all Bedouin guys. As I said earlier I saw more happy ending stories which show they can be genuine people, right?

    This web looks for me like some kind of angry, desperate pay back or revenge of a broken hearts…I suppose you are one of the affected one too.

    Sorry to hear this.

    Ps. As per Johnny Depp, everyone who visited Petra knows who he is. His real name was mentioned few times in various comments here so he is not really incognito.

  • nina says:

    I know that it is true about Ahmed – Jonny Depp and all the others! I know because they told me! People who are defending them are people they still fool. Gosia is the perfect picture of a girl who they really scammed enough to believing in this. She tells the stories she heard from the bedouins. All their crazy stories. From all of the marriages between Petra Bedouins and girls from outside trough years only two is still married! Because the women at a point finds out about that the boys and men there. They don’t stop their business after getting married. They keep on trying and having sex with all the girls they can fool!

  • Aresa Hafan says:

    Gosia, you assume too much. There is a cure for that. ASK. Ask is better than assuming. You might find that your assumptions are wrong.

    If we are to believe your findings, after you visited Petra and had BBQ and sisha with Johnny Depp,

    on the ONE hand ‘we’ have:

    demanding, desperate, pushy single middle aged women looking for easy sex in an exotic destination with such charming men half their age

    on the OTHER hand ‘we’ have:

    the welcoming, respectful, genuine Bdul and Bedouin from Petra

    Hahaha. This makes me laugh. Don’t you think it is a bit short sighted and naieve for such an experienced traveller of the world like yourself?

    Oh yes and
    and SOME real cases of money scam that need to be dealt with in court and properly judged

    and SOME women that are used

    It still makes me laugh.

    As much as there are genuine locals in Wadi Musa and Uhm Sayhoun, there are also genuine solo female travellers, even middle aged, that are TARGETED by the Bduls and the Bedouin for one reason only…which is very well described by the first poster above.
    So that 33 and 49 year old woman with that 18 year old boy. Turn it around aswell…what was that 18 year old boy doing in the company of a 33 and 49 year old? Do you have an explanation for that? My first impression of Petra and surroundings…the (way too) kind and friendly young men…and being introduced to their much older girlfriends..making me think…ay ay…something isn’t hanging together right here.

    Of course, no doubt there are genuine relationships. I know of two myself. Nice honest hard working people that would not hurt a fly. But I am not sure….when the wife has the same age as the mother of the husband.

    Yes tourists areas in the world seem to bring out the worst in people. I avoid those superficial places as much as possible. But when I think of the word “bezness” the first country that comes to mind is Egypt. Then Tunesia, then Turkey, and then Marocco. Why? Because you read and hear the experiences of the women in the media.
    About Jordan: nothing. Why not? Although slowly the experiences of different women are coming to the surface. And I think it is high time that Petra/Wadi Musa/Uhm Sayhoun are added to the bezness list. It belongs in the top 5. And the authorities need to deal with it, stop calling it a “rip off, that doesn’t violate the tourist laws”, before it becomes another Sharm Al Sheik.

    If all those women had just gone to court and had shut up about it, I would not have known anything. I am glad they expose and share their experiences, creating awareness, educating other women.

    The only Embassy that warns females about scamming is the Australian Embassy:
    Would that be based on SOME reports of scamming? I don’t think so.

    And repeatingly writing “this happens all over the world” is a simple way of turning it into a non-issue. It is NOT a non-issue. It is a BIG ISSUE. And whether it happens all over the world or not, this section here is about Petra, Jordan.
    I am sure anyone who reads the first post, very well knows that it doesn’t include ALL men of Petra, just like not ALL men of Sharm Al Sheik are scammers or not ALL men of Djerba are scammers. Readers are more intelligent than you think.

    Keep your eyes open for the shiny new cars, the laptops, the smartphones.

    Unlike you I support this website. Thanks to Noor Stevens and the women sharing stories we can all learn from. That includes you too. Next time you “visit Petra” have a BBQ and sisha with one of the women you demoralize. Listen to her story.

    ps “As per Johnny Depp”…I dont K N O W him, neither do you. I know what he looks like…he stars in After Tomorrow and other media.
    I think he is quite capable of answering himself, Bdul/Bedouin Mum… : ))

  • Cecilia says:

    I will not stand up for every guy in Petra, I don’t KNOW them, but I will tell you about ONE guy, Ahmed.
    Even if it bothers me that everyone calls him Johnny Depp, because I think he is a full person, I will too so everybody can know about who I will talk about.
    I already wrote on the FB page, and I will write here the same things.
    What bothers me is that NOBODY is writing with his/her real name except from Ahmed himself.
    Another thing that bothers me is that I wrote on the FB page that I AM HIS GIRLFRIEND NOW and no other girl stood up saying the same…
    So…where are all this girls?
    Please write me, telling me that you are his HABIBI now as I AM…
    I have plenty skype conversations or pictures showing that…do you?
    Here is my email: feel free to share, nobody is going to kill you…

    You know what is astonishing me?! I haven’t been asked for money, but he paid a lot of money to stay with me in Aqaba and in Amman…

    Again, if you want to ruin somebody’s reputation you should have DETAILS to share with us…
    you say that they will take you to the desert, to have dinner with friends and family, to tha caves to see the shooting stars and the fact that they did this with you and with all girls means that they are treating you as all the others and they probably will scam you…
    I would like to ask you how many others things there are in Petra that you can do…For sure Petra is a beautiful place, but you cannot say there are much more things to do than the ones you describe…

    Moreover that is their life and I am happy I had the opportunity to share it with them.

    I would never say that there are no scammers in Petra because I don’t everybody, so probably what you are doing is the right thing. It is always good to be carefull trying to remain openminded…
    But…as I think it is good to listen to you, maybe it is good if you listen to us when we tell you that Ahmed is not one of those guys…

    @Gosia – I am very happy you went to the wedding…I had just left Jordan so I couldn’t be there…so sad!!!

  • Lisette says:

    Ahmed sent me a link to this page and I had actually decided that I would not participate in this discussion, but now I have become sufficiently provoked to tell about my experience when I can see how several stories are narrated completely distorted.

    I have been there 4 times in the last 4 months!

    I must be the 49 year old woman in the story ;) I’m not 49 and the other girl is not 33! The boy in the story is Athman Salm and he convinced me that he was 22, yielding an age difference of about 10 years in my case and 6 years for his second girlfriend (don’t know about his other girlfriends at the time). I certainly do not think it was naive of me to believe in him, because I’m quite childish in mind and he convinced me that he was very mature and age dot matter in love.

    I do not see myself as a desperate, pushy or demanding person – quite the opposite! I normally don’t let anyone in!
    I came to Petra as a tourist in January with my son and some travel friends and I met one of the boys – Athman Salm from Mary’s list.
    I went back from the holiday but still had contact with Athman and then we spoke on facebook and on phone and I decided to go there again. Actually, not only because of Athman but because I was about to go down with work stress and needed to get away and just be in a cave relaxing all alone. However, my journey turned from relaxing to be very active having sex and sex and a more sex with Athman. I did everything to pull me out of a relationship with him, but he got mad at me when I told other people there that we were only friends. He wanted me to say that I was his girlfriend!

    I went back home, but traveled back quickly, as talks with Athman made me convinced that we were really building up a serious relationship. We talked about starting a business and buy a house. I had my son with me when I came to Petra 3.time. When we got home again began talks to bear towards getting married and Athman told me that he had spoken to his father whether he could marry me, that he had found a house for us and would be looking for a preschool for my son.
    So we got serious about me moving there. I started to pack, sublet my apartment and make arrangements with friends and family and a deal with my work on the ability to work remotely. Everything was packed in boxes. We were going to move to Jordan. Not only because of Athman but also because I really felt that I could I make a difference for others and help especially the kids down there to better education, medical and especially dental care, wanted to build a playground and so on.

    But then suddenly I could not get in touch with him. His phone was off. I was afraid that he had fallen off a cliff and contacted both Ahmed and Mohammed to hear if they knew where he was and whether he was ok. They told me that they had not seen him for many days, but it was not quite true. Suddenly Athman rang me again. He told me that he was in Amman and had been very ill but that he loved me and missed me and loved me and missed me and started talking about all our plans again. 2 or 3 days after I was called by his other girlfriend who just came back from being with him the days I could not get hold of him.
    We talked about everything and found out that he had been “lovers” with us at the same time and asked us both to send money. That he had called each of us while one of us was with him with an excuse for everything else. We talked about their stories and found out all the lies that had been told. We confronted him, of course, but he told each of us that the other woman onions or didn’t mattered to him.

    In fact, he told me during my 3.visit laughing that he had called his ex-girlfriend to send him money and he laughed at me and said “I said that I really needed the money because my car broke down.” But he in fact needed the money to come and pick me up in Aqaba.
    Athman actually asked me many times to help him financially and send him money through Western Union. The first time because his mule died and he had bought it on the installment plan so he was to go to jail if he did not pay the installments out, then he really needed a donkey so he could make business in Petra for food, phone… After that he would like me to support him and contributed money to jewelry so he could start his own shop in Petra. I know that he also asked his other girlfriend about money at the same time because of all sorts of other stories and problems.

    All the stories don’t make any sense. I was, for example told a story about New Year’s Eve 2013 about a girl from Japan. She was running away from Wadi Rum because she did not want to pay for the stay there, but the true story was that she was running away because she said no to sex and ran away because her saying NO to sex was not approved by her Bedouin boy, so she ran in fear of being raped.

    I have given some gifts for Athman and his family. Athman has given me and his other former girlfriend and probably more the gift of being infected with Chlamydia!

    We talked a lot together and found out the truth from the lies. We shared the things we’ve seen down there and seen most of the boys as Mary names with a lot of different girls, but that’s why..:

    I do not really know what or who to believe anymore. Bedouins and their current friends and lovers say one thing but there are many others who say vice versa. I do not believe that these stories are laid up by a jealous ex-girlfriends or a girl who has been rejected. If someone does so much work to inform others about this then it can only to be sincere and to warn others! Stories do not arise from nowhere!

    The hospitality was very large. I would not pay for anything. I really tried but they would not take my money. Now I think that maybe it was because that if they gave me everything so I would feel that I owed them something and send them money if they got into trouble. Everyone down there asked for different things that I should take the next time I came. I bought a lot of things which I gave to them to help their distress.

    I firmly believe that this forum is here to inform and warn other people about any bezness scammers. I do understand that Ahmed and his girl’s tries to stop this, as it obviously is not good for work and reputation, but I certainly believe that people should have their freedom of speech and then we have to decide what stories, what and especially who we will trust! …But me as you – I don’t know yet, even though, Maybe I knew already and maybe I’ll just ignored it..

    I know now that he is doing “business” with a lot of other gills and speeding his Chlamydia to girls who don’t know anything about his very active sex life.

    Sorry guys.. I really had to tell the true story to this!


  • Aresa Hafan says:


    good of you to share your experience. This is a solid example of how the bedouins work on their “object”. Because really, that is all that you are to them and they do not care if they damage you emotionally or financially on the way.

    Consider yourself lucky: it could have turned out worse if you had lost a considerable amount of money, moved out there with your son. It’s happened so many times before.
    As soon as your funds had dried up, no matter if you gave a financial injection into a business and/or house, he would have dumped you or he would have set up a reason for you to dump him. That is how it works.

    The reality is that no matter how “free” and “open-minded” they appear to be, it’s an act. In fact they live in two worlds. The tourist world (which they sort of despise. Yes!) and their real world, with its traditions of islam. In their real world genders don’t mix, a girl and a boy are forbidden to even communicate with each other, let alone spend time together. And this separation starts at a very young age.
    Their values differ significantly from the values most visitors bring to Jordan. Of course, there are a few exceptions. But you can be sure that as soon as they start sharing their fake “tragedies” with you, which can only be cured with Western Union transfers, you’ve been had! You are not friends, not in a relationship, no, you are an “object, the walking ATM, and you are no more than that to EVERYONE you meet. His friends (of course), his family, all are working towards your money flow from Western Union. In their culture it is totally inappropriate for the male to ask a female for money. Or for a female to pay for anything. In fact they have no sincere respect for female tourists. And of course not, you are not behaving like his sister.

    This scamming or Bedouin Bezness (“fishing for tourists” is what they call it) has set back so many women, who have been fooled by the bedouins into believing they are in a (exclusive) relationship. Maybe even without realizing it or wanting to face reality.
    Seriously, these guys are in the survival mode to get money to feed the families they belong to. They have no sincere interest at all in romance with a tourist. They have a different concept of “love” anyway. They are just good actors, playing their part to get…MONEY and luxury goods.

    I am not quite sure why you write:
    “I do not really know what or who to believe anymore”.

    I think you do…..your intuition, listen to it ;-)

  • Lisa says:

    You are writing only about Beduins but truly it happens to women who have contacts with Arab guides in Jordan.Have any of you had relations or contact with French guide Mohamed al Kh….. from Amman.He has some women at the same time.His target are rich women giving money (by Western Union) and clothes(not from China).He aks for holidays at hotels in Aqaba.He promises love and honesty but pretending younger than he really is(he is over 50).At the time he is sponsored by European woman who supported him..So has anyone know him or has a contact?and what can I do to unmask him and stop this scam?

  • Cecilia says:

    Dear Lisette,

    I would really like to thank you for sharing with us your experience. I think it is not easy because of the emotions involved and because it is horrible to feel judge by people who don’t know anything about you.
    I would like to apologize to everybody here if my words ever sound as a censorship, that was not my intention.

    Sorry again!

  • petra says:

    Bedouins have a very good and genuine attitude. If you ask a Bedouin how was his day, he would say “wonderful, just like every day”. If you ask him if he likes his life, he would respond that he loves his life, and can’t imagine leaving Petra. Young and old Bedouins both enjoy spending their nights in the most sacred places of Petra, even though they have a bed, shower, internet etc at home.

    I found Bedouins to be very happy people. They have inherited the traditions of their ancestors and have collected a set of wise sayings about life. Although they have little education and often don’t even know how to read and write, they respond to you using these sayings that you really start wondering where they got them from. I also found Bedouins to be amazingly respectful towards women. It surprised me given how much we hear in the news about Arabs treating women badly and disrespectfully.

    We all have misconception about Muslims and how they treat women, but from seeing how Bedouins (and Jordanians in general) talk about their girlfriends and wives I certainly started to change the way I look at them. For example, before heading off to this hike in the middle of nowhere with Kaled, I told him that it is not safe for me to go with some random guy far away from the paths tourists normally take. I wouldn’t do that in Europe and also not in Jordan. He responded by saying that two mountains cannot meet, only two humans can meet. What he meant to say by this is that there is no point/no enjoyment for him to violate a person that is not interested in him. And indeed, Kaled was very respectful during the whole hike. He didn’t try to approach me once, he even always left an empty chair between us when we sat down. He showed me around and told me stories about Bedouins the whole day, he welcomed me in his cousin’s house and gave me presents as a goodbye. My encounter with Bedouins and their incredible hospitality really changed the impression that Petra left on me……..

  • Lisa says:

    ‘What he meant to say by this is that there is no point/no enjoyment for him to violate a person that is not interested in him.’
    Interesting statement!!!
    So if you are interesed you are good material to be cheated!!
    It’s no sense to generalise but they don’t put the same measure to muslim women(pure for them)and European who are not respectful.
    By the way Petra you feel unique because Beduin invited you to his cousin’s house and give a present.What a favour!!!!I am impressed!!!European should respect themselves more.A hospitality should be normal because they live from tourists’ money like an owner of hotel.

  • nick says:

    .i love bedouin man ……bumped into some young men having tea and following a sit down (and tea) was invited by one to be shown some carvings and parts of Petra I had not seen before. All three said they were cave dwellers in Petra and that there were about 20 families living there. I was fortunate enough to be invited to see one of their homes and it was truely lovely. The hospitality of these young men was delightful and not at all threatening. I hope to meet up with my guide when I go back in September to be shown more of the hidden beauties of Petra. It was one of the highlights of this trip and I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to get to know them better.

  • nick says:

    Hi Nick – that is an incredible story! I too found the cave dwellers I met in Petra to be hospitable and not at all threatening. I hope you’ll be able to find these people again when you return in September. I’m sure they’ll remember you. I’d like to go back to Petra myself and see more of the cave life.


  • anne says:

    As the afternoon went on I met a very charming and enigmatic young man up at the monastery. He was dressed in full black robes and wore thick black eyeliner called kohl, traditionally used to keep infection from the eyes and reduce glare from the sun. He was Bedouin and went by the name of Sammy and we sat and smoked sharing pleasantries. He informed me that you could stay in the ancient city overnight if you gave him some money for food and I’d be welcome to join his friends. We rode his mule back down the precipitous path through ravines and along steep vertical drops and I have to say as the light softly failed this was a most harrowing experience I’d not revisit of my own volition. That said, his trusty flea-bitten mule, who I named Dave, seemed to know every stone on the path and despite some nauseating bouts of fear looking down into the depths below we got down unscathed.

    I was introduced to a Swedish couple and three other Bedouin boys and we made camp on a large rock overlooking the main complex. It was a predictably modest affair whereby we all shared limited blankets and although I didn’t get much sleep that night for the cold, it was a charming evening of cooked vegetables and bread by the fire and some wine and laughter under one of the clearest starry nights I’ve seen before or since, as one of Sammy’s friends played his flute into the canyon below. You could see a couple of other distant campfires burning which reminded me of one of president Kennedy’s speeches and I was told every few nights they held larger gatherings in some of the caves where they would dance and sing through the night. I must have counted at least 3 shooting stars before morning came as we all huddled together sharing the blankets…i love beddouin man too

  • Mary says:

    @carotte, petra, Cecilia and Gosia:

    Actually I don’t know what to say..  Believe their stories and believe you are special and they are your friend and honest people. Have dinner with all of their cousins, their family and sleep with them. Just believe that you are connecting with them on a higher level and that you had a personal relationship and understanding towards each other. Naivety makes the whole experience about sharing life with, OMG a real Petra Bedouin, much more valuable. It’s business! They tell you everything you want to hear and more. They tell you, oy oy oy, all the sorry stories about the bedouins, the caves in petra, the village, the control of the government and their future.
    They see you.. Analyses you! And then tell you all the things you eat up! And you go back to where you came from with the most incredible experiences about being with the real Bedouins from Petra in the desert, a cave, or tent or even in their family house while they are counting the money from you and planning how to get more.
    Tourists are business to them, so don’t ever think you are getting the real thing. Pretty girls don’t have to pay, because they will try to get the payment later (hopefully sex and afterwards gifts and money).

    They actually categorized the tourist:
    American: MONEY – they pay a lot of dollar!
    Japan: They have money, but they demand a lot for them.
    Chinese: No sex and only fair money payments.
    Arabic: They don’t go there.
    German: They just pay without any problems.
    Western girls: Believes in you and will help everyone they can.
    Eastern (Russia, Poland etc.): Cheap girls and they ask for money instead of giving any.
    That is why their first question is “where are you from”?
    Yes they are SO happy, not concerned and truly honest to you and all women (see the sarcasm ;) ) and SO into showing you all the amazing! ;) ;)
    Every phrase of what you find to be wise words are just phrases from a remote controlled business man. All phrases are repeated by all there as well as the humor “don’t be shy (thee) be coffee”. “I believe my selves” la la la…
    They have us all figured out ;)
    @Aresa and Lisette:
    Thanks for telling some true stories!

  • Aresa says:

    @Petra How do you know the bedouins have a good and genuine attitude? Is that based on their philosophical oneliners and spending a day with Khaled? I like the explanation of the two mountains can’t meet: there is no point for him to violate a person that is not interested in him. Hold on…so if you ARE interested in him he will violate you! Haha Funny, but hey I get the meaning of his philosophy :-) True though that overall they are happy campers. I promise you that besides being Bedouin/Bduls they are human too and have bad hair days like everybody else. I am convinced that you had a blast of a day with him and that he was very charming and respectful towards you. But how much time did you spend in his company? Was it a day?
    Your “testimony” is full of general statements about Bedouin based on a hike ? (correct me if I am wrong). Seeing the way Bedouin or Jordanians talk about their wives/girlfriends”(girlfriends?! they don’t have girlfriends. Strictly forbidden in islam) changed the way you look at them? You make me laugh. You think that says anything about their (or anyone’s) respect for women? What someone tells you? You make me curious, are there no muslims where you live, don’t you have muslim friends, colleagues?
    Really, we do not “ALL have misconceptions about muslims”. I do not. So better to speak for yourself. I know you are trying your best to promote the good Bedouin/Bdul and I am happy you spent a nice day with Khaled. I am more happier that it was just a day so that you were not sucked into their bezness web. You would be a good candidate. Most of all I am glad that visiting Jordan changed your fed by the media narrow views on arabs/muslims :-) Don’t watch too much TV.

    @Nick & Nick “threatening”? Who said Bedouin/Bdul are threatening? To the contrary!

    @Anne Wow magic! So very extra ordinary. Wink!

  • petra says:

    Mary and Aresa.. Stop lying ?.I Do not believe you

  • mary says:

    Petra was amazing and worth another post in itself. Like the pyramids it was one of our key pilgrimage goals for the Middle East and everything we expected really. The entry to the secret valley through the 3 km winding carved rock channel to first view the great treasury building is exceptionally memorable. We ended up spending 3 days there exploring the ruins til late in the evening, meeting Bedouin lads and other fellow travellers. Without a doubt the highlight was an hour’s climb up the mountain past the main sights to the Monastery for a sunset. Here a friendly collective of Bedouin ran café’s overlooking spectacular viewpoints and sat around playing beautiful music on flutes and lyre and escorting us up secret paths to the Monastery roof. It was magical in every respect and quite ingratiating. We found the Jordanians – Bedouins and Palestinians to be genuinely warm, welcoming, liberal and relaxed, noticeably different from the Egyptians. We then followed that up with an overnight stay in Wadi Rum a 1 hour share taxi away, which is how Jordan seems to operate transport wise, soaking up the sublime landscape and some Bedouin hospitality with a tented camp in the desert. An experience shared with another Irishman we had befriended atop a rock at the Monastery and an Indian woman on leave, while her husband sat for a Doctor’s exam. As fascinating as DH Lawrence’s playground, the desert Bedouin and the landscape was, one day was enough in the heat and we headed onward to Amman, an entirely modern city, where we spent a night, doing little more than watch football with some locals before heading onto Syria and Damascus.

  • sweidan says:

    I was invited to my friends’ (m) Bedouin wedding, and had the privilege to document and take a few photos of the celebration which took place in “Umm Sayhoun”, a bedouin village in Petra.

    The Bedouin wedding is 3-day celebration that consists of dancing, singing and serving food (Mansaf platters) to guests.

    It was a great cultural experience, friendly people, welcoming atmosphere, good food, and most importantly, I learnt how to make mansaf balls professionally.

  • sweidan says:

    i love bedouin people

  • Mary says:

    This forum is for people who have been scammed! Not for people who are now being scammed nor for people trying to convince others that they are not being scammed!
    All the new stories smell of fake. Nick is replying to Nick and people are posting in fake names and taking the names of people who are trying to tell them something.
    They tell all about their wonderful experiences with these boys. Fake or not – The stories only says one thing, – They managed to fool you too.. They convinced you about having a special relationship with them. But we have all been there, eating the badly and very late dinner, sleeping under the placket under the shooting stars. Felling the love.. Ha ha… But there is no love. Please return to Petra again and be the ignorant girl they can exploit. And do fell stupid walking around with your boy and everybody knows that you are his new captured girl. They all saw the girl from 2 days ago and the girl from 4 days ago, etcetera. Feel like a stupid naive and exploited girl now or do you still feel special. Everyone knows that you are his business and sooner or later he will have his dick inside you as he did with the girls and women just a couple of days before you came!
    What are your motives for bringing up these romantic stories? It makes no sense.. Either you are Bedouins relying in fake accounts otherwise just stupid!
    Come back when you grow up and realize that you where scammed as well! Sorry for my bad response, but I get mad about the boys still fool everyone they can into believing in them. These boys are active.
    They meet 2-5 new girls every day and they fool and fuck minimum 2-3 a week! They don’t tell you anything about the real life of the Bedouins, because the real life of Bedouins is now all about scamming tourists! I have them saying this on tape! OY.. They still live in the caves.. NO.. They live in the caves then the girls are impressed with the cave living (actually they rather want to be in their family house in the village). No Bedouins are living in the caves! They use them and live there for a day or two and then return to the village to have shower, use the toilet, get food, water and supplements but most important to go online to scam and connect with all their “girlfriends” and believers!
    The Bedouins of Petra are not Bedouins no more… They are tourist’s guides making a scene for you! Petra is like going to the circus. It is a show and it is AMAZING, some people don’t believe that the magician did not cut the girl in pieces – but sadly some do!
    It’s nice you love Bedouins  They love love love you too and love love love all the other naive girls they meet too, and they just love that you love them cause they really love themselves and all the other girls they fuck and scam as you SO much.
    Maybe you don’t feel stupid now, but when you know and do,- you are welcome on the
    @sweidan @mary @petra @anne @nick: Who are you? You are the same person with different names trying to cover up the true story. Your comments are alike and come from the same web IP address! Your motives are truly showing here, because you are trying to make their business pretty again. But why would anyone fright for their business if they are not a part of it?


  • Aresa says:

    By the way, take the above (bedouin)posters as a pinch of salt

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t really understand people who are writing here about weddings,better place is on routard forum.I was three times at weddings in Turkey but I don’t thinks that all people there are fantastic.I am not naive.By the way why Europeans value low themselves thinking that an invitation to Beduin house is a great favour.Do you know why? Because Beduins don’t respect Europeans as “Kafirs”( Kafiroona non moslems).And you put yourselves on such position writing about a great favour of invitations to them.Jordanians generally don’t respect Beduins and Palestinians and don’t appreciate them.Of course people are different and there are open minded but also greedy and tricky.

  • Aresa says:

    With 1750 girlfriends…they need to steal text from blogs in support of their integrity ;-)

    Comment of bedouin@petra is copied text from a blog by Floraine Bertouzoz:

    Comment if bedouin@anne is copied text from a blog by Mark Paterson:

    But bedouin@anne forget to include the interesting argument at breakfast:
    “I left the next morning with the Swedish couple to be told there had been some wandering hands from one of the Bedouin boys in the night and this had led to an altercation over breakfast.” :-)

    Comment by bedouin@mary (5:35pm!) is copied text from a blog ny Scott (aka Nev):

    Comment by bedouin@sweida is copied text from a blog by (one of my favourite) photographer Amer Sweidan:

    Left a message with all bloggers linking them to their texts here.

  • Aresa says:

    @Lisa (and @Mary)
    The posts about bedouin weddings, etc. were not actually written by @Petra, @Anne, @Mary (5:35pm) and @Sweidan. The bedouin(s) copied texts from random blogs and pasted them here.

    The proof is in the pudding, so here you are:
    But Bedouin@Anne did not include the interesting argument at breakfast:
    ”I left the next morning with the Swedish couple to be told there had been some wandering hands from one of the Bedouin boys in the night and this had led to an altercation over breakfast.”

    And yes some people do go banana’s because they drank tea with a bedouin, met the family of the bedouin, caved with a bedouin, smoked sisha with a bedouin, ate magloub with a bedouin. Hallelujah. Amen!

    Of course it is nice to meet locals and spend time with them, but in Petra it is a daily rinse and repeat performance, from which they gain a free meal and wodka, plus the opportunity to observe their “kafirs” to see whether they fit into the romance scam category. Afterall, that is the most beneficial category.

    Anyway I have left a message with the bloggers that had their text copied, linking them to here.

  • Lisa says:

    Aresa, thank you for many useful informations you put here.Unfortunately there are women who go to Jordan and make a publicity to those scammers by blogs and facebook.Those ‘tourists’ know very well about Beduins’ tricks but they support those cheaters.Why?And why are women defending them? It’s a chain of swindles in which are involved European women.
    It’s very important to inform about the truth.But not only Beduins cheat tourists,there are Jordanians also.

  • Lisette says:

    @cecillia: Thank you! No it was not easy :( But someone had to tell a true story to all these strange variants of stories.
    @Aresa: Thanks also – You are right – I think I knew but it still hurts to find out that all my suspicions was true :(
    I hope others don’t let them get as fooled as I.

  • tara says:

    I was reading all the post on the this page. I think we have two discussions here. The sextourisme and scamming. There are some women who come to Jordan to have sex with Bedouins. If both parties agree on that than there is no problem. Some men do the same in Asia or Africa. So what.! But on this page we don’t talk about this kind of things. We are talking about rapping, abuse and scamming women in Jordan. Specially in Wadi Rum and wadi Musa. Many embassy complain at the government but they do nothing. Why? Its tribal. Thats the big problem, tribal. Nobody will correct those boys or turn there back on them. So they can go on and on. You can have nice experience in wadi Musa and than your are lucky. But what about many women who are not lucky. Even some of them don’t no yet there are scammed. If you still think the people are fair and nice to you than you are in the bubble of the Bedouins. Even they are not fair to each other.
    The funny thing was that i read that tourist meet mix couples. I can tell you 80 % of the mix marriages ending very soon. Why? Because most of the time there is no love for the women, there is abuse, the guy cheats so much and at the end the women find out that the marriages was a lye.
    Said but true.
    So respect the women who have been scammed. Because they need this in there long struggle to get there money back and to find the trust in them selfs again

  • Aresa says:

    Tara <3
    Ameen : )

    You got it girl!

  • whatever cause everyone posts on a fake name here says:

    Hello everyone
    In on side i see women, certainly scammed women to be or fake bedouin guys account , defending the poor bedouins who are only 18 so it gives them the right to fool older women and take all their possessions, and on the other side i have the honest one, who certainly have better things to do than preventing other people from theft and are just trying to help ( they take the time to write on their free time even if they dont gain anything from it).
    I will tell you the truth right now, if you are a woman, any age , any shape, any nationality, DO NOT EVER GET involved in any ways with any of those guys working in the tourist industry that is actually the workers of Petra, just stay away from them as much as you can, they are close to the devil because they are so skilled at what they do. They will fool you in ways you cant even start to imagine, they lie like they breath, they have zero dignity, they probably never had and the whole village except a few are involved in the business too. Its like a sect or a cult.
    I have been scammed so much that i have nothing to lose saying this. If you ever go there, do not even get involved in any ways, no emails, no skype, no phone, no contacts nothing with these guys beofr its too late for you.
    See petra , leave and dont come back , I would have warned you.

  • Inshalla they will stop scamming! says:

    Please “whatever cause everyone posts on a fake name here” come and share your experience also on the FB page!

  • Cecilia says:

    I am so very sorry I didn’t believed all the warnings about Ahmed (Johnny Depp) straight away, now I know eh is a professional scammer.
    This guy scammed me, right now he is still scamming me.
    I have been lucky enough to find out this FB page and to talk to other girls who had the same experience with him.
    I know that even if he calls me his girlfriend he doesn’t say anything to other girls, keep talking about the “Holland ex-girlfriend”. And I know that he has other girls, now, today, even if he never called off our relationship.
    I will share my story with you, I am not scared of him or of anyone else.

    I think that there are bad people all over the world, what makes this unacceptable is that he does this kind of stuff on regular basis, that everybody else in his community knows about it and accept it.
    He will make look very bad every one of his friends just to make sure that you get the message that he is a saint and a needing girls saver.
    He will tell you stories about girls lost in the desert with bad Bedouins that called him to save them, he will tell you stories about rich women who asked to be his bank, or stories about women who follow him in Jordan just for sex tourism.
    He will tell you stories about old eastern women with young bedouin guys, he will blush if the need arise, you will see the truth in his eyes.

    This guy is pretty selfish in bed, but he will tell you that he had few girls, that if don’t like the way he makes love it is your problem.
    He will try to have sex with you everywhere, even in front of your mother (and I am not kidding) but he will get very shy when in front of other muslim people.
    He will tell you the most powerful stories about his ex-girlfriends, so please at least don’t tell him anything about your life because he will share it with EVERYBODY!!!

    If you have any doubt, please ask ask ask. I can assure you that I will keep everything confidential, and so will do Mary as well! Probably if you already experienced something like that you want only to forget ASAP, please don’t, remember that what just happened to you it is happening NOW to somebody else…

    I would like to share with you a series of surveys:
    today I was recalling that after I found out about this FB page and I informed Ahmed, he found out about the bezness blog. On the same day (May the 20th, 2013) I wrote on that blog saying I was his girlfriend.
    But, but let’s take a step back…Few days after I left Jordan (beginning of May 2013) during a Skype call he told me that he had spoke to his ex-girlfriend (the Holland girl-I wish she has a name) about being in a relationship with me, then she cried a little bit, but after she wished him good luck, because she had moved on.
    After I wrote on the Bezness blog, he called me saying that his ex-girlfriend called him very upset about founding out that he had a girlfriend…

    From Who did the Dutch girl find out about me? Ahmed? The web page? and WHEN?
    every time you will talk to him, remember dates, places, names, you will find a gap, then start digging, and if you don’t trust us, you will trust yourself when you will find out few lies

    While he was trying to appear a very skillful sexy guy (but he is not…he is not a caring good lover, he doesn’t even know how to proprerly kiss, all he knows he had learned from tv…), Ahmed told me that between the last days of December 2012 and the first days of January 2013 he and one of his friends had sex together with one girl. After I found out all the scamming story, I questioned him, first I asked him when he broke up with the Holland girl (apparently on February 2013), then I asked him if he recalled what he told me about his new years eve. When he matched the dates he told me that everybody can make mistakes, that in Europe lots of people do the same, that the same day one tourist made him wait 2 hours without showing up after booking a tour so there are a lot of people lying. After a long discussion about him being a cheater he told me that he confessed to the Holland girl straight away and she forgave him, that he was very very drunk and that was the first and the last time he did something like that. On that day I asked him if he had any other secret, he told me no, so we decided to start again as if nothing had happened. But apparently the with page turned grey almost immediately…

    Last but not least…I recalled a skype conversation where he was sure I was going to pay for him to stay with me in Amman…He was sooooo sure!!!!! Like if it was a normal thing for him…
    I would really like to know where he left his pride…

  • abu tbaha says:

    Of course we are Bedouins and live in caves, and tourists come and visit us. Sometimes they decide to stay with us, but nobody disturbs any tourists. Some of the tourists come and spend nights with Bedouins, but nobody force them, they are free. Bedouin tribes are all surprised that the person who wrote this message seems to know a lot of people from the bedouin village !! If she or he was so disturbed by the Bedouins, why did he or she stayed a so long time in the village ? He or she should escape quickly !!
    That is the reason why this message is fake. Made by jealous people from the area. I hope this person got a lot of money to write this message, I hope he or she enjoyed very well from it.

  • Julia says:

    Keep Yourself Away From Wadi Rum!

    It is a very sad story that took place with me in Wadi Rum. It is unbelievable that such a thing can still happen in the 21st century.
    On January 1, 2014 I crossed the Israeli border with the only wish to spend a couple of days in a magnificent desert of Wadi Rum. At 1 pm Mosa Saleah Al-Zalabeih, to whom I came to work as a volunteer, came to pick me up. He was not just cute on that day. He was incredibly handsome. I fell in love with him from the very first moment. He seemed to feel the same. He was smiling and looked happy.
    On the way to Wadi Rum, I was feeling how this beautiful desert was putting magic on me. Everything was so familiar, as though I had been living there before. I was more than sure that it would be the right place to create a family and to stay for life.
    After 4 months (on May 13, 2014) I came back to Wadi Rum and we got married.
    The first weeks that I spent with his mother were not really happy. The family was very poor and lived in terrible conditions. No kitchen, no shower, no bed linen, – nothing. Children slept on the sand and very often there was no food at all. When the school year got over and all of the crowd left to the desert, I was left alone. Mosa locked me in a small dirty room which I shared with mice. He didn’t allow me to speak with anyone and controlled all my steps. I was kept like a slave in a jail. Very often he forgot about me and I had to stay hungry, without food and any means of communication. Through lie, sweet words and sometimes pressure my ‘husband’ managed to take all my money. He scammed absolutely everything I had. When there was nothing else to take, he decided to throw me away like a trash. He never treated me like a wife. He didn’t spend a JD on me. No house, no food, nothing.
    All the family knew that there was something wrong, but did noting. No one came to visit me or to ask whether I need anything. It seemed that Mosa waited for my death from starving. Then he would bury the body and sign with relief.
    When Mosa decided to get rid of me, I managed to survive only thanks to the family, who found me. They brought me to their home, gave food and clothing. During 2 weeks the family took care of me. Thanks to them I went to the Tourist Police, wrote a complain on my ‘husband’ and returned all the money. I had to put him into the jail, but under the pressure of the family I agreed not to do it. I was very sick and tired. The only wish I had was to return the money and to go back to my home.
    Wadi Rum is the worst place you can choose to come. People lie here and treat foreigners very badly. The last time scamming is growing so rapidly in this region. In the police I was told that my case unfortunately was not the first one in Wadi Rum.
    My ‘husband’ treated me so badly. He lied to me from the very first day I know him. He made me leave my job and country. He made me take Islam. He organized a fake wedding in the village to make me believe that I will stay for life will him. After he scammed me for 4100 JD, I was needed no more. He threw me away like a trash. Only thanks to my complain that I wrote in the Tourist Police, I managed to return all the money and finally to come back to my country.
    Sorry to say, but Wadi Rum, like Petra, has become a platform for scamming. People forgot their real values. Traditions and religion are dying here. Money has taken their place.

  • wadi rum says:

    A website about SCAMMING IN JORDAN
    The latest news!!!!

  • mohammed says:

    yes ,,,mostly true ,,,young men always had sex with foreign women,,either by telling lies ,,or sometimes by the acceptance of women,,all the cases be careful and protect yourself by your values ,personality ,and religion.

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