I told him I was expecting a baby from him……I never saw him again.

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I read all the article and all of your comments that scars me a little bit… because i live in Hurghada and i am very crazy about an egyptian man working there as a ophthalmologist in a hospital we met during summer time i was walking normally in the streets and he was following me with his (huge) car then he stopped and told me that he found me beautiful blah blah …

Well i felt alone in that moment and ageed to go drinking something with him, he told me almost everything about his life in that hour after we met.

I saw him almost everyday he took care about me, offers me flowers all the time, telling me all the sweet words i wanted to hear, giving me a lot of presents and so on …

So summer has gone and i had to go back in Belgium and i stayed in my country 3 months but i was missing him a lot i thought about him all the time he was calling me everyday from Egypt we used to stay on the phone all the night long then one day he sent me an airplane ticket for Cairo to see his family i was the happiest woman of the world i agreed right away so the day came… i was in Cairo Airport waiting for him he finally showed up after three long hours…
When he saw me he was very glad he took me in his arms , so we went in his car and we were leading to his family house we arrived at his family’s house i saw her mother, sisters, brothers, father , cousins etc.

I stayed in that house for 7 nights but i got soooo borred without going out and without seeing him a lot… he was sleeping upstairs and me downstairs , one night i came upstairs in his bedroom i wanted to talk with me and to tell him i was pregant …

So i told him i was expecting a baby from him when i first tell him this he completely changed , he was being rude and violent but there was another problem i was pregnant (without marriage) he told me to get married very soon i didn’t agree i didn’t want to get married that fast (i needed time…) we had a fight and in the morning i left (without his knowledge) i took my suitcase and took a car to go to hurghada.

Once i arrived in Hurghada i called him and told me to come here but he didn’t want..

So after staying three days in Hurghada i took a plane and got back home .

I never saw him again …

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