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My time with an Egyptian

Received message:                                                                      


As with most of these false relationships I met him online but with no intention of starting a relationship. After 6 weeks of mailing we met in person. He did not live far from me. He was the most charismatic, charming young man, 10 yrs younger. Within a few weeks we started a relationship. He had me utterly spellbound by his charm, manners and general affection. I have never met a man so brilliant at being charming, entrancing even.


Only a few weeks later he asked me to buy him clothes. My heart sank because things had moved so fast and there were already doubts in my mind, this really didn’t seem right. I refused and he said he was joking but still it wasn’t correct.  Generally, he got me to pay for things like food, transport, cigarettes. Over 18 mths he asked me for an ipad, a phone, a camera, to get a bank loan and to rent commercial premises. He always enquired or tried to ascertain my earnings. The most obvious and extravagant items were marriage and a child.  


I was confused about the so called relationship, he would visit then go then be hard to contact, not reply to texts or answer the phone, then he would send gushing texts of how much he missed me and needed me but with only the explanation that he had been visiting family or working hard for his `Uncle’ as to why he couldnt send just 1 text.  He also spent a lot of time out of the country on visits. When we would meet he would be so loving that I would forget all the odd behaviour because surely a man that sings you to sleep and wakes to put the covers back over you isn’t a total lying bastard? Then hed be gone, no texts, no answer and Id be lost again. Wondering what I did wrong and what I have to do to make it right. Doubting, thinking, going back over conversations, things just didn’t add up. Was this all because he had to keep me secret from his strict family? Or was it something else? I questioned why he wanted so many things from me.


I started to research on the internet and I found hundreds of stories yet I still didn’t want to believe. I was helped by others, listened to and Im grateful they helped me see. He had all the marks of a beznesser. Everything, every tactic, every line, phrase. I broke away from him eventually. I even accused him of being a beznesser which he of course denied. He kept trying to contact me for 8 mths after as I wouldn’t change my number (why should I) I never answered. It took an incredible amount of time to break free from him. He got little out of me financially and I was fortunate.. I hear stories of women spending years of their lives and their life savings on these game players and I truly understand how it can happen. Anyone that tuts at this then ask yourself why would anyone do so if not under some kind of influence or altered state of mind?? It is a type of hypnotism, brainwashing. They are trained conmen and unless you have been in the same situation you cannot imagine.    



Im no longer the same, I was betrayed like never before. Being with an actor, a master liar will damage a woman badly. The emotional carnage of being with a conman is very hard to get over. Its not a normal relationship where over time things perhaps sadly go wrong and there is a parting, an end. This man singled me out and I was to be a step , a ladder. An investment.  He felt nothing and lied a lot.


If you are involved with a man from one of these countries (Egypt is just one) you may think at first you have found someone extraordinary, like someone from a fairytale but Im quessing 99%  its not. For your heart, your dignity,  your sanity, stay well away from them. If a man treated his sister like this, that man could end up suffering serious harm and remember no genuine Egyptian man will ask you for a penny and certainly not presume to start a relationship of any kind. Please educate yourself on these codes they have within their family, you will see that by their treatment, you are not being classed the same.  In a way Im glad I went through this I learned a lot and I see people from his country and culture differently, I wised up. I know much more than I did then.


From the first paragraph he is clearly a user and is out to take from me and you will be amazed to learn that he lives in 2 countries, mine and his own. He lives in my wealthy UK city and studies at its university, with some distant family nearby and goes back home frequently to stay for long periods (possibly visa conditions) and visiting other women. I believe he is married and has children. He exploits women (there are/have been others) and searches for his visa wife (he admitted to me that his student visa was running out and he needed to marry) With his visa running out he deployed bezness tactics… or was it  for the sport, the fun of it, free romance and/ or money using women that are unsuspecting and trusting. Or both, why not? In their eyes we are asking for trouble.  If you think you found your Arab Prince, you haven’t, walk away, they do not respect you or your country.   







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