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Maybe I just started to wear pink glasses

Received message:

Hi, I find it very interesting to read everybody’s opinion here or experience. I am reading here because I am considering if I should get further involved with an Egyptian man or just stay as we are, as friends. I’m happy to hear anybody’s opinion or advise on this matter. I believe I am an open person and I just believe that people are people and some behave good and others bad. No matter their religion nationality or culture. Obviously some we relate to better or have more in common with than others. This is only natural. On the other hand I do not wish to be blind to the problems I am reading here about being involved with Egyptian men sometimes. And yes we all want to think my friend, boyfriend or husband is not like this…

I myself come from a mixed family European-south African. I grew up in Europe, Brussels, but have worked and studied in and with many people from different parts of the world such as Australia, Caribbean, Africa and yes also Egypt. I have been to Egypt professionally and for vacation several times already but considering getting involved with an Egyptian man up til now I have not seriously considered until I met this guy who has become my friend now. I have only met him once actually while I was in Hurghada and he was on holiday himself there from Cairo. I just liked him and we sort of just hit it off like we knew eachother from before which made me feel a bit freaky but it really felt like this I dont know why. I know to some this might sound strange. He asked if it would be possible to stay in touch which I agreed to. We talked a lot about our lives, things we have in common and our differences, our families, goals in life…. sometimes we just write messages but mostly we talk directly via Skype.

After a few months he told me he likes me a lot more than he might have expressed so far he would like to be more than just my friend. He likes so much the person I am, to him I am so beautiful…
I would want to know how serious he really is about this and does he really like me so much as he says or could it be possible he has other motives like so many women speak about. I am reading about testing Egyptian men or well observing their behavior this is a bit confusing though to me. Sometimes I feel anything can mean anything you can interpret it positive or negative sometimes.


As I said he is from Cairo and he study law. For some reason he thought it is important to show me his passport and license, maybe he is afraid I don’t believe him or something like this unless I see it. He works in telecommunication just as me actually. We both love animals so much. I was surprised he has a cat at home he cares for, I have never met an Egyptian man who has a cat as pet (sorry no offence intended but I really never have)
I know his family doesn’t have it easy, his father died shortly after his graduation which was really sad for a time but it’s like 8 years ago now and his family is ok with it now. He knows my family has a hard time too because my mother was battling cancer and hopefully now will recover. I am a very independent woman with a masters degree, he knows the things I have done in my life and the places I have lived and that I am responsible for my own finances since I was 18. Working, saving, and loans for my studies and projects in life. I mean I would think it is clear to any person nobody should be with me to find money, I work hard to pay off my study loans and to support myself and my parents as well even though I don’t live with them we live in different countries. I work in Switzerland now for my job.


I guess like all of us we want somebody to like us and love us for your personality our goals and dreams and who we are not for sex, visas or money. I am going to Cairo with a friend in 2 weeks and I know he wants to see me so much. I will be happy to see him again and I would I guess like to let myself go and get involved in this because as I see him I have a really good feeling with him but I might not be objective anymore … I would like to find out for real what he really wants from me if he is truly serious about this, if that is even possible to find out. Because he says he is serious and he is not into playing games. I should not worry but he understands that I need to know him better and maybe see everything before. He claims he and his family and friends are mixed muslims and Christians, they are liberal and open minded. They would love me so much as well he is sure. He is single but has had prior relationships in Egypt with Egyptian and non Egyptian girl but it didn’t work out. He told me many things about this but basically he felt his Egyptian girlfriend didn’t really love him just wanted to marry for marriage and she though he is very suitable but he couldn’t imagine living like this. The non Egyptian girlfriend couldn’t see having a family which is very important to him.

honestly I sometimes have the impression some Egyptian men are trying to scam. Some others are then actually again so respectful and sensitive and family loving which I find very nice. So if any of you have advice or an opinion on this I am very happy to listen to it. I would especially also like to hear from any of you who have experience long term in a mixed relationship or marriage like this. And if you are involved with a wonderful Egyptian man how you knew it at the beginning and how does it work for example being one person Christian and the other Muslim in the relationship. It would interest me a lot. I personally believe people can make anything work when you are caring and a loving person but then I also don’t want to be naïve here.

Maybe I just started to wear pink glasses ;)



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