My story Married to a Egyptian man

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Half the nineties, I traveled, together with my girl friend to Hurgada in Egypt. The first night in the hotel we were approached by 2 animators. They asked us if we wanted to go out with them. We refused. Every single night during our stay they asked us the same question, we refused every time again, until the last night of our stay. We visit a bar with them, that is next to the hotel. As soon as we arrived there, only one of the 2 animators was there. He was very courteous and used all his charme to seduce me.
Before we went back home he asked for my address and telephonenumber. He accompanied us to the airport. Two days later he called me and told me that he missed me so much, he was sick because of it. He asked me to return as quick as possible.


After a few months, I returned to Hurgada. At that point in time I just broke up with my boy friend and lived alone. I stayed in the same hotel as before and he was there as well. He did spent all his free time with me. I fell in love, it was a beautiful holiday and he made me feel like a real woman.
He wanted to introduce me to his family. This gave me the impression that he was honest and really loved me. We agreed, that when I would come the next time, we would go visit his parents in Luxor.


In between my holidays in Egypt we wrote and called eachother a lot.
As I arrived the next time in Hurgada, we’d known eachother for 10 months, he proposed to get married and sign the orfi contract at a sollicitors office. I didn’t really understand what he meant, but het explained me that in that way we could share a hotelroom as we were going to Luxor.
Later on we could get married in the official way, I agreed.
Two years later, I did visit him 12 times by then and he did spent 1 month in the Netherlands, we got officialy married in Luxor. Six months later he came to Holland. I paid for everything, because he had nothing. The last year he didn’t work anymore.


We planned to stay in Holland for several years to earn some money and then move to Egypt. He was studieing, I worked. After he had lived here for more than six months, he thought that renting a house, was a waste of money and he suggested we should buy a house. All this with the money I had from an inheritance and a small loan. Later on we could then sell the house and with that money buy something in Egypt. I agreed, and as we were officialy married, the house would be his property as well as mine.
After he finished his studies, he worked for a few years at different places, but it never lasted long.
In that period he spent more time at home, than at work. He prefered to be his own boss, so we started our own business. That means it was his business, a small barbershop for men. He’d been working like a hairdresser before and liked to pick that up again. As we were married, I had to sign together with him on all the paperwork; rent of the building, loans, etc. If things would go wrong I would bear the burden, but I trusted and supported him.


From that moment onwards he changed completely, he became a real horror. At first he had a staff working for him. After work he was going out with the staff. Late in the night he came home, then I was the one that had to fax the orders to the suppliers. I had to get up early every day to go to work, but he expected me to stay awake until he came home. If I was already in bed, then he waked me up and cursed at me. He claimed that I stayed up, until he was home. I was not a welcome guest in his barbershop, he felt as if I was checking on him. Nevertheless he expected me to do the book keeping, the billing, the rent and the loans. The shop was not really profitable, the staff was in charge and it turned out to be too expensive. Apart from that part of the revenue disappeard in the pockets of the staff.

As we were married for several years, he requested to have the Dutch nationality, which of course he received. In order to lower the costs, he wanted me to work in the shop. I didn’t want to stop working as an emplyee and requested to start working part time, the other days I’d work in the shop.
So I was working 7/7 days. Apart from that the housework, the upbringing and care of our children was my task. Everything that went wrong in the shop, became my fault, he treated me like a slave. I had to do all the work (keep the shop clean, book keeping, ordering, shopping, etc.), apart from hair cutting, that was his job. He worked 6 hours a day, I worked 12 to 16 hours.


When I finally came home at 3 in the morning, tired, all hell broke loose. He blamed me that I was going out with other men, that my book keeping wasn’t correct and that I stole money. He humiliated me in front of customers and friends. He yelled, threw everything he could find towards my head and brought up his best Arab terms of abuse. Every day the same scenario and the customers could enjoy the spectacle.


From the moment I started working in the shop, he claimed a percentage of the daily revenue. If I did not pay him that, he would no longer work in the shop. I should then hire a hairdresser, which would be more expensive. He would go search for another job. The salary he would earn with that would go to his bank account, so I couldn’t touch it and he would not pay for anything.


All costs for the shop and the household of our family were payed by me, because I received the whole budget of the shop after reducing his percentage. So that had to be sufficient for the expenses on the shop and livelihood. If it was not sufficient, then that was bad luck for me.
The money he claimed, he spent on buying property in Egypt, which was all purchased in his name and his travelling to Egypt. Money was also sent on regulary bases to his family in Egypt.
He bought an appartment in Egypt and had to pay that off on monthly bases. If his payement was not on time, he would lose everything he said. If his money for the monthly payement was insuffient, he forced me to pay the rest. He worked less and less and the shop was often closed, because he didn’t feel like working. Bankruptcy was approaching. Because of this he had less money and was afraid not to be able to meet his monthly payements. He decided to sell some of the equipment from the shop, to pay for the remaing part. After he sold the equipment and he received his money he left for Egypt, for at least 4 weeks. There was no money to buy new equipment and without them the shop could not be runned. He left for Egypt and I had no clue whether or not he would come back. He told me that he was fed u with the shop and with me, I was the nail in his cofin. In order to prevent a bankruptcy I stopped the shop and started working full time as an employee again. This allowed me to have a loan to pay for all the debts.


As he returns after 4 weeks from Egypt, he promisses me that he shall work with me to pay for the heavy loan. He searches for a job, but want to have financial matters seperated, he wants his own bank account on which his salary can be paid. From this sum he will pay me a fix amount every month. What can I do? What he wants, he will do it anyway. I only can hope that he will stick to his promis. But of course in vain, he pays whatever he want and it’s far less than we agreed or nothing at all. He puts his money on his savings account. As soon as he has sufficient money he leaves for Egypt and takes his money.

A few months later, during an escalating fight, he starts hitting me and throws me out. Moments later he lets me in again and is very sorry. I tell him that this is the limit, that I had enough. Before we got married I told him that I would leave him, if he ever hit me or had affairs with other women. I had no proof of the other women, but there were plenty of signs that he frequently had another woman. But physical abuse, like it happened this time, was beyond all my limits. I could not leave the house, because renting another house and the loan would be a burden far to heavy for me. So I told him to leave. He wants to go to Egypt, so I buy him an one way ticket. Two days later he leaves. But he doesn’t want to leave me. The house is still there, and that belongs to him as well and he has the right to have his share of that and he has the right to live in that house, until it is sold. Three months later he returns from Egypt.
I propse to sell the house, if he wants to he can return to Egypt afterwards. He agrees, but he wants too much money for the house. After a year it is still not sold. Finally he lowers his price and we find a buyer. He moves as soon as possible to an appartment near by. Given my financial position, I stay in the house until the contract is signed at the notaries offfice, 4 months later. I’m on my own now.


All costs that are coming, payement of the loan, final settlements of gas, water and electricity, cleaning of the house, real estate taxes…….are on my account.
He announced to me that I will not receive one euro from him. The notary hands us over a cheque with the remaining sum. He wants to go to cash the cheque immidiately, because he doesn’t trust me.
We still have a joint account, which we use to cash the cheque. His share is transfered directly into his saving account. What’s left is my share. As I expected, this share is almost completely used to pay for the remaining costs, he didn’t contribute at all.

Now I’m living with my children in another place, but he still want to come back to me. I have a nice, well paid job and with this money we could have a good life together he says. Everything he earns could be saved on his saving account. This money could be usted later one, to invest in a business in Egypt. When he has saved enough money he could leave and I could join him, so I can work there in his shop. I’m still married to him.


Fortunatelly I didn’t move to Egypt and that will never happen, because my position there is far weaker.
From a financial perspective I’ve lost everything, I can start again from zero and what about him?
He came here with only the clothes he was wearing, he didn’t have more. Now, after 15 years, he owns property in Egypt and has a large sum of money on his savings account. I don’t have any proof of his property, because these documents are carefully kept by his family in Egypt. But I did visit the place.
This story shows broadly the financial side of my marriage. Emotionally I went to hell and back, physical abuse can be proven, but psychic abuse can’t. It was his word against mine, so he chose psychic and emotional abuse.


In the worst years of my relationship I kept a diary and wrote down everything.
I’m not yet there, because he still lives here and still want to keep in touch.


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  • A person necessarily lend a hand to make seriously posts I’d state. That is the very first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to create this particular submit incredible. Wonderful task!

  • Khadija says:

    I am so amazed and really touched with your story. Because I have the same as you had. The only difference are, I’m just married for 2 years with my Egyptian husband and we have one beautiful baby girl. We are staying in Dubai and the first time I met him he’s so sweet and I am the heart of his life. But after we got married, he started going out not only once a week but maybe the absence of two to three days he will not go in the bar or with his friend and lving me alone. Before we agreed to shared about our rent in the room we rent but later on he asked me about my whole salary and then everyday only he’s giving me an allowance for food, and most of the time asking me about the change for 30AED he gave me. Everyday, I am doing everyth

    • Arabvictim says:

      Dear Khadija,

      This is not a family – not a place to raise your daughter. You are being abused and used by your husband. Believe me, I ‘ve been there – he doesnt love you and doesnt even care about the child – what is keeping him with you is your salary – and one day if you have no money anymore – he will leave to another victim – he is going out many times a week – guess who is he meeting? WOMEN – other victims…
      Think and save yourself and your child from this absurd situation.
      I did.

    • sostupid says:

      Hi khadija,

      I would like to know, how did you ended ? And if you have got divorced after ? I know your post is from 2012, but just wanted to ask if you could share with us what happened after ?

      Thank you !

  • Hallo ihr Lieben !

    Es ist immer wieder die göeiche Geschichte mit den netten Männern aus Ägypten.
    Sie wiederholt sich 1000-fach in ganz Europa.

    Ich bin sehr schnell aufgewacht und habe den Betrug gemerkt und ihn bei der Polizei angezeigt. Er hat seinen Job im Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh verloren und mußte nach
    Hurghada in ein Hotel.

    Vielleicht kennt ihr ihn ja. Sein Name ist El Bahi abd del fattah Mohamed, 30 Jahre alt und ein 100%iger Bezzi.

    Ich kann nur alle Frauen aus Europa vor diesen Männern warnen !!!

    Sie versprechen die große Liebe – aber nichts ist wahr – alles nur zum Zweck nach Europa zu gelangen und dann die richtige Familie nach Europa zu holen.

    Khadija – trenne Dich von ihm – dann bleibt dir viel Leid erspart. Er ist kein Mensch – er ist ein Teufel :-(

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin von Netti

  • i am soo sorry i feel your pain inside me but i wish to tell you something this doesnt mean all men is bad because your five finger never the same but i am soo sorry for your story its sooo hurt me .regards from egypt

  • Claudia says:

    All the ladies who can help, please post all the users and abusers so we can spread the word! Go to, u can post anonymous if you want as long as all the info about the guy are correct. We are specifically targeting women who are traveling to North African countries, so the web site would reach all this women to warn them about this men. Therefore it is a separate website, we all need to work together to fight this horrible men, who are using western women. I just had two friends scammed, by love … One she lost the house and the other one she lost all her savings and a good job, now she needs to get back on her feet. We can not let this men get away with this. Authorities when reported, are not doing anything, so we have to do our best to prevent from more lifes getting destroyed.

  • Delene Alouane says:

    I was scammed by a Tunisian man who divorced me while still living with me in the UK, left for a holiday in July 2009, married a Tunisian woman 11 days later. He managed to bring her back to the UK and despite me proving two cases against him in a Tunisian court, 1 for divorcing me illegally and the other for the money he extracted from me after the divorce under deceit. He was givn a 3 year suspended jail sentence. I am still fighting for my properties in Tunisia and this case is nearing an end. They destroy you emotionally and financially and our government doesnt protect us.

  • kate says:

    Thanks for posting. I am in the same situation but hasn’t lost much. he is presenting in Egypt and his family doesn’t want to hear my name.They have given him a girl in his neighborhood to marry.
    The first week he was on my side, second week he was in the middle now his mind is completely made up.
    How can someone you have loved for 5yrs do this to you. We have a daughter but he doesn’t care.
    Apart from my daughter and the shame.I will have as a single mother i don’t regret anything.
    Thank God it happened so soon because it was doomed from day one. Her is so controlling, doesn’t help in house chores, complaining about food, compare you to his mother or sister.
    I tried my bets to make it work. His ideas are the bet and i don’t have to argue with him. he treats me like a slave and is very racist. He mother promised to disown him if he comes back to me.
    The worst is that i am black and Egyptian regard like women as bitches and somehow poor. He particular thinks he is not African.

  • Meena says:

    Hi, Your story is really tragic. I am really shocked and I sincerely pray that God gives you the best of best in your future life. Don’t lose hope. But do one thing. Kick that bastard out of your life. Seriously you should have done it before. Do get a divorce and start a new life. I am sure you will got a good life when your mind will be free from the tension :) .

  • Mido, egyptian says:

    Hello,may I ask you:you sayed that all income money from business comming to his account and he keep all that money.And just you buy the materials for that business from your account evry time!!!.Now I dont understand how long time you pay to his business from your account?and how you could pay for his business even for your food..clothes..etc?And I want to know,what he payed for?are he pay some costes to the chaildrens? you descrive the story as he dont pay any thing even dont pay for his chaildrens?!!please can you explain? thanks

  • Moataz Seada says:

    I am a young Egyptian doctor in my 20s , and I am engaged in a beautiful relation with Thai girl whom I love from the bottom of my heart, but after reading your story and despite of my previous knowledge about men from upper Egypt who work in tourist places and their poor backgrounds and trash quality ” actually people who work there are the bottom of Egyptian society, go their to escape the Egyptian prevailing poverty and search for either SEX , MONEY or VISA in order ” !

    but after reading this line
    “Before we got married I told him that I would leave him, if he ever hit me or had affairs with other women.”

    I felt shocked necause it is the same exact words my GF is telling me now. and am fearing to repeat such tragic story with my sweatheart from Thailand !!

    I came to love her not for money, visa or sex for sure, because Thailand isn’t not much better than Egypt as a developing country . I knew her online and I am actually the one who travelled to Thailand to met her and her amazing family for the first time , but I don’t trust myself being Egyptian !! I haven’t been taught to be open-minded or respect the wife as the other half of balanced relationship in marriage

    I am well-educated in the Egyptian standards , I consider myself smart and very kindhearted , but I know the Egyptian seeds implanted in my personality , I will be very jealous , I will not accept my wife to be equal , I will be hungry for money whenever I see it and I will be a different person with different emotion

    if my sweatheart ever read this comment , I want to tell her I am Mezo , and I will do my best not to repeat the story of this Dutchwoman , and if I can’t at some point , please help me , my heart is always for you ♥

    • Thaithai says:

      I am from Thailand and working in Dubai I has a lot of friends from philipins ,and they married with Egyptian then most of them have problem with husband ,seem to be man is hungry for woman just not only wife and he will hit wife if she fight him about he have lady’s ,also I know sad story from my customer even Indian lady or philipins they has experience and I would like to ask them , they said Egyptian liar and fucker this is the popular word in philipina lady’s in Dubai Sorry about the words but I always listen ,I also fall in love with Egyptian man before but I didn’t develop our relation ship ,and right now I just know one guy 29 years old he meet me and ask me for marry in first week we meet ?????!!! It’s impossible right ? And we will see after what he will do.and thank you for you to be good husband

      • egyptian says:

        i am egyptian and i married a russian woman .i did all official papers from the family and my friend’s family see her. And i never have any intention to go to russia..i dont want to live in open countries. But she didn t want to show our marriage to her family in russia. She was looking to hide our marriage from russian embasay.
        I want to say that there also men in egypt serious and caring to do families. And some russian are scammers or not serious.they want sex. If a man or woman not feel safe with the other side she or he finish the relation whatever how love they feel. I dont accept a man abuse his woman or viceversa.
        The msg is that not all the same. And a msg to girls who come to egypt for sex. Dont be easy with the guys here.and dont let them decieve u. You who has the key to do what he wants wiz u. RESPECT URSELF

    • smsm says:

      I had the same situation, loved one egyptian guy, proved my self on him gave evrything but he can never depend me over his family

    • elsa says:

      20 yrs old doctors you are such of liar ..Egyptina many f them is Liar 20 yrs old young doctor maybe you are for animal doctor hahahha make me laugh …some of egyptina they are liar and pretender ..

      • Dawit says:

        First learn to read english. He said he is in his 20 s means between 20-30 years. You must have sad life.

      • Em says:

        The middle east is a diificult place to live. Egypt is no exception so yes you do find so many fraudsters willing and waiting to take advantage of any naive or uninformed and lonely woman.
        I’m so sad to hear of all of the ways these people have been misled. However, it is universal.
        Right now Egypt is really an awful place to live so much unrest, violence and disharmony. Yet it is still beautiful and has such a rich history and there are many wonderful people there.
        My Egyptian love is the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, loving, hardworking, honourable man I have ever met! My wish would be that he would take all that I have, yet he truly believes it is his duty to take care of me in every way. He works so hard and would until his last breath. Except, sadly now he is seriously ill and I am looking at the possibility of having to live without him. Still he asks nothing from me except my love, of which of course I gladly give with all that I am.
        To all these women, I hope that you all find a love that honours and respects you as the most precious gem. Someone who makes you be the best you, you can be. Listen to your gut, your intuition, it always tells you the truth. You simply have to listen and then be forthright enough to take the right action. Love, light and peace to you all. Elsa love that name.

    • Akkeri Girl says:

      Hi there,

      Since you post that you know yourself so much, can’t you educate yourself in not becoming that man you fear to be?

      Can’t you educate yourself in becoming a better man? You seem to have a good background and great education. Being an Egyptian doesn’t mean that you have to be like the worst of your pairs.

      Jealous? Well, if you love her, you’ll be jealous. Just don’t suspect her from anything even though there’s no evidence of anything. Think before acting. Always THINK… and do NOT let your ghosts and other dark assumptions dictate your acts.

      Not equal? Well, we’re not equal. Women are able to give life to your child… You can lift heavy weights. Does that make you equal? OK. You talk about rights. But for as long as you love her, care for her, make her happy, never hit her, always make sure to ask her advice on anything and THINK properly and decide the both of you, it’s going to be ok in your lives. After all, all couples have arguments: couples who never argue are couples who don’t talk any more and have nothing in common… this doesn’t mean that you have to beat her.

      Hungry for money? We’re all hungry for money!!! Aren’t you a young doctor? Chances are that you’re going to be wealthy in the future. Especially if you do your job very well and become famous for your practice. You won’t be hungry for money or at least you’ll PRODUCE enough money to support YOUR OWN NEW family.

      Difference of culture? Difference is supposed to bring positive experiments in life. Why don’t you add up both cultures and mix them, instead of dominate the other?

      Beating your sweetheart? Just think that you should never do to others what you do not want others to do to you. Do you love her? Then you can avoid hitting her.

      And if, for a start, you began to trust yourself and make sure that the educational background you dislike in you disappears? Educational background is a base for your life. You can erase some parts of it. Yes you can do it. You just have to want to do it. And you’ll see a bright future.

      At least, with or without your Thai girlfriend, I wish you the best in your life. Just because your post makes sense and is proof that you know your strengths and your weaknesses. And believe me, I met a lot of people, very few of them are as wise as you are.

  • ailleen says:

    Helow! I’m ailleen & a nurse here in Riyadh. Majority of stories I’ve read about Egyptians marrying foreigners are really sad & tragic. And it scares me, yeah coz I’m a Filipina who love an egyptian man so deeply. I remember when I first met him in the hospital I was so dumb head-over heels captivated with his smile..I’ve been thinking since then that this man is my epic love. He seems to be very nice,very concern, very sweet and well- mannered person but yeah he’s very jealous with my male friends, very conservative, and he never accept whenever I argue with him regarding equality of men & women. Though he told me that it would be my choice if I’d like to convert in Islam or not and I can work as I like. Still I’m quite worried about these differences since he’d been planning to come in the Philippines, marry me and bring me to Egypt by next year. I’m worried that maybe his parents will not accept me. Or maybe he’d change in the future. But I can also see his sincerity cause it’s not just twice or thrice that I’ve been pushing him away from me..I’ve been trying to be rude or harsh on him so he will realize that I’m just a big mistake in his life but still he stay by my side. And i have nothing for him to go after with, i don’t have money nor a visa to offer with. I’m just praying that this guy who hold my heart is somewhat different from those bunch of gold-digger egyptians you’ve met. Coz if not, then it will really break my heart.

    • Kayla says:

      MMID syndrome? (My Mohammed Is Different )

      • Luna says:

        Your comment really make me laugh… because is damn true.
        UNFORTUNATELY no matter how much ‘signals’ or ‘alerts’ you see, no matter how much comments your family, and friends alarm you about a fraudster man, if you are in deep love of him… you will NEVER believe or see the evil inside him. Only when love finish, only at that moment you will can see the things clear as a glass.
        I say this because thousand and thousand stories about scams and I’m sure a lot of woman come here and read it, but they will say: yes this happened to another woman, but this will not happen to me, cuz my mohammed is different…

    • ajaj says:

      Hi ailleen! Im a filipina too and have an egyptian boyfriend. Are you married now to this egyptian guy since it was 3 years ago you posted this comment? I hope that you would reply.. same situation with yours. Thanks and its a big help if you would answer me back. Godbless!

  • chel tan says:


    My 1 month LDR with an Egyptian man just ended a week ago…The reason???…. He is trying to scam me…here is the whole story…

    I met him in a page where he and I was a page admin.. They post an announcement in their page that they are looking for new admins and luckily i am one who was selected and that is how things started ..he is from Egypt and Im from Philippines…i am 30 yrs old,, and he is 24 yrs..

    At first we are just friends….sharing stuffs to make our page grow.. We talked in FB….in skype ( no video calls bec he owns only a PC) and whatsapp…we are good friends… he keep asking me about girls stuff bec. he has been dating some girls in his place… We only got a chance to video chat whenever he can borrow his brother’s laptop (who lives in the other city). Tho he always say he likes me…i never take it seriously bec i think he is just playing around..

    We consistently chat regardless of 6hours time difference….and he is sweet..and nice… and somewhat mature thinking…and he always tell me how he wanted me to be his gf… One day he said his PC was broken so he can only send msg thru whatsapp.. so we chat everyday in whatsapp.. until Sept 24, he really confess his love for me…. and I accepted it….after being good friends for almost 3 months… we are officially in relationship!!! we are both happy,,, sharing pictures everyday.. sending msg..and knowing each other deeply… I even call his mobile regardless how international call cost ..

    one day he ask me if i can buy him a laptop.. which I told him I can’t.. bec I am not rich…and he said he can’t continue the relationship if he can’t see me every day thru video calls.. he promise me the moon… the stars.. and everything if i can buy him a laptop… he even told me that he will going marry me.. and all of sweet things on earth every girl can ask for… i was tempted to do so.. because i love him sooo much.. and I trusted him.. Believing that he really loves me too…but then I did not buy him one.. he keeps bugging me to buy him a laptop… then he is suggesting me to avail bank loans…. purchasing online to be paid thru installment…etc… which I refuse to do so… I decided to break up with him last Nov. 4… and he said.. he will just give me space to think,.. after a week… he come back to me.. asking for forgiveness and begging me to come back to him…because I love him.. I accepted him again… and we tried to save the relationship… after a week.. he is asking me to send sexy pic… he said he miss seeing me… I was hesitant at first… but because I love him… I send him photos…. half naked ( tho I dont have my face on it)…. silly me….

    And after a week.. he ask me if I can send my phone and my digital camera to him.. he said he will sell it to buy a laptop so he can see me online… I was tempted to do it… but at the end.. I did not do it because I am really convinced that he is a scammer… When I refuse to send my things to him,,, he said he is just testing me… he said if I really love him… I will do everything for him…if I answered him YES… he will eventually ask me not to do so.. because he is just testing me….He was thinking that I choose my gadget over him… doh!!!

    I beg him to stay,,,, and start all over again.. yet he did not want me anymore… I love him…. Call me stupid yet I love him…..and I was really hurt… he said he will accept me once I will send my gadget to him… which I think is totally absurd… After crying overnight… and ask God to help me… I FINALLY decided to let him go… The pain.. the hurts.. will be still there…. Yet I believe I can move on… He will be always part of my past… but definitely not with my future….
    just sharing this to warned ladies…

    moving on is hard.. yet I know I can do it…. I was really wondering if there is any guy who wants a real relationship?.. if there is.. WHERE IS HE?….



    • Kimbre says:

      Wow…thank God I read all the cautions regarding these beloved beautiful Egyptian scammers..hahahh. Met mine 6 months ago, flat out told him NO with any money or marriage at that point. Tried and tried to talk me into buying him a car, laptop, phone,ect. I said NO! Cut him off on any ideas for that. Even refused all marriage make him wait..wait and see what vetted out. Love him dearly..they are some very professional with their “honey moo”. Still chatting but I am starting to try to withdrawal from him..he has SWORE that he loves me and I am his soul mate..Hhhhhh. I am planning a tour trip in November and will “drop in”, just to say “hi”. I live in USA, know several Egyptians..and they are all smooth as silk with their words..very lovely..but as most posts say here..I AM WARY, very cautious of any and all. I love their ways and will end up an Egyptian man..but believe me, they will have to wait, wait and wine/dine. I certainly do believe there are some great ones, but we shall see..:).

  • Asmaa says:

    Hey, even though I realize this blog post is a bit old, I still feel like it’s important to put this out there, just in case other women are reading this. I am engaged to the most wonderful Egyptian man in the world. A true Egyptian man would never treat his girl the way you ladies have sadly been treated. Egypt has a big population, and a big part of it lives in great poverty. My fiance is from a well established high class family, and has never let me pay a thing. He provides me with everything thing I need, he’s not jealous nor controlling. He trusts me endlessly, and that is how every relationship should be.
    So not all Egyptian men are bad, in fact I think they are extremely charming and loving. Just be aware of the scammers, specially if they start asking you for money or items. Egyptian men have a huge ego, and they would think less of themselves if they asked their wife for money. So just because he’s Egyptian doesn’t mean he’s a scam. But if you’ve met him on an online dating site, or in tourist places, keep your eyes out and refuse to pay for anything. Good luck finding love!

    • Shattered Heart says:

      Asmaa, I genuinely hope your relationship works out… I was with an Egyptian man for 7 years… Dated long distance between countries (yes, i’m american) and he came from a high class Egyptian family. American University graduate… We spent hours on the phone/online together daily after falling madly in love after just days. He adored me for years and we were finally married a year ago. He never ever used me for money – though we split pretty much everything as we were both students initially and then starting our careers. His family adored me from the start despite the fact i was 5 years older, western and Christian. Our wedding was even in a church in the US in the middle of Ramdan! His family was there and glowing from happiness. My family visitied Egypt subsequently and we were closer than ever. I was closer to him than anyone in his life had ever been and he was himself with me more than with anyone – even his family. We met through common friends during one of my many trips to Egypt…. It was love at first sight – a fairy tale actually that i was grateful for every single day. We truly had a happy marriage and never in my life would i think he would cheat – he was brought up too well. In fact, I slapped him once and he never laid a hand on me.
      A month ago, I found out he had been cheating for months with random women from dating websites…. out of boredom at work…. I threw him out and am pursuing divorce as I write this. The shock and devastation is something i will never forget, nor do i know how to recover from this.
      I can’t relate to many women from this website as there was no class difference between us – he did obviously get US citizenship though through marraige, however had he asked me to marry him years ago, he knows i would have. He didn’t have to wait 6 years for that if it was only about the visa. Which i don’t believe it was. I trusted him more than anything in the world, so i see how these women could end up in these situations.
      However, unfortunately as i have researched, many Egyptian/Arab men end up with Narcissistic Personality Disorder…. to a sick extent. They don’t see this as cheating and he himself said he “didn’t cheat” despite dating and sleeping with random first dates… I do’t beleive now he was ever faithful during the long distance. The mentality…I don’t know what it is and hence all my reserach adn coming across these forums… I do know that it takes a sick mentality of a horrible person to be capable of hurting others like this and not even realizing/caring. Thank god there are no kids or proeprty invovled…..

      • Jelilah says:

        @shattered heart: Its true! and very important to notice: These Egyptian men do have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder! Due to their culture, the regime of Mubarak and poverty! I have never ever seen such selfishness before: always blaming “the other”, only thinking about themselves and most important: a lack of consciousness…without fearing God! This mix of personality traits make them seriously dangerous men!

      • Riza says:



    Salamu alaikum everyone , egyptian man will be the most romantic and nice man in this whole world until he get what he needs from you specially foreigners women , for your information in egypt culture its such a shame for the man or the girl to marry to a foreigner but you can find lots of egyptians men married to a foreigner just for purpose , and FYI its a shame and almost impossible for egyptian man to marry non virgin or older woman but they still marry non virgin and older foreigner women just bcoz (money, Visa pass, comfy life) too many things to say sobs … just an advise from old man dont marry an egyptian … anyway you will get shock when you know i am an egyptian and not proud .

    • Filipina says:

      Thank you for being honest. I once dated an egyptian guy. Did not work out fine. The relationship was a mess and I am not proud to be in it. Took me 7 months to get over him for I loved him with all my heart but he just did the opposite. Anyway lesson learned. I know not all egyptian men are like my ex but this time I think I’m not getting near to any of them when it comes to matters if the heart. Ladies be careful. Don’t trust these men fully specially egyptians.

    • Rin says:

      Sir, thank u for being honest. i used to study at egypt for years.
      i admit there are many good and nice egyptian especially those who are practising islam as real, but there are some of these bad guys give a very bad perception about ur country. im sorry for u .
      and even us foreign student there, as a precaution step, were adviced to be precaution and not to trust any egyptian at all.

      and my friend is having the same problem here. marriage fraud by an egyptian n i wanna help her out since i used to be there (eventho ive no idea about egypt system)
      Ive a question here,
      1) how to identify the marriage certificate if its orfi or legal certified marriage ?
      2) who should we ask to identify this document really legal worldwide beside embassy ? (tried to contact the embassy but the embassy doesnt know )

  • Mag says:


    I am egyptian man, You cannot say that all the egyptian men are so, i want say something that may be against the forign culture, the egyptians who work in hurghada and sharm and thirsty to open women, so they want to try,specially they much easy women there. and they start their life by doing something , may be drinking or do sex. this is why there is no bless in their life, but i dont like the games the animation teams play on the ladies there.
    i heard from a woman that she like to be free when she be in vacation,so she can do anything. Sure you are not the same as those. but i wish that all ladies and women who come to Egypt to understand the culture very well. and try do as the culture of his country. we are egyptian, and in our culture the man shall care about all of his family, not to rely on his wife,,… if ur husband rely on u, dont trust him.. the man should be the man. and i am so sure that if u see what he is doing, u will appreciate it..

  • Omar says:


    i’m Egyptian and it’s really so bad stories who i read and hope the ladies can accept my apologize for what happened to them . i only have to say just an advice do not go in relation with any Egyptian staff in hotels in Hurghada or sharm or any Resort these youth in these hotels they only using foreigners for sex for money for visa they are only speaking language very good and it’s came by them work but the truth they are low in education and even in life level. there many many respectable Egyptian men and educated and they working in big and multinational companies in Egypt and those they don’t need visa or money or even sex some of them they want good company without using him or using her many like them they want to enjoying them life specially who after 40s . other thing i think foreigners women specially who from Russia or Ukraine they looking for Egyptian men because no men there in them country most they are drunk and beaten them women and cheating even in england or germany or holland they doing the same and maybe more so the foreigners they think if they get poor Egyptian man and give him a visa and better life so that can make him a better man absolutely no that’s not making the real man and another advice for foreigners for anywhere when you get egyptian man you should know he can travelling to you without helping from you to get visa you should not let him stay in your home from 1st you should get some gifts from him and even if you did sex with him you are woman you can know if he wants only sex or he wants more good things you should asking him to meet in another country by his own to know he will caring or not to know he will responsible or not and at the end bad men and bad woman they are all over the world . maybe i’m right and maybe i’m wrong at my opinion but who i believed that i should say i’m so sorry for all ladies here who had bad stories

    thank you

    • Diane says:

      Thanks you helped a lot. I was told that I had to go to Egypt to marry so he could come here. He asks for money too. He never buys me anything. He don’t even offer to help me to go there to meet him. And he said I will have to pay for my hotel stay.I learn that from Islam the man is supposed to pay for everything. He never talks about his family. I get mixed messages about him. I don’t know why he talk to me for years if he don’t care for me. In my country its hard to find a man that loves a woman. I guess that is in every country. I hope women think before they mess up. My friend thinks hes just in a bad marriage and wants good sex with me.

  • Hümeyra says:

    They arr all same. They want a pet at home not a wife. What they feel before marriage is passion not love thats why once u are married wonderful days are over bcoz he got what he wanted. I will never forgive my ex husband. I hate him and his little mind

  • Confused says:

    I have been reading a lot of posts about relationships with egyptian men and honestly, im getting more and more confused.

    My story goes this way,…I met my egyptian bf in UAE when i was on a holiday. He worked in the same company as my cousin did. We started out as friends and my cousin was ok with me to go dinner with him as she knows he is a good soul. Fast forward 8 months, we became a couple, constantly talking or messaging everyday. I dont live in the UAE but i have been back 2 times after that. Also, he has come to visit me in Southeast Asia and stayed for more than a week. I know my bf loves me because i can see how happy he is when we are together and even my cousin told me she has not seen him as happy as this in the 6 years that she has worked with him.

    My dilemma now is….His family does not know about me and i dont think he ever made the effort to made me known. His bestfriend in Cairo and another one in UAE Know about me as well as one Egyptian co-worker whom he is very close to. He always tells me i am the best thing that has ever happened in his life. He comes from an upper middle class family in Cairo and he is the only son (with a few sisters) and his mom has been pressuing him to get married for the past 2 years or so. His mom means the world to him.

    I guess my question here is, will there ever be a chance or a possibility that someone from a well-to-do family in Cairo will marry a foreigner like me? I have a university degree, i have a good job with a salary as much as his, i come from a middle class family BUT i am Asian (southeast asian)? Is there a chance for me here or should i move on?

    • Same here says:

      I faced nearly the same situation.
      I am from Germany but i am living in the UAE.
      My EX-Boyfriend is from egypt. We had a great relation and were really in love.
      He told me he wants to speak to his family about me. So he called his brother. His brother told him that their parents wont accept me. He broke up with me.
      His family and religion is more important and he gave up on everything we had.

    • Rin says:

      i know how fragile SEA ppl are towards love.
      from what i read about ur story , im sorry but that doesnt really show any sign of truthfulness. try to test him.

      every victims hv experienced the same before marriage – a wonderful everlasting happiness and romance – as these kind of people are sweet talker, liar, n freaking awesome actor. trust me.

      if its a right guy, ur lucky
      but if its a wrong guy , welcome to the hell.
      if im in ur shoe..idk… i wont dare to take the risk.

    • Mary says:

      Same thing with me.had a bf of 4 years and I’m pretty sure he has a good heart unfortunately his love for his family and religion is stronger than his love to me..he choose to marry the girl that his family arranged for him and just left me behind..

    • Chantal says:

      I tell you i lived in Egypt for almost 16 years. Move on , you will never have a good and happy life with Egyptian man. They will adore you now ..but later on they changed to a controlling freak husband.

  • Mohamed says:

    This is not a man , but I want to say that most Egyptian men are decency and respectful , and this man does not reflect the majority of Egyptians and does not reflect the attitude of Egyptians .

  • Else says:

    first a big thank you to the honest Egyptian men who have posted on here .. I have travelled to Egypt many many times and have met all sorts of men young guys who sweet talk women old enough to be there mothers and the women fall for it .. surely they must know the men are after money sex visa ..they should ask themselves would they sleep with a very young man in there own country !
    I know Egyptian men who are very genuine and make very good friends with you and ask you for nothing at all …. Not all men are the same and once again ask your self would you give all your hard earned cash to a man in your own country after knowing him for a few weeks .. I know I wouldn’t

  • Sienna says:

    I am currently in a relationship with an Egyptian man, I am an American Citizen.
    I have only been talking for about a month and he has told me he loves me and wants to marry me. After reading all these stories I have decided he is a LIAR!
    First he wanted me to go to him and sign a document so we could legally have sex claiming we needed to find out if we were compatible together. I asked him to come to the U.S. and he said no because my country did not want him here. He insisted I go to Egypt. He asked me if I had any loans which after reading this a red flag went up. The other night we had an awful argument when he asked me to delete my photo on Skype saying his parents would not leave him alone and ask a lot of questions if they knew we were talking. He said he hated his parents and they would never accept me. Then he blamed me for making him talk bad about his parents. When I defended myself he said, “What do you f’n care about my parents”? After saying he hated them he changed his mind and said he loved them but they would never accept me. He wants me to do all these things, even having surgery to lose a little weight! When I said no he said I didn’t want to make him happy.
    I’m glad I found these stories, now I can let go of this man and find someone who will love me for me.

  • Mady says:


    I’m an Egyptian and I could tell you the complete opposite story about my ex-wife, which was German. What I got from your story is that you’re trying to show how horrible the Egyptian men could be..and I’m telling you.. that could happen with any other European’s a matter of choice not a matter of Egyptian…

    • Rin says:

      hi Mady,
      im sorry i know its hurt, when a bunch of bad country men doing wrong n shame the whole country. well, fact is fact. if im in ur place, id stand up for this victims rather than denying of wat happening.

      ive been studying at egypt for years, i hv met so many egyptian. and we are adviced to always be careful n not to trust egyptian. cause…ughh ugly truth, im sorry, but most of ur ppl i met are liar n good actor.

      nevertheless, i hv also made frenz among egyptians who are very nice n honest. not oppurtunist n never ask for anything in return. well, theres a few like that.

  • mishelle says:

    I am with an Egyptian guy now he tells me he loves me so much and we spend hours together on skype its been almost 7 months now…He seems so genuine but there are a few times where I think he is lying to me :( I hear all of these stories about other bad experiences but he doesnt want to live in the USA he wants me with him all his life there in egypt…I am trying to follow my heart but Im so afraid because I made fake accounts on facebook speaking to his stupid friends and they told me he was with them out but when i ask my boyfriend he tells me he lost his network….His friends had no idea it was a fake account but my boyfriend said its not true…Im so afraid Im being played :( I swear I love him so much and he seems to love me I just dont know O.o

    • Shattered Heart says:

      Read my post above… you are being played. I’m sorry – i saw the same red flags which i always dismissed… the ‘no network’ ‘phone dead’ stories… .all the lies recently came out… Your gut feeling is almost always the right one. But i wouldn’t have listened to it or anyone else for that matter – i was too madly in love.

  • Kayla says:

    I’ve been with an Egyptian man 5 years online, whenever I get suspicious of him, he tells me he will never try to come to America. We would live in Egypt according to him, but as the time came near for me to plan my trip to Egypt to be with him, he’s tried to convince me that he would better be able to support me financially if we lived in America. He swears he will never leave me. In the past, he’s never had a problem going offline for 10 months at a time. So, there’s no doubt he wouldn’t have a problem leaving me in real life as soon as he gets what he wants. Those 10 months he’s offline to me, he’s off trying to convince someone else that he’s in love with them so if he fails with me, he can have a backup plan with another. It’s all bezness to them. If you aren’t Muslim, they don’t care if they hurt you in anyway as long as it benefits his family back in Egypt. Try asking him if you can meet his family, especially his mother. If he ends up with excuses, then he’s not really serious about you. If he does agree, tell him everything from “I HAVE NO MONEY, I’M $40,000 (give or take) IN DEBT AND I NEED A PARTNER TO HELP ME FINANCIALLY”. “I CAN’T PETITION YOU FOR A VISA BECAUSE MY INCOME IS BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL SO I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SPONSOR YOU.” “I WANT AT LEAST 4 CHILDREN IF WE DO GET MARRIED RIGHT AWAY.” Just lie to him to see his response. If he still says you can live in Egypt, meet his family, and have children, be careful anyway.

  • the same as all says:

    I’m russian (sorry for my bad english) and as much women i have egyptian man – husband, but we are not married. He is just telling me every day about his love, his happiness with me and he will not alive without me and about our family. But in really he even didn’t try to do any documents to be marry. All his words just bla-bla-bla. He has much accounts in internet for “friends” as he says, but added me only on one, because “he doesn’t use another”. I tired from his lie. He lies much. And when i try to talk about that, he becomes angry and agressive with me, if i say any bad things. I love him, i can’t even feel myself if he is not with me. But i understand, wht he will never change his way and never be my husband. We have child. And no one from his family and friends don’t know about that, because as he told “we are not married and that is big shame for him”. I want take my baby and run, but i really don’t know, how to live without him.

    • Magnuna says:

      is he Mislim? do you live in Egypt now?

      • the same as all says:

        He is christian, not muslim. From 20 aug 2014 me and my baby at Russia. We are living with my parents now. He try to back us, says wht he got all papers for to be married, wht everyone knows about our relationships, wht he can’t live without us and much things. But i don’t trust him any more. For me that history finished. Now i try to start new life: it’s hard and needs much time, but i do all my best. And thanks God my parents with me and they are big support for me.

    • Maria says:

      Really bad situation but you need to scape from him.Before he take your baby.

  • renata says:

    I was married to an Egyptian. and do not represent my family, because his mother did not want. he married for a visa and he thought that he would go to Europe. he works as a cook in tourism in Egypt. after our wedding he brutally beat me up blood without cause in Egypt. I ended the relationship and marriage with him that day and I got divorced. forced him to divorce because he does not want a divorce. he blackmailed me for money, trying to get the most out of the divorce thing. but did not get anything. he still works in the tourism and still trying to find another European woman as a victim. recently had a relationship with 150 pounds of fat Dutch woman. he takes every old woman, thick, young, hearty and divorced. he’s pretty one. especially that they wore him gifts and money. he still try to be in contact with me and still called me my love :-)

    • Rin says:

      hi renata. welcomeback from hell.
      there are many cases of women like u but , being caged longer – up to 10 years, not to mentioned those girls out there who dont share on website.

      im working on helping my fren, case juz like u girls. being caged for years, countless beating, choked almost to death blabla, she cant escape as her husband hold her passport n visa n alrdy expired. but at the end, she get to reach her parent n call for rescue.

      now shes back to her own country, dat husband of her is also alrdy married to someone else in different country. since u juz comeback from hell,n settle ur divorce,
      ive a question here, hope u guys can share any knowledge u hv.

      1- how to get a divorce if the girl is at A country, that guy is in B country, and they were married before in egypt. not sure if its orfi or not, but i think so. how do we recognize the certificate if its orfi or not ? n she has contacted on both embassy ; her embassy at egypt n egypt embassy at her country are not really helping.
      2- any suggestion and option ?

      thank u. to be honest, from botton of my heart, im so happy that ur free now ^^

      • W A.elbary says:

        i think the official marriage certificate is issued by ministry of justice only , where both party must attend the procedure& ceremony at the offices of it.
        and i think most of the time it would need some kind of approval by the embassy of the foreign party.

    • anomima says:

      Como se llama?

    • Maria says:

      You need to give his name for us.

  • Mara says:

    I have an Egyptian fiance’, it pains me to read this story. He is a very sweet and loving man. I cannot deny that I struggle with his temper. Coming from a Filipino family, although conservative, my dad is a very kind and patient man. He always dealt with my mom as an equal, not as someone inferior.

    We used to have long arguments because I was never brought up with the notion that women are lesser than men. He sometimes tells me that I am like a man.

    “You make me feel like I am a ‘BAKLA’ (gay) My wife is a man!” I laugh when he says like this.

    What I do like about him is that he will never let one day pass by with anger in my heart. I am also nbsb (no bf since birth) and he never forced me to do sex, as a matter of fact he will never go out with me alone.I am very proud about this side of him.

    I cannot say that he is after my money since I don’t have any. I still have some obligations back home.

    I do know that I am fighting a lot of people for him and he is fighting a lot of people for me. I need to support him because what we have is rare. This kind of love should be pursued .It is like diving for pearls on a trench with nothing but a chest full of air and determination. It is a hard battle against our families. We will more likely lose than win but we made our gamble and our families will hate us more as our wedding draws near.

    All the negative comments about Egyptian men made me extremely sad. How can a person who makes me so happy has a tendency to change after marriage and break my heart and bones? I know that there will always be an exception and I trust that it will be him.

  • Cheryl says:

    I’ve fallen for an Egyptian whilst on holiday in Sharm. He has added his brother to my Facebook and said he’s shown my picture to his parents. He wants me to go to Cairo and marry him in august… I’m 42 he’s 23 but I look relatively young and he looks older so age gap isn’t obvious.
    I’ve looked into Marraige and the no impediment certificate you need etc it’s not something you can do in a weeks stay but he says it’s easy. If and it’s a bit if I marry him does he have claim on any money I have? He can’t come back with me and visa will take a couple of years… He’s never asked me about money and he works as an accountant so I guess he has a good job… Alarm bells should be ringing but they’re not

    • Magnuna says:

      :) )))))))))) 42 years old woman and 23 years old guy. yes, this is true love! OMG! are you serious????
      where are you from? Could you please tell your story (how you met him and so on)?
      what did he do in Sharm when you met him? are you sure that he is an accountant?
      he has never asked you for money – who paid for flat, food etc. in Sharm?

    • Barbara says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with a holiday romance between a 42 year old woman and a 23 year old local guy. I am a 42 year old woman (from the Netherlands) myself and have had several lovely, memorable flings with (younger) Turkish and Tunisian local men. But what I don’t get is, why on earth do you feel the need to get married??? See, THAT is the part in all of these stories that makes me feel like you all a bit naive. And desperate, to be frank. Think about it: Would you ever get married so quickly in your home country? Probably not, right? The reason that in these type of situation women tend to go for the marriage option so hastely, is because they’re blinded by the endorphin rush they’re experiencing and they want to hold on to it. But please, just see it for what it is and save yourself all of the pain that might well come of marriage with someone you hardly know and -considering the age/culture/language gap- will have nothing in common with.

  • egyptian says:

    Hi all
    Will share with u my story, im egyptian male livining here in UAE, married to filipina for almost 5 years now n hv 2 kids.
    I knew her first time through work as we had same major of work. We met each other few times like friends, then it happened like felt want to go for closer relationship. Have informed her everything about my self, and so she did. Proposed marriage to her, even my mum was againest but rest of my family was fine with it.
    Finally we decided to marry without informing my mum, we did n informed my dad, brother n sister.
    My sister was behind my mum 4 almost 1 yr till she got convinced!
    We agreed beofre anything that one day when we decide to settle back, we shall live in egypt forever which she agreed (of course with visiting philippines time to time)
    Although I never asked her to share the expenses but still she was shouldering half of our expenses (rent, etc)
    She lost her job and I never asked her to work again especially with 2 kids to take care of.
    Time to time we think to run some home based business or craft but till moment we didnt.
    Have visited philippines many times n liked z place even now im with my mind changed to settle in philippines I.o egypt hehe
    Her family r so nice with much respect to me and Support.
    She visited egypt also n my family were so happy with her, my mom said she was mistaken to be against our marriage but she, s happy we did it.
    Applied for her for egyptian nationality which she should get very soon, our kids hold both egyptian n filipino passports
    Its not a problems free life, sone times we fight, we disagree with each other about things, but it, s all are getting sorted out by listening to each other n respect each other.
    Im very happy with her, an appropriate all her support, patience, love and care extended through this 5 yrs
    The bottom line is: be honest, don’t lie and trust ur partner, do ur best 5o make him happy n be sure life s going to be smooth whatever hard or difficult obstacles u face
    Im sorry to have some stories which end up in a mess, but believe me if there is one bad egyptian, there are thousands good there, every place u will find bad n good people, also u can read about unhappy stories between husband and wife which both are filipino or both egyptian, its really not a matter of nationality as much as its culture and how much ur love n care for each other
    thx for sharing n allowing me to share my story

    • Shattered Heart says:

      wow – your story sounds very similar to mine. But here’s the thing – I found out that an Egyptian man can be genuinely truly happy with their partner and marraige and apparently STILL cheat. Did you ever cheat on your wife in any way? (It’s a forum, so for the benefit of all learning by honesty, please be honest)

      • Egyptian says:

        Hi, sorry for late reply, honestly i never cheated my wife, and don’t think it will ever happen, as i said sometimes life is not so smooth, and sometimes we fight but we agreed not to make any problem between us last for next day, i know sometimes i make her angry, but i think good think is i admit always my mistake, and apologize, she also apologize if mistaken, at the end we are all humans.
        Just fyi i knew many examples of sucess stories for egyptian fulipino marriage.
        Wish the best for all

  • Angelindisguise says:

    sad stories…i guess…this is a sign why we cant be..(the egyptian guy i love). Maybe i should be happy being friend with him nothing else…

  • luvlyn says:

    hi!im asian girl and i meet a guy egyptian 3 days ago in a wedsite!. he told me that he is accountant in norway, he promise me then that ,he well come on me this month. . .as i read all comments, i afraid for this man,he’s so sweet and charm every time we skype!.he want to marry me, when he come to my country. .he’s 28yrs old and he told me that he already ask the permission from his family that we will come and marry me. . .what should i do?. . is he also liar and scammer? my god! im a fraid to much. .

    • Jassy says:

      Hi luvlyn!
      I met an Egyptian guy too on an online dating site. He’s also an accountant in Norway. Im so amazed on the infos you mentioned above. You’re comment was 2yrs ago. The guy you we’re referring to might be the same person. He just turned 30 now. The way you described him really fit the same guy I am into. He wants to marry me too. I wonder how your story went? I hope to hear from you soon. But Im afraid not ’cause your post was years ago.

  • regretful girl says:

    I am a filipina been dating an egyptian man named Houssam Hammad with alias or id in skype as Fahad Elharby he was pretending that his from Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. We knew each other online as he added me in skype and keeps on chatting with me he seems nice and sweet and most of all kinda respectful….after knowing and meeting for couple of times had a very short time relationship actually tho it’s kinda cheap but yes we had a daughther 4years old now..since I got preggy and I told him and his aware that we had a baby he promises that he will help and support us but 4years passed he didnt support even a single cent esp. to our baby…just recently we meet again with my daughther. But still his a great pretender and a user beware of this egyptian man. Too late I know that his kind of a sex tourist….his often in Cebu City and in Makati, Manila…Girls beware his no good and his a big USER! yes his an egyptian man too.

  • Marica says:

    The story as many:5 brothers, all from Delta, after a lot of short relations ( ending rapidly because no perspective to get to eu) with foreigner woman, 3 of them are living in different eu countries, of course divorced as soon they found someone next who gives them money and shelter and support them in western manner with everythung. 2 brothers are still looking for the victims, one have in Egypt already 3 villas on his name with the money of different women, now building the next one with the next wallet, who obviously will leave as soon the building is completed because he will make her life hell after he gets what he wanted. One got 13 Orfi and he’s only concern: what if his wallets come to visit him the same time, and obviously he finds the way, telling his family needs him bla-bla. 3 are married to Egyptian women as well. ALL OF THEM ALWAYS PROUDLY sending money to family, to mother ( 2 sisters still not married), all the family can afford much better life standard, fancy clothes, expensive electronic, private teachers, good doctors ect. Do you think their families don’t know no salary or their work brings such a money! Of course they know, just don’t ask questions as far the money and nice presents from west keep coming. Have heard: mothers prefer for their daughters husband who got one or many “wives” in Europe already (enterperenuers!), this guarantees the income what build the houses, rents the shops, buys comfort they would not see with the honest work. But there is other side: bored woman who finished their career and grew up children want once more back their romantic young age by buying the Egyptian guys just like this, as young as 20something and opening for those boys career path of most profitable bezness. A lot of stories, all sad from the both ends.

  • sai says:

    hello everybody
    im Sai im sorry for those who had bad experiences and I wish best and luck in life.
    I am a filipina married to egyptian man and I agreed to those who are telling here that nationalities does not matter,we should not generalize people in every places there are bad and good I cannot say that all filipino are good and all egyptian are bad because there are some who is bad here in my nation and there are some who is good from egypt.alhamdulilah I got a good one,I have nothing for him to boast but still he wants me even he is also the one paying for evrythng for me.Im so much thankful to allah that he sent me a good man.I do pray for those who got bad experiences here,keep moving on if that has happened on you remember that God has a great plan for all of you.evrythng happen for a reason and God knows the best for you.God bless to everybody here.

  • maritza says:

    sorry to hear all this,I’m thinking bout this a lot my fiance is Egyptian and I’m scare to be hurted he has a really bad temper,he hasn’t even present his family to me..I’m wondering why!! hope u doing OK gd luck with everything!!!!

  • Ahmed says:

    Hi all it’s really bad stories , I don’t wonna defend about Egyptian guys as I’m Egyptian but not all your fingers like each other , I’m living in uae married to Egyptian woman , just came from the states after business trip for 3 months believe me I never asked a woman for date even many women’s asked for sex or hook up over there & here many russian looking for that , but it’s nice blog to all the foreigners women to takecare of poor guys who works in tourism or dating online they are useless & this is only there way to change thier miserable life . For the lady that saying why not doing sex affair without marriage cause we in Islam & out traditional don’t ask for sex before marriage . Also never ever loan your guy anything it’s a shame for a guy to take money from a gurl , and your right many parents won’t accept a foriegn gurl espicially she is Christian cause they cause the kids can’t get the full traditional of Islam from there mum & that is the main point . I’m not saying all marriage like that can be broken up but it’s something we raised up for . For the europian guy who was studying in Cairo thank you a lot for supporting and said to many people who knews Islam are not like that our religion won’t accept that behave . I have many friends around the world and many women have problems with thier guys not only Egyptians even jewish or Irish getting married to a drunk guys and suffer a lot at last I wonna say bad guys every were and sure the good don’t act like a victim then say we are bad I’m sorry again for your bad story may god solve all your problems and keep this blog open so other women could learn , have a good day or night whatever you are.

  • Mohamed says:

    I’m really sorry to hear this bad story but really not all Egyptian men like this guy the most of Egyptian men are honest and have a very kind heart

    • corny says:

      How do i know if an egyptian is honest and kind hearted if we just chatted online..?please reply..

      • Mostafa Mahmoud says:

        Chatting will never show what kind of person is, I am reading this blog and I was like feel shame to be an Egyptian.
        I don’t know what kind of man will do this to a woman, but like Egyptian themself says “Believe half of what you see, don’t believe what you hear”
        I Know that a lot of young guys want to escape from the situation of Egypt, and for them this is the easiest way. So be careful and don’t trust his sweet words

  • Mariam says:

    i’m so sorry for hearing this. I’m an egyptian girl, and i’d like to tell you that not all the egyptian men like that.There are many respectable and charm men here. Unfortunately, its your bad luck. I think he just wanted your money, and he knew that no egyptian girl would accept him, so he decided to trick foreign girls like you.

    I wish you a good luck in your life. :)

  • acutedeer says:

    Wow ,I feel for you girl ,but my God there where how many red flags ? He was able to do all this because you let him. At what point did you think ” this isn’t fair” ?? Come on girl !! As I was reading your story I couldn’t believe the things you allowed , you need to take responsibility for that . It was not his fault that u failed to protect yourself or your children’s inheritance .. ,this has nothing to do with him being from Egypt ,it has more to do with you let someone else take your life with out a fight , You knew from reading your story that you thought what he was doing was wrong and yet you did nothing about it .What a sad outcome .

  • princessalexandra says:

    i met him last 2010 online. he was very caring and very polite. we had a virtual relationship. i was married that time with one kid but was having marital problems. he was my rock and support. he didnt support me financially as i am working and earning right. he is working in UAE so we agreed to meet to meet there. we met last 2013 at abu dhabi. he promised me that he will marry me. he is also married to an egyptian lady with three kids ages 18, 16 and 10. he is 50 years old and i am 31. he provided me tourist visa and i paid for my tickets going there to uae. we are together for a month in his flat because his family was back in egypt. i was living a dream of having him for 30 days in my arms. after sometime, 8 months later, he wanted to add me on his facebook account. during the course of our relationship, i was a party girl,drinks alcohol. after 2 years i became a Muslim and slowly slowly turning to real Muslimah. then he added me on his facebook account. he saw my old pictures. pictures with males that i hugged or pictures with males that have their arms around me. i admitted i was living a double life because in philippines, being friends with males are not an issue, and deep inside me i am doing it without malice. i did not tried to erase the pictures in my facebook so as him to see what are those the way i am working with a construction firm, my officemates are 90% males. i changed my job to logistics so he will not be jealous. after he saw my pictures, he told that i am not suitable to be his wife. he said that he is at peace and is not hurting, well in fact he hurts me more than anyone have hurt me before. we are not online lovers anymore rather we met and have seen each other. then as time goes by, i saw that im not his priority but his first family. he also said before that he does not want any babies from me as it is not practical to raise a family in his age. all that, i have swallowed the bitterness it gave me. i just hate myself for loving him so much until now. are egyptian males like that?

  • tracy ozsakalli says:

    Do any off these ladies know a Ahmed Mohammed tahan❓thanx

  • tracy ozsakalli says:

    I have meet him in sharm last holiday,you all say the same,i want to return but im not sure,yes i am 44 and he is 26,and i am his only friend on his friends list on Facebook,im so confused

    • the same as all says:

      Please, don’t be blind. Sure, he has (as all of them) 1000000000 pages in facebook for “only her”. I wish you luck and forget about him.

    • ali says:

      Im egyptian male 22yrs
      I advice you to forget him as its weird to have u only in his fb
      For me i have only 1 fb acc including all my family, friends, or even foreigners cuz i dont cheat so i dont scare anything

  • melanie says:

    does anyone know mahmoud ibrahim 26 from sharm ?

  • Suzette says:

    What can i say after reading all these…..
    I’m Still married to my EGYPTIAN husband for 10years now.. We’ve been through i mean I’ve been through hell in those years, cried buckets of tears, broke my heart many times, tried divorce several time but at the end we are still together. May it be Egyptian or other nationalities, compromising things with men are difficult maybe compromising prosition will work best for them “joke”…lol. But honestly it takes years to let this relationship works out because my husband is so attached to his family esp. his mother that everything in his daily life must be reported to his mother or shall i say monitored by his mother..his mother is the type of woman who is on the phone ALWAYS calling and checking his 4children. A single news from one child must be informed to all…worst that being in the hollywood…
    Anyway.. I am not that close to his mother and i chose not to coz i am a private person and i want my private life by myself.
    Patience and lots of patience brought us together to where we are now. Right now he started to let me save part of his salary. We have plans here and there.. He is changed.. Whatever our husbands become is because of how the wife deal with things. We as a wife should not loose hope for the sake of our children and their future..

  • Abeer says:

    Good day! I am so sorry for the bad stories I have read. I pray that our good GOD would heal your pain and be the source of your joy and strength.

    Please let me share you my love story.

    I am a Filibinia Christian who is in a relationship with my Egyptian Muslim man for almost 2 years now. I have known him in KSA because we worked there together. We fell in love to each other. Honestly, before the moment we became couple, I didn’t ask GOD if he is really the one He preprared for me, but I really fell in love with him. He is very kind, lovable, supportive, generous and more of the good characters a real man of GOD should possess. But he is so jealous, too. I used to be careful on telling him about my male friends, we argued a lot of times about this, but after these fights, as I explained to him about every little thing, he understood. Even if he doesn’t fully understand me having my male friends, he respects and supports me along the way. I used to talk to his family in Egypt via phone so I had a chance to know them even just in a little way. Hearing his Mom’s voice made me cry because of happiness. I know he loves me and I can surely feel it. We support each others plans, desires, prayers and all. We respect our similarities and differences, too. Though sometimes, we fight on little things like wearing my makeup on because he really doesn’t like it, before each day ends, we surely choose to be good. I was on my 6th month for my 2-year working contract as a nurse there when he was about to finish his contract, but then, he stayed. He chose to stay and extended his contract just to be with me. When I finally finished my contract, we decided to go back to our own native lands. We booked our plane tickets the same day, just 15 minutes difference. He sacrificed the time knowing that he can choose better flight schedule to be back home on perfect time, but he still chose to go with almost the same time as mine. He went back to Egypt, and I went back to Philippines. We separated with out hearts full of love and faith for each other. I stayed in the Philippines for 2 months and 3 weeks and during those times, we still had our communication. He applied for Philippine visa and was granted. He booked his plane ticked but he didn’t make it due to some family problems, he rebooked then again but didn’t make it for the second time around. I informed him that I will be going to Auh. My heart was so devastated. I planned for our itinerary and all, but nothing happened. But I believe that our Supreme GOD is in control. We lost our communication for almost 10 days. I didn’t have any explanation from him why he didin’t come over the PHL. The day of my flight, maybe half an hour before our departure, he called my sister and got the chance to talk. I am now here in Auh and I am praying that if it is the will of the LORD, He will bring him here to be with me. I am unsure of anything, but to HIS WILL I commit our relationship. We are still having our communication and we’re still deeply in love. I am missing him so much.
    I strongly believe that not all men are the same. Pray and wait for the man GOD has prepared for you. And allow GOD to be the center of your relationship.
    I am blessed for having him in my life. I pray that one day, I will be posting comments here again testifying about the success of our marriage having GOD as our 3rd strand. He is the best gift ever.

    Thank YOU, GOD! I love YOU!

  • lisa says:

    Does any of you know sayed camera in hurgada as I am experience the same stuff love marry only you never met him skype me friend of my friends husband I am 45. He is 25 help please he works as camera man underwater on boats ect

  • American woman says:

    So this is typical w Egypt it seems. All these comments about Egyptian men, is an agenda! From my observation in which I have friends all over the world, Egyptian men seem to have this magical charm that is absolutely undeniable. Am I rite ladies??? ;) I am Madly in love w Ahmad a 25 yr0ld man from Cairo, a cival engineer, working as a cival engineer for three years. He still lives w mom and dad.. Lol virgin… Which we also know about Egyptian men and ther culture and religion. We met on chat site and r friends on Skype and we gave each other’s viber.. I am supposed to be meeting him in hurghada for New Years, and told him he can wait to have sex w me because this most cultures actual tradition even thou not everyone follows… He knows I am not able to bear children as I die… Doctors orders.. I have kids from previous n he’s ok w it. Although I’m sure his family maybe not that happy about it but maybe would accept anyways for his happiness.. He wants me to stay wher I am not comfortable and don’t want but days to trust him in hurghada for New Years this year 2015!! Yay
    I’m 32, and experienced in many aspects of life and am successful and resourceful and very sexy and pretty, cute, confident! He sees this, and I like to attract him and am extremely attracted to him and excited w him.. So charming Egyptians r such sweet talkers indeed.. But look I told him I will stay at a hotel on my own room and not sex w him, he says ok but I know he’s burning… Oh well rite? Lol

    Not going to Egypt to be a guest of his and disrespect Islam laws. So this is my offer to him. Is he doesn’t like it then, well, ther it is ok! I understand he’s sexually frustrated!! Duh!! Arnt we all… So on top of New Years, well see Wut happens.. But if I invite him to be a guest in America, guess Wut, this gorgeous sexy Egyptian lover of mine will respect our laws here n my requests for him. We have the power in America to stick to legal contracts and abide inthe the law through them, for instance, if we marry here in USA eventually, he will obey his legal binding contract that I will establish w him my attorney will write up before we many also allow me legal rite to stream a constant nanny cam on my house… Look ladies we have rights and are very powerful and wonderful creatures.. I am no dummy!! I know the rights I have, and would only consider marrying him here in America w official legal binding contracts.. So if he so desires to pursue a marriage and life w me, he will accept my terms for love and marriage.. So I hope this may help sum weak willed women who don’t have s backbone! I do love him very much and adore him, n I can’t wait to look into his precious face, Ahmad I can see has a heart of gold! Understand the world we live in today, this is the real world, and in Egypt, beautiful lovely Egypt is a nice place to visit I’m sure! I really love Egyptians, but as far as Ahmad, my love, he will soon learn about the freedom we have in America and woman’s rights here have founded some of the most amazing and incredible ppl on the face of the planet. The choice is his.. Bit Miss America here and the Prince of Egypt will see Wut happens ;)

  • haribo says:

    Ok, im 22 from UK. My partner is 23 from Egypt (South Sinai) I came to Egypt to experience working abroad, that was more than 2 years ago. We met a few months after I arrived, became really good friends and progressed to a relationship. Skip forward 2 years, we are living together however not all is the fairytale.
    He has many, amazing good points and loves me so much. I met his family after a few months and felt so welcomed and continued to visit every chance we can (every few months.) They don’t speak English however from my perspective I have always felt very much at home and accepted by their loving smiles and charm.
    There have been many times when I have wanted to leave. It is not easy. I have lost all my friends so my days revolve around him.
    When we are happy WE ARE EXTREMELY HAPPY, GIGGLY BEST FRIENDS HAPPY and when we’re upset/angry we are crazy, screaming, crying, frustrated angry!!!
    He has never, although probably tempted, laid a finger on me. This is not something I assume he would ever do. He has never cheated or done anything which would cause me not to trust him. So now you know, there are many good things.
    On to the bad…. control, jealousy, undermining, unencouraging, religion………….
    I am not muslim, I believe in God and have much faith and even pray however I was brought up Chrisitan.
    He is muslim and it is very important that if we marry I have to be muslim – hence why we are not married yet.
    Nobody knows if we will last, I believe it is not a case of religion, culture or language. It is down to each individual.
    I love him and dream of our future together, I would love to leave Egypt one day together, see the world with him and continue and be happy.

  • Mohamed Sayed says:

    this is my story
    I am Egyptian 38 years old Graduated from bristish univerity and british school, I was working as a Network Engineer in Egypt,I marreid from Bosnia, she come to live with me in Egypt for a year,then she didnt like then we moved to Bosnia,then she start to use me I got a job, I got high salary, I pay rent,Bills,school,Univerity for her because he was not graduated its international univerity, I had flat and car in Egypt and job, I left my country mother ,sister because of her then we went to Sweden for Travel , then I returned back to my job in Bosnia , then she didnt want to return back from Sweden because he fall in love with another man and cheated me and got new baby from another man ,I couldnt see my daughter for a year and then the Bosnian authority rejected my reisidence in Bosnia and I llost my job, then I travelled hardly to Sweden with schengen visa, then I couldnt see my daughter for 6 months because I raise International child abduction case to let her return my daughter to Bosnia, then She was angry how Egyptian citizen can raise case against her because she is European , All kind of discrimination I faced in the swedish family court, I could only see my daughter 3 time per month when she is available ,so Bosnian woman made the worse she can do for a man, cheat, get child from another, this child im his father, then abduction of my daughter, then hardly i see my daughter, she is now had third man , have third child , so this woman now have 3 children from 3 different father, she is still married to me in Bosnia and Egypt, I couldnt dicorce her in Egypt until i got my bosnian divorce which is hard if there is a child under custody because she want steal child.. now my daughter living with her without residence permit in Sweden on the black , this is the European woman how they use the Egyptian man 100%
    now she want kick me from Sweden so it would be difficult to see mydaughter, she hides her address in sweden for 2 years,I couldnt see my daughter one year when i was in Bosnia, I dont have residence in Bosnia or Sweden, I am fighting for my daughter.
    now not without my daughter

  • Noor says:

    @Haribo, sorry to rain on your parade but your relationship is not destined to last. A Muslim man cannot date let alone live together! Your relationship is haram and for that reason is not a serious one on his part. A true serious relationship would involve you just talking but not having alone time like you have. His family might appear friendly but they will always come first and trust me they will never accept you. I’m twice your age and still got stung……

  • happy says:

    Thanks be to God..I feel so sorry for you,but not all men in the world are the same,its like our fingers they are not same varies on how they are brought up..I’m 28 and married to an Egyptian we have a cute baby boy now.. We have known each other 3 years before getting married on the far I’m so much happy with him and he always plans for our future,everything is expensive so we share but he holds the biggest cuz he won’t allow me to pay or spend more than and I’m so glad about that..his family as well is so nice to the end its not about his culture or mine its about the love we had for each other and most specially the respect for each other.

  • UmmSabirah says:

    Salam & good day,

    It is really heart-wrenching when i read your story (and most of the commentaries with bad experience too). I hope you are well and staying strong….especially for the kids. Though I believe this actually happens anywhere in the world and not just Egyptian men behave so. I’m here to tell my part of story too. I’m married to a wonderful Egyptian man, for 2 years now alhamdulillah. And have been blessed with a beautiful 1 year old daughter. We met online (get to know each other for almost 2 years before getting married) and to cut the story short, his faith and strong religion was what made me to accept him (though I am also a Muslim). It was not easy for us in the beginning, I was working alhamdulillah with a good career and salary and he had to eat up his ego and helped me around the house…until after the baby came we made the decision for me to stop working and he took over the role. Before the transition, he was very understanding of my situation. He cleaned the house, did the laundry, even prepared our everyday meal. I always came home from work just to rest (remember, we exchanged our roles?) When the baby came, he was the one who will send and fetch our daughter from the babysitter, but at this point I was also helping him around the house. Later when I resigned, he went back to Egypt to start working. He now comes home every 1-3 months (depending on his work). His family (parents, brothers and sister in law) is fully aware of my existence, and sometimes I even talk to my FIL and MIL on the webcam. They are very simple and happy people and they don’t expect anything more in life. I am happy now to become fulltime stay at home mom and focus on our baby. He knows that I am tired to juggle many things so dropping my career was the best for the little one and me. And to be honest, I have never been happier. Now he’s the one providing for the home. In return, he only expects TWO things from me: 1) Always redha (be thankful and not to show sour face :) 2) Respect him as a husband (of course the love too). What I’m trying to say here perhaps one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch? But please, this husband of yours is really bad news. I hope you will try to stay away from him even if you have to take legal actions against him. Once a man lays a finger on you, it will become a habit to him. I pray for your happiness and hope you will find your rainbow soon :)

  • Carolina says:

    Hello. Im a 27 yr old student from USA. I was in Egypt recently for vacation and met a 30 year old Egyptian man. He was my tour guide in upper Egypt. We had a little fling the last few days I was there (no sex though). Since I left, we have been talking everyday and he already told me he loves me and since I have Spring Break in March, I was planning a trip to Hurghada with him. He was asking me to check with the hotel of my preference, for permission for him to stay in the same room together. I felt curious and found this website. Now reading all this awful comments and posts, I am feeling very confused. He hasnt asked me for any money or any kind of payment. His name is Zakarya Saad. Anyone knows him? He’s a licensed tour guide in Luxor, Aswan, etc. Idk what to do now. He keeps telling me he loves me and that he cant sleep and bla bla bla. I just think hes a new friend from abroad. Any suggestions?

    • magdy says:



      Hii, Carolina. I want to tell you something. Please read it carefully and try to understand. The first thing you need to know is that tourism industry in Egypt is full of such people who want to marry foreign girls so that they can get rid of their poverty and can manage to move to another country. It’s very common for those people to pick up foreign girls. They find them attractive. If a girl spends a week in Egypt, she will have to confront at least 10 males who will say romantic things to her like I love you, I like you, I miss you, I want to kiss you etc. in order to pick them up. It’s been like a culture in the tourism industry in Egypt to try to find a foreign girl for marriage to fulfill their wishes. And these people are among hotel staffs and shopkeepers. Rather than realizing the main issue of the Egyptian men, foreign girls find them funny but, unfortunately, some of the girls fall in the trap. You tell me, Carolina, is it possible to any sensible person/male to find a girl whom he wants to marry only in 2 or 3 very short conversations (Conversation as hotel staff and shopkeeper with their customer). If you respond in a nice way they will hypothesize the situation and after sometimes they can ask you to even kiss you and touch you in an innocent way. Love is a divine thing. It should be platonic. When love happens, we really don’t know when it happened. But these Egyptian males have already some plans in their mind to get a foreign girl. They keep trying on every girl they meet in the hope to succeed someday. And believe me, it’s true. You have already read the stories here.
      Can you imagine yourself to try to pick up a stranger like these men do with the foreign girls?
      I want you to remember you best friend in the present or in you childhood. Did both of you become best friends on purpose? Had you both already decided to become best friends? The answer is no. Because, becoming best friends of each other is a smooth and effortless process. You just find something common after spending a lot of time together. Then you realize that you have become best friends. Genuine and pure things go in this way. We never become best friend with someone with the thought of being best friends. We never fall in true love with the thought of being in love with someone. We start loving someone in smooth and effortless manner. Therefore, no one should fall in love with the thought of being in love. Relation first gets its shape then the persons in this relationship get to know about their relation.
      Why don’t these Egyptian men pick up local girls from Egypt the way they do with the foreign girls? Because, they have something in their mind already. Somehow they want to get a foreign girl for some purposes. Please to understand. Don’t get impressed by anyone who proposes you to get married or says some romantic things just like that without knowing anything about you.
      If I want to marry a girl, I will be sure that I know the girl very well because It’s her whom I want not the collateral benefits. But these Egyptian men do this without knowing anything about the foreign girls whom they are trying to pick up only
      because they are not interested in the foreign girls but in the collateral benefits like sexual advances, visa to rich countries, money and fun only.
      You might say that the person you know is a very nice person. He respects you. He never talked in a dirty manner. But, mind it here, this is what is required to pick a girl up. Why would he expose his true self which will hinder the chance of him to get you.

  • Anonymous says:


    I hope gods grace on us all first of all please.. Second I am hoping we can all be mature and gracious towards each other in love, through all these serious family matters..
    I went to Hurghada for New Years to meet my bf.. Yes we met on line.. lol
    I have to say I love him w all my heart, but he did crush me ruthlessly in my heart is cast down from him.. He wouldn’t let me get professional pictures done of us and trampled on my feelings wen were laying down together he answered his phone to his very pretty ex gf and spoke to her in his language in front of me, in which I was immediately insulted to my face. Overall I love him and his friend who hung out w us for the last few days… I left pissed and disappointed in him. I still love him even thou he hurt me, all my friends even mine and his Egyptian friends all say he was a jerk for doing that. im tryin to let it go but he would be crushed if I did that to him. ive been givin him hell ever since then but were still maybe hangin on. im older than him so its hard on both of us. Him and his friend got mad at me for giving to the poor.. OMG they made me cry
    Then the story gets worse, he had sex w me which I told him I didn’t want to yet.
    wutever like I care. He has a lot of growing up to do w me. We know we have to marry, as we both know and love god. I know im far from perfect but attract young hot guys, so for him its in his best interest if he does truly like me and wana hold on. He better get a stronger grib. lol
    Im the kinda girl that leaves guys in the dust too so we’ll see. I will not stay w him if he wants to play games w my heart. Im not dealing w that. I hope we can forgive and love each other truly. Rite now at this very moment I don’t care and I don’t feel in love w him, but I love him, and my heart keeps goin back to him.
    I just wana dance and feel sexy, I don’t really care wut he does. I know me and I like it. Im comfortable w myself. I think I can keep his attention thou, if I please. ;)
    Everyones stories r different, its all up to us, the individuals. Wut shall we do but pray, only god can make us be together and make it work, n make sumthin out of nothing.

    Bless you all

  • haribo says:

    @Noor Thank you sincerely for your reply and opinion.
    I have sine learned a lot of the religion of Muslim and we are both aware that it is haram to live together. Unfortunately life is not black and white.
    We are getting married however I know I would never marry a man until I know him and I know there are other ways and I understand it is haram however as I say I wasn’t brought up Muslim or knew anything about it so you can see from my perspective why we are living together before we are married.
    From his perspective he also knows it is haram and he knows he will have to answer to that one day however he had faith in me that I would learn about Islam, trust him and eventually become married and live together in halal.
    It might be difficult for some people to understand however no one is perfect but as long as you are trying to get better each day that’s all that matters.
    In regards to family please tell me from a person older than I, how his family will never accept me?? They already have. Ofcourse they don’t think we live together however they know we have been engaged for 2 years. I would like to hear your reply.

  • Ahmed says:

    I am very sorry to read that really

  • Jordana says:

    This has been a very interesting an eye opening forum to read-I myself am Syrian and I have found myself most attracted to Egyptian men for a couple of reasons. For one they are beautiful and there is some part of my physical and sexual attraction to them that I really can’t explain; an Egyptian man where I live would be extremely hard to come by, and yet, the “normal” guys around here that other women find attractive, (white, Western European primarily) those guys do NOTHING for me and I find them extremely annoying. (They assume that regardless of their looks, intelligence, lack of charm etc. that a beautiful girl (I’m not bragging here, but I have enough self worth to know that I am physically desirable, “ethnic” looking and well educated, from a very conservative Christian and wealthy family) these Anglo guys assume you are dying to be with them, they don’t take rejection well and they have zero charm-I can’t tell you how many I’ve turned down, plus they don’t appreciate a woman who is discriminate in her sexual partners. Also because I come from a fairly traditional family I can appreciate and value the gender roles of the man being he provider/caregiver and the woman being a mother, and maker of the home. I believe woman should never deny their husband sex (except under serious circumstances which he should reapect like if she’s ill and of course I do not condone abusive or perverse sexual acts being forced upon anyone-I’m talking about normal and consensually enjoyable fun here) because that rejection so many woman use as leverage or to avoid intimacy and not for a valid reason and it is a huge ego blow to a man. I do not feel there’s anythibg shameful about taking pride in being a SAHM and wife and cooking, cleaning and managing al aspects of the home/finances if the husband goes
    Out and works his ass off to provide for her, treats her with respect and values her contributions, never abuses her and remains faithful. My problem is, where the hell is one to find a good, sincere Egyptian man who truly is looking for true love on a deeper level? I would do anything for a man I love and that includes marriage and physical intimacy/relocating etc. But I need to know he is pursuing me for genuine attraction and commitment and not out of sheer desperation for money or kus. I am no idiot and won’t settle for less than I deserve, but are there any good ones left? I am previously married also with 2 children (small children) but my children were born in wedlock and I had to leave my husband for abuses and his addiction to porn; I am a moral girl, not “loose” or promiscuous, but I want to express physical love to a new bf and enjoy each other’s bodies within a private committednrelatinship r marriage. I am a eatern orthodox Christian and I prefer Copts but I respect Islam and have no prejudice towards good men of either-any ideas as to where and how I can learn to date again? I can’t afford to put my children in a situation that would be deterimmental or be used by some sex crazed visa seeker-I just wants to be loved and have a strong husband who would be proud to have me as his second in command

  • i wish you luck says:

    Dear ladys’, at Russia we have special websites for check men if someone falled in love with them. Its’ name and . Use it. Sometime it helps to open eyes

  • i wish you luck says:

    ohhhh, why i do not see names of sites? dezy-house and kunstkamera easy to find in any search web

  • Sarah says:

    I am the product of an Egyptian father and an American mother. My father was the greatest man I have ever known and probably ever will know. My patents met in Cairo. They got engaged after 4 days and my mom returned to the U.S. They got married 6 months later in Cairo and a few months later my dad moved to the U.S. My mom grew up dirt poor. She made little money. My dad was from a rich Coptic Christian family. He gave up a lot of material comfort and left behind his very close family and great job to live in the U.S. Because he guessed correctly that my mom- an outspoken, independent, smart and strong woman- would be miserable in Egypt. He had to start almost from scratch here. They struggled financially. He received zero financial benefit from marrying my mom or moving to the States. Long story but he ended up taking care of her in ways many American or European men would never do. He cooked for us, he washed my clothes. He never strayed or partied or stayed out. In her later years he literally changed my moms diapers when she was bedridden. He protected me and provided a stable, consistent rick on which to stand.

    I am sure some Egyptian men are chasing after vulnerable foreign women. As are some Men from many impoverished countries. There will always be vulnerable women who fall for assholes both foreign and of their own nationality. Women can be pathetically stupid and naive when a man pays attention to them and turns on the charm. It’s sad and none of us is immune. However there is no excuse for marrying so done who won’t introduce you to his family, or asks you for money or to take out loans or send him gifts. And please don’t fall for men in ANY third world country who work in tourist resorts and the tourist trade. Whether it’s the Dominican Republic or Egypt, these guys are basically gigolos. Sleep with them, have a fling, but please know half the reason they do those jobs is to have sex with women and even get paid to do it sometimes.

    Finally I will add that I think the Muslim religion combined with an already macho Arab culture shapes incredibly sexist men who cannot see women as equals and cannot respect women who have sex before marriage. Even 2nd generation Muslims of Arab origin in Europe who are seemingly Westernized tend to hold very sexist and misogynist views. Not all, of course. Of course. But the religion combined with the Arab culture do not foster the most feminist men.

    Anyway, just know there are plenty of wonderful Egyptian husbands. A few of my cousins married American or British women over the years and have been equally devoted, open minded and caring spouses. Of course flawed, like everyone, but not con artists or cheaters or sexists or abusers. If you pick badly you may end up with bad results. Most of the stories on here are ridiculous from the get go and the women should have known better.

    • magdy says:

      RESPECT … and accept my regards .. I don’t know how old are you or what experiences do you have and I don’t care, but honestly you’ve gained my appreciation for clearing that we all have been created different in our ways of thinking, acting and re-flexing, after all in origin we are animals with a consciousness and we had the right to make mistakes .. not because I’m Egyptian but because I’m a human .. I think it’s not about the nationality or religion .. it has annoyed me for years that I was a part of an equal issue like this woman “who is talking with so bureaucratic accent” but I was so young and all I cared about was money .. but after I had achieved my goal, I asked my self “then what?? where’s the purpose driven life I was looking for?” I’ve got the reply and was silence and traveled with my mind through the space, far, far away from Earth and I figured how tiny I’m. Then what?? I’m still regretting my mistake although I’ve tried to correct it .. All I want to say that I’m an Egyptian too with the same shame but I have the right to change and illuminate my consciousness .. I apologize for being so talkative

  • doyen says:

    I’m Egyptian engineer and married to foreigner and I m Muslim she was Cristian and she is housewife ,I have a child and we married 5 years now never do beating or crazy hitting or take her money ,some times squeeze her for jokes only,I love my wife very much ,in Egypt you have two kind of persons the one who is respectable and some of them religious they not smoke not drink and they do the religious thing they are respectable and few of them you will meet because they don’t want to married foreigner ,other getting drunk smoke behave worst than animal a lot of them in tourism field ,for foreigner woman a man who is drinking beer is regular thing but for Us respectable families don’t married her daughter to that kind of persons so I think for all of the bad stories you experienced something like that not exactly drinking also lairs ,cheating ,the one who not support his family and keep asking for money ,also that kind of animal is every where even in West and may be worst some times they killed their families ,every country have both the good and the bad and much better to take advice before going to married someone you don’t know his manners or characters .

  • Noor says:

    @haribo, your reply is very defensive. I speak from experience. I’m a non Muslim too but it didn’t stop me learning about Islam and knowing the difference between haram and halal. My husband and I did not live together before marriage. We married in a halal way, we had a shariah wedding. I know Arabic. I gave up alcohol. I supported him in his faith and we ran a Christian-Muslim household. But it did not stop his family eventually breaking us up by threatening to disown him unless he divorced me after 5 years to marry an Egyptian girl of their choosing. Just because they accept you now does not mean they would do so forever. Blood ties are always stronger than those by marriage. And if they ever threaten to cut him off he will choose them. Don’t believe your man is different, trust me. I’ve had plenty of friends who have suffered like this too.

  • Mahmoud says:


    Im Egyptian . my sister im very sorry for you . there is alot of egyptian guys is bad . my topic : chose depends on the ethics

    • Mhel says:

      I am also a victim of an Egyptian man! After I care and love him-feed him and let him study in college with my own allowance that is coming from my parents. I got pregnant with him and he go back to dubai. He did not give even 1 cent to his daughter and it’s already 21 yrs now and I saw him in fb he’s a doctor now, I ask his help to give some money for the schooling of his daughter and he keep saying a lot of excuses and saying he doesn’t have money ….it is just sad to say that he is still selfish and a lier!!!

  • Maged Abdel Gawad says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    It seem for me like you had a real pained experience with Egyptian men, but this is fair to judge a whole country’ men because of your own decision! stop speaking in generalize way and spread such stories to the world based on your mistaken decision ! chose your husbands according to practical and behavior elements..

    In short words, your hand fingers are not equal..

    Greetings, Egyptian man !

  • graciana says:

    Im a filipina who used to live in Abu Dhabi. Have I known this site before, maybe I will be skeptical with my ex egyptian man. Geez all those signs, red flags, I encountered it! Though things happens for a reason, I now have a son, half egyptian – single mom… like most stories they shared… my may-december love affair with an egyptian guy only lasted for less than a year….

  • Mostafa Mahmoud says:

    I am really sorry for read a lot of many comments about huge amount of bad Egyptians guys and what they done. In the same time, there are couple of good example of good guys. I guess there is one important point i guess most of ladies say it , and we can make it as start point. Chatting or meeting in Historical site. Ladies let be honest, this kind of men are looking for this kind of thing, he want to have fast money , sex, or even visa. but I wish to share some facts which can make people understand few things about Egypt. First Egyptian Population is almost 95 Million(with the Egyptian leave aboard like me ). second Egypt after the revolution start to be very poor country and this a fact we all Egyptian face it. So many young guys will think marry an foreign woman is the best way for rich and happy life.

    but is this mine that all Egyptian are like that. of course no, also Please i don’t like to Judge people but also there are some cases woman will cheat and take the baby from the husband. but to be fair, in case of woman is more horrible than when it’s come from man.

    I don’t want to defense Egyptians guy, because some of them are really horrible and deserve to be burn in hell, Really I don’t denial that. But There are also good guys, Work hard for there family , wish to get married and have stable life. Do all they can for they wife and there kids. you have the both kind of Egyptians man there.

    But like when you go to the Market to put any fruit or food, you try to avoid the bad brands or damage foods.

    Please my ladies avoid those kind of men, don’t just listen to the poetry they says over your ears, but him in test and he how he will respond.

    I wish a happy life for everyone.

  • Yhasmyna says:

    Hi..i can relate some of the stories here, but unfortunately mine is a really sad one as well :’(.. i had an 8 months relationship with an egyptian guy, we’re both working in dubai but different field. He didnt ask anything from me but in our 8 months of relationship he didnt spend money for me(even treat me for lunch).Now i went back home and resigned n my work coz he wanted me also to go back home when we found out about me being pregnant, before when i was still in dubai he promised me everything that he’s gonna marry me, acknowledge our child and will support me even im far away from him(but never do anything) after 2 months of being away he suddenly changed, he changed all our plans he wants me to cancel the child..then one day he told me that he was fed up with me, he blocked me on whats app, viber and facebook.,after that i never heard anything from him again.. Good thing my family is with me to support me, i am now on my 5th months of pregnancy . I just wanna share this.. Most of the egyptians are liar, a really good actor.!

  • Extraball says:

    Problem with all these stories is that no woman in all these posts had any idea about who is she getting involved with. Egyptians you meet in Sharm, Hurghada and Dubai are low class Egyptians who come from usually poor families, or upper Egypt or the Delta and Luxor. These are Egyptians who come from conservative backgrounds, have disprivileged education and as we Upper class Egyptians call: low class. The majority of Egyptians you meet on a cheap holiday you paid 200 euros for from Europe will get you in bed with scum or people who want to marry you for your money, a passport or just sex. Egypt is not Holland or the US, where the majority is middle class. Truth is in the circles you hang in Egypt, a cheap resort, or in Dubai where low class Egyptians circulate the filipino women for sex, you are destined to end with scum Egyptians. Get educated, if you meet a man with little education, comes from poor villages in upper Egypt or the delta this is what you will get. You only have your selt to blame. Education and social standing matters in a country like Egypt for a reason.

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Im Sarah. Filipina
    I have an affair fo almost 2 years to an Egyptian Man. We both have agency here in Philippines. I got pregnant but unfortunately i was too much angry stress and depressed that time knowing my boyfriend having an affair with DH so i been through a miscarriage. I forgive him bit now he ask me to give hime a visa for him to stay not 6 mos 5mos only but he stay quite long here in Philippines. But he is still the same. I work but he just having an affair he gey all money and he is bad to me. Such a liar. Almost egyptian man are poor he just want to take advantage especially here in Philippines.

  • emirati says:

    Hello ladies … Egyptians with all due respect are very selfish people , they ain’t humble and are very good actors and almost play double characters .it’s not racism but it’s a personal experience and it will never change , they are until they need you once their need is over they just turn on their real side .. that’s all arabs call them khawals it means insane race ..

  • Yhasmyna says:

    You’re definitely right emirati, at first im wondering why most of the people in dubai dont like egyptians but when i had an egyptian boyfriend for almost 8 months i was able to understand why a lot of people there hates them..

  • Half-blood says:

    I am a woman and these stories make me very sad. However, I don’t understand how naive and desperate some women are! How can you believe someone wants to marry you 1 month after meeting him on a dating site or on a holiday??

    Most Egyptians who are working in resorts in Hurghada or Sharm are uneducated and do not have serious intentions! Of course, there is an exception to the rule, but most of them just want to take advantage of women in several ways. And the worst thing is, a lot of women feed them by exposing their bodies, have sex with them after one week and fall in love with them afterwards. Besides, in Islam and Arab culture, men have to take care of women and therefore would never ever ask a woman for money. If he asks you for money, he doesn’t respect you. Keep that in mind!
    In Islam, men are allowed to marry Christian or Jewish women. If he doesn’t want to introduce you to his family because he is afraid that his family doesn’t accept you, it’s a sign something is wrong. They choose culture over religion and only backwarded people do such things!

    Some people here claim it’s only the Egyptians, but those things happen in a lot of countries. So please look past the blinkers and stop generalizing.

  • Asian says:

    I couldn’t help but to read all the comments. Let me share my part of how i nearly got married to a Masry :)

    Met him in Egypt in 2013. I went there with my gf for a vacation. I am a Muslim. Our age gap is 7 years. He fetch me and my gf from Cairo airport. 10 days in Cairo. Amazing time. We started as friends. Then good friends. Then we got into relationship. I’m a frequent traveller and at first, the impact of our culture clash is pretty hard. He’s a simple, sincere, genuine guy.. He’s my world :)

    I flew back again a year later. He brought me to meet his mum, siblings, friends, cousins.. Things were smooth since I am also a Muslim.. then when i got back, the arguments became too frequent :) the misunderstanding became intense.. the words became bitter and harsh :)

    We end it 3 months after. We got in contact again when i was in Europe having my vacation.. and again argument.. then again got in contact when I was in UK.. then fight again.. Then contact again when i was in Dubai.. and then fight again :D i don’t know should i laugh or cry.

    And finally yesterday, for the goodness for BOTH me & him, i BLOCKED him from all contact..

    And, where ever I am in the world, he know very well, he IS my world :)

  • Sherla says:

    Well it seems most commented has bad experience with egyptian men … I know my man fir 4 yrs already everytime im with him theres a qiute argument which mostly with my attitude but fir me i dont find him like some of you describe an egyptian .. When i wake up everyday i felt like a queen .. He serves me ciffee. And breakfast followed it been like like that until now ..we married in like a sheik because they said muslim cannot sleep with the woman unless they get the marriege in muslim ..well i dont think it bothers me about his philosphy and belief .. Im happy with him as so he is with me …im loving woman and i think that keep our relatuionship more stable … I do trust him too of finding another woman he can marry as much s he provided hell inform me ..we cannot get marry as im always relacaring in other country and i dont want myself to open it with him sad too cfor someladieswho lost financially phycillay trust to egyptian ..for me not to help getting hurt in this situation i think dont expect anything .. Because it will hurt if its not happening secondly .. I think when it come to relationships men will always be responsible for their partners so i did it too not paying our bill whenever we go gas or personal but if i feel i want us to be tigether i made an effirt to make meal for him , my money but seeing him talking and laughing with him that made me happy …and im certain hell misses me if theres no money involved theres no big pain .. And thirdly … He never asked anything ..from aside from when are you coming back so we can getmarried !!!

  • irritablyconfused says:

    Hi!I am single with a decent job and family… I have been dating a married Egyptian man, on and off relationship. Knew him for 3 years but actually been together for 2 years! He broke up with me in our first year because of another woman… i did not fight for us nor made any contact after but i cant move on and forget him. after more than a year he came back! I accepted him and from the start i caught him cheating to many women, again. I never said any and pretended i do not know anything to keep him. Then one day my bad luck came, i lost my job and visa bound to return home for good then he stood beside me, focus on me and save me from it! Since then we drew more closer, he changed for good! He everyday let me know he loved me, treated me well, so jealous and over protective. As Egyptian they easily asked marrying a girl which I do not accept until now. I do not like to be his second family and I strongly believe that if he can do it in his wife by having me, he will not changed for being married to me. I do not look for any future with him and I think that is one of the reason he love me so much. I knew he changed for good and for our relationship to make it better but mostly i do not trust him and he knows i can leave him anytime and like before I will accept if he will leave me. I do not know where our relationship is going to but one thing I am sure of, he will leave me for good for his family sake. I am starting to be wise at this moment, I am giving him space so I can also find someone I can settled with. He is very educated, kind hearted man, sweet, charming, financially stable,not so good looking Egyptian. What I learned from them, If you are not Muslim and Egyptian: they know when and who to love and it don’t bother them even you stay with them for a lifetime. .. If they decided not to love you, they will never love you even you will have a family with them. They use brain over their heart people or i may say… with no offense heartless people. They will not show you any signs about it but they are sure who you are and until where you are in their life. So if from the start you see this signs, my advice is to run! Still with him.. but I don’t lose hope I will find someone and my true happiness. Lastly, do not call me bitch, I just played the part!

  • just one advice for all womans what going in Egypt for vacation or studied or work ………dont go in relationship with egyptian man …he will be use you for all he can ..and then will forget you like you didnt exsist ever for him ….I have very bad experiance with Egyptian man….read here all stories and 99% is like mine …

  • Dimple says:

    Please advise me, I in love now. He is egyptian man. Name Mohamed kimo. You know this man? He wants me to visit in egypt,, but so happy I heimhearedhat he is the one get plane ticke. he offer me also if I like to bring my 1 family at egypt because he know that I am afraid. please advise me, I want to know if he lie to me and his feeling is true..

  • I'm his honey. We're his honey. says:

    Beware of Egyptian Men. I was working in Qatar until I met this guy named HISHAM S. AL NAGGAR. Yes! Everything that you women mentioned above are so true. Such an angel but devilish in all angle. My experience was very traumatic which happened just few weeks ago. I just came back here in the Philippines. He left me pregnant. He’s a FRAUD, EGYPTIANS.

  • habibi says:

    i am 4rm the uk 10 year gap between me and my current egyptian husband that i am living with in the uk have 3 kids. my life has been destroyed by his cheating lies daily drama his money hungry self and family. we have children all under 5 years old. i have along with my innocent children been maded in2 another patheic i married an egyptian man who married me for money and a british passport story.
    i know pathetic. alarm bells all throughout relationship letters from other women texts telephone numbers pictures of women in sexy underwear real photos not downloaded taken in
    bedroom narcissistic behaviour demanding money or will divirce me his family disowning me him 2. getting his visa and telling me he hates me his family too. loved him supported him i am muslim too but from uk. he always says 2 me u can dovorce your wife get another but cant divorce family he will leave me 4 them not question. he doesnt give a penny to me or kids says he wont if i leave him.
    he was a sales man in sharm uneducated poor nothing jealous from everyone friends with foreign gf or wifes a meal ticket out of egypt. he was nothing there and his family poor as u get. met me built property asap blackmailed money or divorce me i thought mayb allah swt will wake him up one day he will see i am a good woman. my family high class all extremely educated muslim all happily married but all against marriage and know hes just using me for money and visa. he didnt want children allah swt with children he doesnt give me a penny for kids myself i have taken care of him myself and our chikdren sonce i know him. he didnt commit to anything in marriage one momment he acts like a loving husband and father then reality kicks in his narcissistic behaviour and parasite. i lost all my money he took it he didnt pay me or kids a penny in debt now he hasnt committed to anything buying he together sharing life nothing. he didnt want kids not a sife just visa money then bye. alllah swt blessed me with my children my life was so haram with him i syayed with him for love at 1st and because i married him i brought shame on my family and our community. now i stayed with him for kids but he doesn’t support kids or i. just i try to keep their father in their lives but he just escapes responsibility with no fear of allah swt or conscience. i really after all these years still cant believe refuse to undrtstand how evil haram someone can be and treat his wife and small children. his family r happy only when he sends money they dont care how or who meaning me kids he gets it from. he puts eye on any money i get from government in uk he has a job money he still tells me to pay from kids and i.always he says since i know him he has no money subanallah the truth always comes out his cheating his lies he has money thousands refuses to give me or even kids a penny. i sold everything i had to buy kids clothes give kids basic things. he enjoys b4 5 star holidays designer clothes nice car etc all free now i dont pay for tickets to Egypt or holiday to 5 star hotel in egypt he wont pay for anything. he demanded best b4 when i oaid but now excuses to avoid kids i going to egypt with him. he said b4 visa passport he would never go back 2 egypt to vusit without me asap he got his visa he went ignored me for 4 weeks i had no wsy to contact him i was pregnant worried sick he left after visa i was pregnant alone my family disowned me for marrying him if they or community found out i was pregnant he left me after visa i would and my child would be shinned from society as haram even though halal marriage. my huband treated me as haram not halal wife. i had patience asked allah swt for help to guide him to treat me halal but as soon as i stopped giving thousands of uk pounds he got worse. i did dua to allah swt to bless me with children as i cannot live my life with this man and have no children i wanted to b a mother so desoarately allah swt blessed me with my children now my husband does trust me and controls all ways to avoid children i have no say. he always punishes me for being his wife and for having children. he complains how much money he can gather if it wasnt for me and kids in his life. he leaves me manytime comes back only for passport by that time i was pregnant i lost 1st baby due to hell he put me through. he now says and shows me kids i mean nothing to him he lies to everyone im bad life with kids horrible just hes always walking out or i get fedup now say go if we r a burden on your life he dies then i beg him to comeback i do this for my children. he doesnt care for ne or them he just lives like a student in this house no roots commitments just ultimate betrayal. just i failed my children by being with him still. i just lost everything to b with him all his lies allah swt blessed me with my angels children after all they were meant to b it was already written just he is here on second gone next. he barely speaks to me he doesnt hug or show or give love to me behind close doors of our home just devoted father husband act outside home infront of world and i keep his secret his honour he tells male strangers work collegues family friends that i am bad and gets sympathy i just stay silent betrayed by all he says and does. just helpless just do dua for allah swt to do justice for my children. he wont change im trying to stay with him for kids but its a battle gor me now to convince my heart mind soul to stay children not got him to change. nothing will.

  • dimple says:

    Please advise me, I in love now. He is egyptian man. Name Mohamed kimo. You know this man? He wants me to visit in egypt,, but so happy I heimhearedhat he is the one get plane ticke. he offer me also if I like to bring my 1 family at egypt because he know that I am afraid. please advise me, I want to know if he lie to me and his feeling is true..

    • Ahmed says:

      you will know about his feelings if you
      1- never give him sex or any impression that your easy to get
      2- your money is your money good egyptians never let their beloved pay for anything.
      3- if the relation is going fast thats not a good sign if he tries to speed things up for any reason try not to speed it with him.
      4- most important rule of all above if he asks you to stop drinking or remove your fb photos, minimize your talking to male friends………. thats a good sign
      5- REACTIONS
      good luck

  • Tala says:

    I have read many of the comments and replies here. As an Egyptian female, honestly, I am not surprised.

    I was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to two Egyptian parents. I was also raised there. I was brought up bilingual along with my siblings: English and Arabic. I’ve never had a bad experience there – I absolutely loved it. I knew the city like the back of my hand. I knew its streets and buildings and even the soil. I didn’t speak Egyptian very well; I spoke Emirati fluently just like I spoke English. Unfortunately, some issues forced us to return and settle in Cairo, Egypt. It was the worst day of my life. So, as you expect, when I enrolled in a private English Egyptian school, I didn’t quite belong. Almost as if I wasn’t Egyptian enough for them.
    I am saying this to declare I’m not discriminating against anybody. The Egyptians I’ve met in Abu Dhabi while I was in middle school straight out set me off. They were self-entitled and selfish. Egypt to any Middle Eastern country is Austria to Germany and Ireland to England. Get it? The stereotype didn’t emerge out of nowhere, you know.
    Most men who work in tourism are from shitty villages. I’m sorry if that’s too blunt, but it’s the truth. Women: don’t trust them. They come into your countries and marry you only to take the visa or the green card or the nationality or whatever. In fact, I’ve known a man who traveled to London, married an English woman, and then divorced her – the purpose of his marriage was to get the English nationality. He, then, married an Egyptian. Most Egyptian men want you for your goddamn visa or nationality. I’ve only known a few exceptions: one of them my uncle, who married an agnostic German woman and had a daughter with her. Egyptian men are scum. They are only interested in your vaginas. So I have composed a check list if you happened to interested in one of them (God forbid):

    1- If he tried to make a move during the first two weeks during the time you’ve known him – a hint at sex or whatever – reject it. He sees you as cheap meet and would never make advances toward an Egyptian woman. Don’t degrade yourself.
    2- Ask him where he’s from. If he’s not from Cairo or Alexandria, get suspicious. Those village-based assholes are usually rats. They want an Egyptian girl and their family will never accept an European.
    3- Reject sex. Reject advances. If he wants you, he will marry you. So tell him if he wants you he should propose.
    4- Given the chance that he wants you for your visa, ask to meet his family.
    5- If he’s from a village or from Upper Egypt, he’s 101% interested in your money.
    6- If he asks you for money, refrain. Know that he’s a scumbag. Why? Because it’s no traditional at all for an Egyptian man to ask a woman for money.

    Most Egyptians suck. Sexism is deeply rooted in our culture. I’ve been lucky to grow up differently. Men think they’re entitled to everything here – including women. Please don’t feed them their toxic fantasies. A few men aren’t like that – yes, that’s true – but they are the exception and definitely not the rule.

  • Alexandra -Holland says:

    Hallo allemaal , ik zit met verbazing de verhalen te lezen nee , voor mij nooit geen Egyptenaar meer . Ik zal proberen mijn verhaal te vertellen al valt me dit nog erg zwaar

    In 2004 heb ik Ayman Rashad leren kennen in Sharm tijdens de vriendschap die we hadden tot 2006 heeft hij mij nooit om geld gevraagd dat leek me een goed teken en toen hij mij ten huwelijk vroeg en ik zei een orfi huwelijk ? werd hij boos tuurlijk niet antwoorde hij zo gezegd zo gedaan met zijn hele familie zijn we dan ook getrouwd in Alexandrië met een huwelijkscontract met mijn voorwaarden waar hij mee akkoord ging Oktober 2007 kwam hij naar Nederland en ons leven samen begon . Een baan vinden was lastig maar lukte hem , heimwee had hij zeker maar door veel te skypen met zijn familie leek het wel goed te gaan Zo ging ons leven samen door , een rustig leven met een makkelijke sociale man die mij als een koningin behandelde , door tot januari 2015 , de maand waarin Ayman zijn paspoort kreeg, het had ons 10 jaar gekost om het geld ervoor te sparen doordat we elke maand 300 euro stuurden naar zijn familie maar goed hij had zijn paspoort nu dan toch . In juni 2015 was hij op familie bezoek en in augustus kwam ik naar Sharm om samen met hem ons 10 jaar huwelijk te vieren dat was een super week hierna ging ik terug naar Nederland en hij zou 10 september volgen maar , Nadat ik twee dagen thuis was , kreeg ik een whatsapp berichtje van hem dat hij in de maand voordat ik naar Sharm kwam getrouwd was met een Egyptische uit zijn woonplaats Alexandrië . Achteraf ben ik erachter gekomen via sociale media geschiedenis ( die hij vergeten was te wissen ) dat hij gewoon een dubbelleven had geleden en eigenlijk al sinds 2012 op zoek was naar een “Egyptische “bruid en sinds september 2014 er een gevonden had en met haar bezig was , maar ze toen nog getrouwd was en pas in januari 2015 beschikbaar was voor een huwelijk . Zelf ben ik nog in shock en kan het gewoon niet geloven Ik heb hem nog een keer gesproken , zijn stem is het zelfde maar hetgeen hij zegt is vreemd voor mij Hij zegt dat hij terug moest komen naar Egypte van zijn vader en daar trouwen en kinderen krijgen maar ik geloof er niets van . Wat ik wel weet is dat ik verder moet maar weet na 10 jaar even niet hoe en al deze ellende om een paspoort ?

  • Rein says:

    Egyptian man are 100% charming this was my conclusion,but the thing is they r luck of emotions,not even a gentleman,they r some kind of hungry wolf that so eager to have u juz to feed their fantacy,,,yes i fell inlove w/ an egyptian man,too bad coz after he took what he want,,he juz treat me as an option,im deeply inlove w/ him,now im a broken hearted because of that egyptian man…..warning they r some kind of perpetrators

  • Karema says:

    I have been married to Ahmed for two years and lived in Egypt all that time.. I am 23 yrs older than him, but we are so in love still and very very happy.. I earn much more than him, but he financially supports me 100%.. he would be insulted if i offered to pay for stuff, even though, i do buy bits to decorate our apartment.. He is my best friend and my heart.. I am sorry for you that have found yourselves with bad men.. One really needs to be careful here as there are many scammers, that is true…

  • lyn from philippines says:

    Hi! Guys im lyn from philippines, i need advice , because this coming december 2015 me and my egyptian bf plan to married in philippines,. i read all stories here…omg!! Im worried, i feel scared to be like them., i meet egyptian guy in website, he is verry sweet, nice approach how 2 fall inlove with him, he is work in norway, admn accountant trading com., he got holiday in egypt, now i am in singapore working! I always talk him in skype! Because long distance rel., my family agreed to convert me in muslim reg, then i ask him because he is in egypt holiday i ask him his family like me , he said yes! I ask again if his parents coming to phil attend the engaged .he said NO!, because his parents cannot travel only his brother and sister coming our… i ask him many times coz heard lot about egypt.. he said he is not bad egypt man, he dont like a lot of wife, only me forever he said, and he said after married we live in norway .because norway his i agreed….now my days coming for engaged him… sorry i dont give more details , coz am not good in english, .i comfused , after heard and read all comments here., ..what can i do, i full inlove with him, ..and i want advice , ..because my engaged coming…we are engaged in philippines not egypt…so i am comfused…..thank u guys!!!

  • Sherry says:

    Hi ,my name is Sara and met my now husband on Facebook in 2012
    I went to Egypt after 5 mnths of knowing him hhe swept me off his feet I knew we would marry when I went I was glad he liked me just as much in person I met his family his uncle all very sweet ,he opened up his house to us to stay in near the pyramids he told me im always welcome to treat it as my home as well …. I’ve since been back time’s I can’t wait for him to get called in for his visa appointment …it’s now going on 3 years now due to his army promising him his exemption paper so he could travel. He never ask me for money , he’s very protective of me …
    There is a big age difference 23 and I’m 49 .we are on Skype 24/7 since I last left Egypt aug.2014 I’m so miserable without him I feel like a zombie.I have seen these wolves at the airport’s all wanting to help u hitting on u but he’s always there to rescue me away from all this …
    I’m Muslim too I converted for myself because I love islamn although I know he was happy .
    My life will not begin till I have him in it with me .Insha Allah

  • Mohamed says:

    I had read that story may be before one week and still thinking about it may be because the much of pain which in the story – may be I hate the egyption – May be … exactly I do not know

    But First I want say ( shut the fk up all egyption who in comments )

    I am egyption and the egyption are the best liars on the world – Stop fken your philosophy comment it is seems so old – So try to make new shits may be you can cheating again

    I just wondering !! when I was warn any girl who interest in egyption – I feel she start to upset – and now look how much is the pain when read this story

    First you meet animation person and animation is the liar of feeling ( animation is the person who hate you but smile to you to get money ) So how you accept to trust !

    second you meet in bar So why you wonder about cheat you !

    third and the important ( you said there is contracts but with his family – so I think any contract should have your signature and signature of who sell to you an signature of two persons who see this sells case ) SO you do not know the names of them – or adress of them ? and there is no who love you in his family and can copy this contracts ? you tried before to call your embassy about that may be they call egyption police and egyptions have gang to get that contracts – Or you just want to forget all of that

    in any way God will punish him and be sure about that – and if you want to give him some punish in life so reply to me

    and I will not go to blame you about why you can spent with person who abused to you – or you accept to see fken upper egyption people who not welcome you in your place !! Ok I will stop

    But my advise to all foreigners be far than egyption – even do not make friends

    If you interest in arabic people so all arabic people are liar – So If you want happy life try to marry muslim person in his life – not muslim person in his passport – Muslim will help you in clean home , wash dishes will give you all tender – muslim person know your money is just for you and his money to make you happy

    Sorry for bad words – but sometimes bad words should be to reach all the true

    and which to the girl of this story get good husband and get happy life

  • Cora says:

    Hi girls
    deeply sorry to read those stories, and hope you are all strong enough to face and go thru it, and to run out of those scammers cheap people! Does anybody know an egyptian scammer used to work in Sharm, his name is Mohamed Gouda Badr? it seems to be one of those

    • Dihana96 says:

      It’s so confusing when you want to fall in love but you can’t because you don’t know what your going to face . I met this guy, he is so charming and I felt like I’ve known him forever, although I have a child (2) and been with someone , he says that if I move over there that I will be mistreated and face difficulties. I really want to be with him and he want to be with me but I don’t know if my daughter would me happy. She has a very close connection to her daddy and I don’t want that to end. He is studying in a private school and only has 2more years to finish. He asked for me to wait those 2 years and after that he would come. I’m so confused I trust him but hearing all of these stories confuse me a lot !!! … Any advice please

  • Mohamed says:

    I am egyption my advise for all girls ( be single long your life better than marry egyption person ) all egyption want from you just your money – your better country – ( I think most of poor countries have the same kind of people but we are the best in cheating )

    If any girl want to sure so tell me little of your story and will give you question to ask him then you will see the cheat

  • Me - AStupidWomen says:

    I truly wish I had discovered this site for only one year ago then I’m sure that I not will fell as I do now – the biggest naive idiot ever.

    I am still in shock at what I have experienced and found out about my husband that I marriede in the “Urfi-way” .

    Rght now I do not have forces to tell my story, but I will post it one day when I’m not feel like shit anymore.

    I have only one thing to say:

    Get NEVER EVER involved with a young man from Luxor or Upper Egypt, who have no education and work in tourist resorts, they are so manipulative and dangerous.

    If my story can help just onw women, my journey through hell all been worth it.

    Take really good care of yourself

  • melanie says:

    Does anyone know mahmoud ibrahim from sharm 27 years

  • Anonymous says:


    Does anyone know a Mahmoud Ibrahim from Sharm? He is a diver.

  • Hassan says:

    There are a lot of terrible stories here. But I’m concerned that you may not understand it right. The real issue is that marriage is not a picnic or temporary friendship. It is a lifetime relationship. You need to be very cautious if you decided to marry any man. You have to understand his background, his family economic and ethical situation and his ethical history before deciding. Most of the failure came from depending on feelings and not certain information. This caution had to be excercised even if you are planning to marry your neighbour; not a man from another country. A complete and careful check has to be done.

    As far as Egyptians, it is very uncommon for middle class in Egypt to hit women or cause any harm for them. This is very much unacceptable action in the society. But it is common to my understanding in the low class which you may meet a lot because middle class is not the largest portion of the society like in Europe. the low class is the largest in Egypt.

    The point is that middle class are reasonably religious. And therefore they cannot accept fraud or humiliating women as per islamic teaching they inherited from family and society.

    But how can you know all this information? If you don’t have the capability plus relations to people who you can trust to make this background check, better not proceed at all in such relation.

  • Deborah says:

    I married Hamed Atef Hamed Ibraheim Moustafa from Alexandria. He scammed me for many thousands of pounds during our marriage and once he got UK Passport he left. I thought the money I was giving to his family was going for his mothers health and to buy her a better house; I loved this lady like she was my own mother! The money was saved to pay for marriage gold, wedding and home for Egyptian wife. I have no doubt Mohammed will bring his wife, Shimaa Alaraby to the UK and she and their children will get UK passport. These men are vile, scum they are like a disease that spreads and their families help and support them in the deception because they have no respect for the western women. I take comfort in the fact that Allah is not blind or deaf and they will be punished for their sins. Before this I had a big part of my heart for Egypt and her people but not anymore now I look at this country with bad eyes and will never go their again.

  • Janna says:

    I am married with Egyptian man also but he is si sweet…wallah he is different from wat ive heard now..he always makes sure im ok..calling everytime and cam to see me wat im doing.i cant find this with other nationalities. We are good alhamdullilah.wer planing to go phils and live with me or if not he wil bring me in egypt.he was fighting his family for me.he loves me and i love him so greatful i found him realy nice and hav white heart. I did mistakes but everytime is easily to forgive me..we lived our rules so as christian b4 its hard for me to understand but i find out its realy good to follow him and bis belief cuz this muslim rules of marriage..and cuz i loved him and dont want him to lose im humbly followed him.and he also changed in a better now alhamdulliah we happy.gudluck to u guys…every place we found good and bad. But we are the control and shub be thinking wats good in relationships.thnkz..

  • Blessings says:

    I was never a stereotypical lady. After 3 years of looking my soulmate my darling husband I met this fraudster Mahmoud Mohamed. I was still vulnerable from my loss. He was so sweet, kind and never ever asked me for money. Every year he will go to Egypt to go visit his mom and siblings. After 5 years being together I made an ultimatum that if he does not take me with to Egypt. When he comes back to South Africa it will be over between us. He agreed to take me with but he arranged to leave 3 months earlier and got me to join him on the 4th month in Egypt thereafter coming back together to SA. I didn’t think it’s odd as I am working and could not take 4minths leave. His whole family were so happy ands welcomes me. To cut a long story short. This heartless motherf. ..and his whole family hurt me more than I can put in words. Mahmoud left South Africa in Oct 2012 and married an Egyptian in Dec while I visited Egypt in February 2013 and slept in the same room same bed at his home without telling me anything. I only came to know that he married behind my back after 18 months. Luckily I never agreed to make permanent citizenship for SA and it will never happen. Egyptian people, not only men are Evil, heartless and God will punish them severely for the rest of their lives.

  • Maria Elena says:

    I’m in shock with all this stories.

    Im dating a egiptian guy, He wants me to marry him in El Cairo, I would like to know about him more, he lives in Tanta, and travel to Alexandria once a Week to work in something related to turist ( Flag Red).
    He posses a little restaurant in Tanta.

    He said He is in the divorce process He has two kids, one lives with him, and the girl with the Mother.
    He presented me to his friends and family.
    He is younger that me. like 15 Years.

    I have his phone # and Address. how can You help me?

    • omar says:

      of course this man is a scammer…the problem is most of egyptians in cotact with foreigners in egypt they are the worst egyptians… away from him

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