My story with Mohammed in Hurghada

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My story starts some yrs ago when I met Mohammed (Tony), owning Mira bazar by Three Corner Hotel in El Dahar, Hurghada.



After the romance had lastet 1/2 year he asked me to marry him (orfi), which we did. During all the time we spent together I had no thouhts about him being dishonest. He spoke about everyone else cheating women in different ways and he always behaved very good.

These years I was going to Hurghada every 2. month spending 1 month, he spent almost all his time with me and was so helpful caring and loving I had no suspection he was a cheater.

He also invited me to his family`s home in Luxor, we spent nice times there. Most likely they approved this way of easy income. He talked much about always having problems, being short of money, business was not so good,his mother being sick and needing medicines, so of course I each time gave him good money to survive until I came back.

After some years I started to feel something was wrong, so I checked his phone.. and found many sms from women which left no doubts that he had many love affairs at the same time.

I had bought property in Egypt and later discovered that he had cheated me for more than 100000 LE. The men selling any kind of properties are working with them and all taking commision.

Aqcuaintances have experienced silmilar cases with these 2 brothers, they got cheated for more. 

They are really sweet talkers and working like organized crime.

A general knowledge/info from locals ans reentering tourist is that the street in which Mira Bazar is located many workers are known for their cheating way with tourist and espacially women.

Their name are Mohammed (Tony) and Ahmed .. Their home village is El Baharat on west bank Luxor.



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