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Bezness Cyber Monster

Received message:

Ladies and girls targeted by Egyptian love rats!
You think you are in relationship, but your boyfriends continue to act as if they were still single!
• Stop thinking that my Mohamed is different!
• Stop wearing “rose-tinted” glasses!
• Stop ignoring signs and warnings from other people!
• Open your eyes, and stop being blind in love!

IF SOMETHING LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT PROBABLY IS! It is common sense as nobody can love like a Beznesser, in reality he is an accomplished liar and cheat.

These scammers will always be successful as long as we, European-educated, pragmatic women keep losing our senses after a few days of good sex with an Egyptian during a holiday romance.
They target our loneliness and emotional emptiness and we are their easy targets for money and passports, because we trust them!
They are masters in manipulating people and we must face the truth. We are too naive to see it, all of us, both young and those of a more mature age. They say what we want to hear and sell us the illusion of love and happiness.
I was targeted by an Egyptian Man for money, a flat and an EU passport. It was so nice to feel like I was in a relationship, so special, loved, sweet talked, complemented and simply feeling pretty and happy! I really wanted very much to believe that I was his special one and so I ignored all the red flags in my head.
When I discovered his true intentions I simply couldn’t believe it. He was in relationship with 2 other women at the same time and had many more just for sex. My beautiful illusion was destroyed and, the bad taste stayed with me for a long time. I have learnt my lesson very well. Finally time helped me to forget. I was angry with myself, just how could I trust such a liar! Many people knew his true face but nobody told me.
From that moment on, whenever I see a Bezness in action, I try to warn victims about what sort of man he really is.
Can you imagine what sort of on-line feedback I get from these European women?
Just a few examples:

1. You are a psycho, my Man is different! Prove it!
2. If you can’t have him, nobody can? He left you and chose me, you can’t accept it!
3. I know you tried to have him, but he sent you away and this is your revenge on my boyfriend!
4. You are a hacker attacking my decent Man!
5. Why do you tell me this, I don’t want to know, you are a liar!
6. It is not your business, F…. Off!
7. Don’t say that! He may have acted like that in the past, but since he has been with me, he has been faithful. I am his one and only love.
Then I just feel like a Bezness Cyber Monster fighting with decent Egyptian Men, accusing them and I am close to giving up!

Girls, you don’t want to know the truth, until suddenly your eyes are opened by a terrible shock!

• Please, >> don’t ignore what other people say! >> don’t ignore the signs you see! >> her friends, do not say “it is not my problem, if she is that stupid”. She is not stupid, she is just been completely brainwashed, “blind in love”, she is a victim of love fraud.
These signs usually are:
• Whenever he calls you “Babe”, without using your name, you are probably not the only one!

• Whenever he says “We can’t go public on FB with our relationship, as I may lose my job in the Hotel!” This is crap!!! You are probably not the only one!

• He often says “We can’t talk tonight as the connection is bad / my data is over / the Wi-Fi is not working / I have a night dive everyday / I am too tired to talk, text me”. It is just a good excuse as tonight he is in a relationship with another woman;

• When he starts to control you, getting offended for no reason, telling you to keep your relationship just between the two of you, telling his ex-fiancee is simply jealous and wants revenge, telling he has been badly hurt by women in the past, saying “although many women want to have sex with me, I refuse because I am a decent guy and you are my only love” this is also a red flag!

• Saying “I am concerned about my family, they have problems / I have to give money to my brother who is getting married / or my sister is getting a divorce, and I have to pay the lawyers”. He just wants your sympathy and your money.

• Beware when he puts pressure on you if he says “EU Tourist Visa lasts for only 3 months and then what happens to us? We will be still apart! I need a different passport to be with you”. You may have no money, but you do have a great asset in the form of an EU passport, so don’t get married this way as it is simply an immigration fraud!

• Saying “Sorry but we can’t meet up as I have just heard that my grandma has passed away and I will have to attend her funeral. You should cancel your flight.” Watch out as a sudden change of plans probably means two girlfriends have arranged to visit at the same time and one has to be put off!


• If you are involved with a tourist guide, a diving instructor, or any hotel staff, it is highly probable that you may be, or already are, the victim of emotional fraud or a Bezness.
Remember! A Smartphone is a liar’s best friend, as he can send his sweet messages such as ” I love you”, “I miss you” even though he is lying-in-bed with another woman! Permanent access to the internet is a real Bezness Cyber Monster, supporting bad guys in bewitching our brains.

I know at least a few decent Muslim Egyptians working in tourism, but they are just exceptions confirming the rule, married and living with their families and children, decent guys. Single ones, they always declare, they want to marry an Egyptian women, as that is their culture, religion and tradition.


Video trailer Kus kus Bezness

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