My story with Tito in Hurghada

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In December 2009 I arrived in Egypt, where I met Tito (nickname). He has 26 years, lives in Cairo, works as an animator in Bell Vista’s hotels.
I went back in January 2010, we did spent a perfect time. We had fun in disco’s, and we did fall in love with each other.  On the day of my departure I was at his home. In the morning when I returned to the hotel, I found out that I lost some money, that was in my pocket. I was not sure if it was him stealing it from me or that I lost it in the taxi. But doubts were planted in my head, although I did ignore them.


When I got back home, we communicated through internet and text messages. Then came the text message in which he asked me to help him and send 100 dollar into his account. Once in a sudden I remembered the day I lost the money from my pocket. I replied to him in a unfriendly way. Two months later I received a text message with a business like greeting. As my feelings for him didn’t die, I answered him. Only now I do understand that all that he did this, so I would not forget him.


In June I went to Egypt on a holiday once more and we met again. Our feelings didn’t die. At that point in time he didn’t work, so he had no money, it was thus up to me to take care of things financially. It became unpleasant when he started to ask me for money. Doubts came over me, about the sincerity of his feelings for me. Food for my doubts was the work he was doing as an animator, meeting all kind of nice, sociable girls that were always all around. The holiday ended and I went back home again.


Again we were communicating through internet and text messages. In the autumn again I went back to Egypt, particularly to decide if there could be a joint life for the two of us together. I didn’t want to live in Egypt and he did not really want to come to Russia and live there, as he understood very well that life was not easy there.  I had a dream to live abroad, so I decided to take the step.  I was planning to go in winter, but the “January 2011” events prevented that and plans were moved to spring.


We decided to leave together and go and live in Thailand, but as he was not working again, all the financial responsability  was on my shoulders. The passport, the visa, the opening of a bank account, tickets for the two of us. All together I did spent 2.500 dollars. When the time to leave had come, I experienced some problems and was unable to leave together with him. As a result he lived 2 months in Thailand without me, of course at my expense (apartment, meals, clothes), all together  approximately 1.500 dollars.


He was supposed to find a job in that period, but didn’t succeed in finding anything, which seemed strange to me.


When I finally arrived in Thailand, we did spent all week together, since the time that the visa was expiring was approaching. There were 2 options. One to return to Cairo and he should arrange things or two go and live in a neighbor country. We chose for option 2, as it was less expensive and closer. The day of our departure came. The day before “darling” was very nervous, I thought it was because of the journey ahead of us, but I could not have been more wrong. He left taking with him a great sum of money of 2.500 dollars, ostensibly for the visa.


He didn’t return, never showed up, he didn’t call and for about a month I didn’t hear from him. Then his friend Franchesko, contacted me. I assumed it was a “collegue”, working together with him on his dirty affairs. He told me that Tito was okay. As I asked him, why Tito chose this way, he answered me that Thailand was not the country where Tito wanted to live, he preferred Europe. Tito always dreamed of leaving Egypt, given the fact that there is no future for him there.


A few weeks ago, I got in touch with a Dutch girl, she was involved in a relationship with Tito as well, in the same period that we were together. Their relationship now lasts 2 years and they also make plans for a life together. The Dutch girl is planning to go to Egypte to meet him again, highly likely the invitation for the visa to Holland is on its way. As my sense of female solidarity didn’t give me peace of mind, I decided to write her to save her from our ”mutual gigolo”.
I placed information about Tito on a site Within a few days, I received a reply from a German girl, she was involved with him as well. They also made plans to live together and bring him to Germany, more specific Bremen. As all kind of paperwork needed to be taken care of, money was needed. Tito didn’t have money, so the girl decided to sent him. He asked 3.000 euros and the poor girl, that was head over heels with Tito sent him 5.000 euros.  As soon as Tito received the money, she never heard from him again. Ain’t that a sad story.


Girls, be very careful, since he never loved anybody, but himself. He just wants one thing, escaping from Egypt, preferably to Europe. He plays with girls very easily, according to the usual scenario; he conquers the heart of a girl, convinces her to give him money or is willing to steel it and then disappears.


In my belief people like this should be punished and that is what I will try to do.


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  • Inge says:

    So many like him are in Egypt. I think the most live in Hurghada, Luxor or Sharm el Sheik because thats the places they meet the most tourists. When we had our coffeeshop in Luxor I met many like him. There was one who came every week with on other wife. Yes he married them with an orfi marriage. He brought one back to the airport and waited untill the next one arrived. When two off them came on the same time to Luxor he just told them he had to go to Cairi for business. Whats made me more angry was the fact he also had an Egyptian wife and 3 kids. His friends and family helpt him with this way of living because for them it was just work with a good salary.

  • Елена says:

    This week is a message I had sent the girl who married an Arabian man and he is well aware of Tito and his family. “Tito has is in the official Arabian wife and young son, who live in a remote village. Once again he “threw” in the money the girl from Holland or Germany, and on those “earned” the money has bought an old car and played the wedding. I was shocked by this news(((( How can he live ……….

  • Metwaly says:

    I feel really bad for you and other girls but why you give a lot of money to anybody? I wouldnt even do that in my own country. A man must take care of himself.

  • Jaja says:

    Hi,when I was in Hurghada in 2008, I also met boy whose name was Tito. He was my friend. Maybe it is possible that my Tito is same like your Tito. Can you send me his photo to my mail?

  • marlies says:

    I also know tito. I am from holland.

    I met him in 2008. Then i came back 4 tims that year. We had great time together. staying in hotels i was paying for. I inhared alot of money from my parents and he know about it. Stupid of me to tell him. I gave him 10.000 euro he would make a paymant for our home. i never seen the home but he had shown me picture. He said he would pay the rest en than we live there together in the future. I dont understand how i could have been so stupid. when i was home i did not hear from him anymore.

    I still feel heartbroken about this and even tried to kill myself in the past.

    • Said farag says:

      hello marlies
      can you tell me wher he work tito ? cuz i can tell the polce about him everything and maybey you take your money back and i send leter to Guvermnt and he can’t stay any more in Hurghada and i think he can o to jel i want stop this pepole in hurghada and sharm this bad way cuz this way make egyptian pepole all bad

    • Елена says:

      Hello, Marlies. I know that hard for you, but believe that his actions God will punish him. I wish you happiness, success and true love. Marlis, I asked, you could not send his photos to my email? Thanks

  • Inge says:

    Thanks Said for your replay. But when they sent him away from Hurghada he will go on in a different place, for them its just work with a good payment. The problem is that those women gave money out of free will and there is no law who sent him to jail for this. But its a good thing that also Egyptians want to help to stopp those men. Those men are no good for the countrie and for tourism. When more Egyptians would think like you, Bezness could be stopped.

  • Said farag says:

    thanks and really i will stop this way by any think cuz i like tourist come and trust egyptian like befor i am married from holland and i love her very much and she is very good wife with me and i resbact her always and she resbact me and we are in very good married and we feel good togather and i am always hunest with her and from the ferst time i meet her i was tell her about all pleace very bad like Hurghada & Sharm & Luxor & Aswan & sphinx pleace but when she read somthing like what this pepole do in hurghada and sharm i become very shay i am not like se think afer some time somthing or doubt about me cuz i am very hunest for my love to hear and really i not like eccapt any money from her and i told her from ferst time i not need any money from her just i want her nice love and we be togather for ever and ever tell i die and any one he know somthing about this man he is name Tito he can send to me and i do what is good for my contry cuz this way from this pepole make my contry very bad and have bad newos and i need to tell this pepole not many but you can see a lot of pepole good friend and help the tourist but this pleace make my contry very bad cuz rashan girls in Hurghada and Sharm make many think bad in this pleace i hope i can help every one have somthing like this and i will talk with Guvertement about this pepole and i think we will do somthing and make this pleace clin again from this pepole . thanks for all and i hope eny one not thin all egyptian the seam ok
    said Farag

  • Inge says:

    @Said; I think everybody knows that not all Egyptians are the same, and that it is possibel to have a good marrige between Europeans and Egyptians but the beznessers distroi the reputation and the tourism. When we can stop men like Tito it would be so so good for the countrie.

  • Helena says:

    Hi, have you foto of Tito?

  • Hanna says:

    I have heard about a guy named Yasser that works at the Hilton in Luxor. The mother of a dear friend of mine got involved with this guy. I heard a few stories about multiple marriages and similar situations to the ones I’ve read here. I don’t know how old he is because he used to be younger than I am and then he was older than I am. Also, his father got involved in several accidents that he needed money for and his sister got sick and needed money. Of course she gave the money to him because he “loves” her and he is different from these “bezness men.”
    Does this name ring a bell?

  • illauer bernhard says:

    meine frau war mit meiner tochter in urlaub in hurghada das war im mai , im september ist sie allein nach hurghada sie wollt allein urlaub machen jetzt ist unsere ehe kaputt
    ich weiss nun alles. tito omr auch bakir omr hat über face book ab mai mit ihr kontakt täglich . jetzt tel. sie über skype täglich. bitte helft mir meine ehe zu retten
    wer kennt ihn TITO OMR auch BAKIR OMR sei Jop Cammeramann auf Safari

  • Sandra Begijn says:

    You can let her see this site about Tito and hope she will open her eyes…..This is the only thing you can do……

  • M says:

    As if the bezness practices only exist in Tunesia, Egypt, Turkey and Marocco….

    Jordan should be added to that list. It has been going on for years and on a large scale too.

    In particular the region around Petra. Women who travel to see its major tourist attraction, the archeological park Petra, or go on any other trip near or around Petra are targets of the “bedouins” and their bezness. Especially in Wadi Musa, a town very near Petra. This place practically relies on the money-flow coming from female tourists. It supports the local economy, more so, now tourism has seen a downfall of 60% due to the unrest in the Mid East.

    The government, who is very aware of the bezness, prefer to do nothing. At least they should be the ones to warn female tourists. But they chose to ignore it. They will send you an apology letter of 4 lines, telling you that it was simply a “rip off, but it is not a violation of the tourist law”. Your replies will remain unanswered.
    So that leaves us female tourists, to warn other female tourists. Google for “scammers of Wadi Musa” and you will find plenty of stories.
    Luckily, my observance and common sense saw right through these shababs.

    Be aware, when you visit Petra, Wadi Musa or even the bedouin village of Uhm Sayhoun: do not let your guard down for a single second, do not fall for their charms, their cheesy romantic words, their “kind and sweet” family….because once they have you on the end of their fishing line, that is when it will start, the cunning and callous lies. All of them simply love you soooooo much…. because sooner or later you will be financially supporting them. And they are extremely clever at getting from you what they want.

  • Ihab says:

    Hi All

    Please give me more details about Tito so i can go to Police station and inform him. I think he would be easily punished according to the Egyptian Law.
    I really feel sorry for you ladies and i would like to inform you Egyptians are normally much more better than what you had faced. Normally , Egyptian man do not accept his wife/lady spend money on him and our culutre is that the man should take full responsability.
    if you need any help in Egypt , i am at your servace ( as a friend of course )



  • F says:

    Someone can give the e-mail or skype name of this Tito , please girls answer I’m very worried because I’m in love with a Tito who lives in Hurghada thank’s

  • jesse says:


  • Jana Straková says:

    Hello, I know Tita, I write to him …., working at school surfing the Hilton Long Beach …

  • anita says:

    hello, i meat a young farao in roma…mohamed (marco)
    he was a very charming men and payed everything for me, the food and drinks. he loved me, he saw me in a dream before we meat eighother. he is a player. he is a narcistic disordered personality, he lyes and speak with dubble tong. he look whole day for europian woman, younger and older, he is 36 (2012)….he do everything for you, he makes you crazy, you feel like an angel, you realy fly with him, after a short time he let you pay his ticket to your country and he let you pay the hotels in roma…he gives only small presents for a litlle bit money, he gives you the best sex and calls you whole day sweety…..he is married and has 2 children…he lives near by champino airport…
    his wife is pastor and teacher in theologie…he is born in cairo…he has a perfect body and a lovely smile, he speaks perfect italiano and englisch…..
    he do everything untill you do wat he want, when you do not wat he want he let you fall down, he convuse you… least you don’t know what to believe or what not…
    if you have had contact with this men and falled in love…you need help
    you can always contact me about him…

  • Elena says:

    Tito is now working in hotels Elysees in Hurghada. He has never worked in hotel Hilton in Long Beach

  • annie says:

    Can someone send me a picture of TITO,,,I think he is the same Tito I am involved with.. We were together for three years and the entire time all he wanted was money..
    I loved him with all my heart. The entire time he CHEATED. It was crushed when I found out.

  • Bezcatcher says:

    Annie, and others: How many Titos you like to se on photos or facebook accounts. I can send you 20 or 30 ? Everybody’sname is TITO, if he meets a German or Dutch woman. And if he meets a Russian his changes to Micha or Mina. If a Tzchech woman, his name might be Fami or Farou– So in Hurghada just using the name, the women love. So if you meet a men, why not ask for his real name on driving-licence or id-card? -OMG!

  • Bezcatcher says:


    The Tito, shown at the photo:
    Was working at the ships , going to Giftun Paradies in summer 2012. I do not know, if he is still there, but if you stay in front of MC Donalds, Sekalla and watch to other side of the street, you can see the last hotel at right side ( Sea Gull…?). If you go through the garden of this hotel , you come to the small harbour for the Giftun Trips. Here you can find this Tito always with video camera, selling DVD from that trips to the tourists. I think I have filmed Tito on one of my videos together with a long, black haired Russian girl-friend. I have to search the right video and photo…

    • Elena says:

      I think you have something confused, they never worked on the ships. He is always working as an animator in the hotels.
      This story was written by me and i post this photo on black forums.

  • Sarah says:

    Does somebody know something about Tito who works in Bella Vista hotel as a windsurfing teacher? Anyone has any experiences with him? Let me know please….

  • Sarah says:

    I have also his pictures….

  • Magnuna says:

    try to search for him in this is Russian website about bad Egyptian guys. there is Wanted board in English also.

  • Mgad says:

    Girls in extremely sorry to hear you say that however hustlers are everywhere , Egypt Spain Europe America EVERYWHERE. What happened with you all was inhuman, immature and in a way or another he will be punished.
    Just let me give you an advice : a guy should support his beloved and him self not the other way around. One other thing
    If any of you want some legal actions to be taken in that regards and believe me it will not be taken lightly by the law she can and this guy will probably get arrested and thrown in prison for a very very VERY long time.
    Or a kind of negotiation can happen and a percentage of your money be restored.

    Best of luck with your future all and hope none of you cross paths with hustlers like that ever again.

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