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Red flag: he works for the tourist industry.

received message:
Red flag: he works for the tourist industry. Hotel = tourist industry.
I am also in a situations very similar to this, but i have lived in cairo and met the men there. I also am here reading this because I am confused about if he is one or not.
I just did a test on him. Do not be available for him for a few days, or weeks, and see how your love will stand the test of time.

My story starts off with one egyptian guy beating me and a few days later falling for this one. everything is coming together; or frequent fights and all happened after i agreed to take further steps. (engagement) he has so many dreams and goals for us and it all seems too good to be true. he spends his day at the coffee shop and still dont know what kind of business he is running.
i am learning a lot though.

my advice, do no believe it. they are masters of seduction, know their women psychology because they have nothing better to do with their time at the cafe but read into psychology of women and sex, and they are amazing lovers. all of these are beautiful to a western women when our men tend to be colder and “bad boy” like.

The egyptian man will make you feel like a women. they will know your emotional and your needs and ask what you eat, that they love your smell, that you will never have to work a day in your life, that a women should never be on her hands and knees cleaning toilets while there is a man in the house. All of these things to make you think that you are GOLDEN.
But all of these things come with a price. Being obedient and respectful. You will soon find that some things that normal men in the west will not even flinch at, the egyptian will say you are disrespecting him.
Then here is where you mind starts to play tricks on you: you start to weigh out his PROS and CONS. Well its only once he yelled, he usually is so nice and caring.
These episodes will increase. When you finally commit to him; he will change.

An expression i like to say: even if you feed the wolf, it will still return to the woods.
Can’t take away societal, family, and religious lessons your man learned away. FROM any person for that matter. YOU are a product of your environment, peppered with your own judgments and perceptions of reality, culture, and religion (even if you follow it or not).
Run… time heals. You will forget. Run while you can.



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