Beware of orfi-marriage in Egypt

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Hello, my sister met a man from Egypt about a year ago and she fell in love with him. She met him online and she has traveled 4 times to meet him and also live with him. I don’t trust online relationships and never liked this man.

The problem now is that she married this man in Egypt while she was married to her first husband. She was separated from her first husband but not officially divorced. Since she was not officially divorced to marry in Egypt, I believe she married by an ORFI marriage which I have read in the internet that is not legal in Egypt.

Just a few days ago she called me to tell me that she is in trouble because the lawyer that marry them somehow found out that she is still married to her first husband. She told me that the lawyer said that she could go to jail in Egypt for this. Can she really go to prison for getting married by an ORFI marriage while still being married to her first husband?
I thought ORFI marriages don’t have any value in Egypt and so she should not have to go to prison. Now the lawyer told her that he can void the ORFI marriage but he neeed 5 thousand dollars to do that and she can then leave Egypt and return home otherwise she will be going to prison for 10 yrs.
The lawyer want some relative of
my sister to bring the money to Egypt and meet in a hotel and do the exchange of my sister for the money. I believe this is all a scam by the lawyer to get the 5 thousand dollars or is my sister really in trouble.
How can I help her? She said that we have about a week to get the money and for us it not easy to get that amount of money. Please give me some advices as to how I can help my sister.
She has asked me not to contact the embassy or the police for help. Thank you.


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  • don't believe says:

    Go to your embassy.

  • Sarah says:

    No way! She has to run and leave this man asap!
    This a scumbag! They just try to rip her money!
    Sure they know she has money or she can get it, this is why they try.
    Any decent man who loves a (foreign) woman will marry her in the legal way to give her a normal life!
    This is not live this is bezness!

    • Judith Malitas says:

      My experience would need a 100 pages……my situation with an Egyptian man lasted over 10 years and now he is in his grave…..GOD REST HIS SOUL……..and perhaps some day I will respond but I can tell you this…….I had a very close Moroccan woman friend and this is what she said to me…..”ALL EGYPTIANS ARE LIARS”…….now I do not like saying ALL because there is a HUGE population in Egypt……BUT……they are “EXPERTA’s” in the lies and SWEET TALK…..OMG!!!!!!!!!! In fact I DO NOT TRUST “ANY” MAN……SORRY and perhaps there are one in a gabillion…..but they all think with their P_ _ _ _!!!! It is VERY HURTFUL AND HEART WRENCHING FOR ALL THE WOMEN I am reading about on this “Bezness” website…..and I too was an “ALLOWER” because that is what we do….ALLOW!!!!!!!!! Wishing everyone a recovery from these unfortunet experiences……They ALL are surely “LEARNING LESSONS for me and all the women out there…..once you get in that so called….”WEB”….its hard to get out…..I know from my own experience and years with the Egyptian man I was with…..GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

  • Magnuna says:

    Don’t give money! you are right, orfi doesn’t have any value. this is just paper)) how did the laywer know that she didn’t divorce with the first husband? this is just “good” plan of her egyptian “husband” and the lawyer to get money) she has to run from Egypt asap!!!!

  • Rin says:

    miss im so sorry to know ur situation. ur sister is in a deep pinch since shes in egypt. the best option for now is go to both embassy , ask egypt embassy at ur country n also ask ur country’s embassy at egypt. also ask about

    this is sad. ive been studying in egypt for years and hv finished studying there.
    i never met any cases like this, infact im rly rly shocked knowing this website (because one of my friend is having this problem,n her problem is way worse n i wanna help her out n bump into this web). well i guess its because the community around me are mostly high educated egyptian.

    just an advice to u girls out there who are mostly innocent in this :
    there are also good n trustworthy egyptian who rly practice Islam, and theyre very very nice n help me alot.
    but unfortunately most likely what u foreigners bump into, id say mostly are the bad egyptian guys who are professional liar and sweet talker. i got cheated alot eventho ive been experiencing it alot.(well in juz small things like when buying stuff).
    if ur entering this country, juz always remind urself always , trust no one

  • Rin says:

    btw how do we know from the marriage certificate if its orfi marriage or legal certified marriage ?

  • Amir says:

    Sorry this is all lie don’t gave him anything he lie too you just for money I’m from Egypt and know all this shit gems you can go to the police and say too them this man

  • Mariel sweet says:

    Hello ,if you think that , they are connivance .. don’t be afraid got we have intertional Law you knwo that .. ask Lawyer ok .. they are scam ..they need ony money from you …gudluck and careful ..

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