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Bezness in the Philippines

Received message:                                                                                                                                                                 


In 2000 I met what I truly believed to be my soul mate. A woman from the Philippines, a devote Christian, with a firm belief in family values.  She was my ideal. Although there is so much to tell I will keep it brief and to the main points.


In 2002 we married there, in Davao City.  After several visits and getting to know each other well.


In 2004 she came to this country, we settled in to our new home there was love and laughter cuddles and conversation,  and in 2005 we had a son John Michael,  he was my greatest wish come true, and the biggest thrill in my life,  I could not envisage a single day without him, and every day I could not wait to get home to be with him.  


From the first month we started sending money to the Philippines to support her family and invest in a future for ourselves,  (A Palm Tree Plantation) this was the agreed deal that we will eventually go back there as a family to live. And that is a very good future for us.  But all this went sour not long after
 she gained her UK citizenship, she became demanding, threatening and even aggressive,  and by using our son to manipulate me into sending increasing amounts of money to the Philippines,  the arguments escalated to a point where I could no longer cope with the distress, it effected my job my life and my purpose.


In February of 2011 she left the marital home and moved in with a black guy.


Since then I have not seen my son due to her false allegations of unreasonable behaviour.  I have recently gone through a PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY COURSE FOR MENTAL  CRUELTY.  I no longer see my son, and this hurts too much every day is the same  I wake up crying I go to sleep crying. I know she never intended to stay married.  Now all I do is grieve.  I am 56 years old now. And although when we first met my age did not matter. But now she refers to me as THE GULLIBLE OLD GIT.


The real purpose of this is for her to keep my investment in the land in the Philippines. And of course the benefit of her family.  And by using false allegations of domestic violence.






Bezness in Sharm El Sheikh

Received message:                                                                                                                                                 


After I looked in Facebook……….I’m gratefull for internet, all the new technologies and websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks to all this, something that was only an sumption, turned out to be the truth.


First of all, I don’t want to offend anyone here, that’s not the reason to tell my story. I’m just telling the truth. In this world there are good and bad people. You as a reader, have the right to see with your own eyes and to feel what is going on. This applies to all people around the globe, independent of the country, race, religion or no religion.

I was involved in a long term relationship with Larbi. We had a close relationship online, skype, webcame ever since 2006. He worked in Sharm El Sheikh in a diving center as operation manager, answering calls and taking money for the courses. An easy job, he always said.


Our relation became friendlier and more romantic. His mum died in 2006, my fater died end of 2007. We started to talk about our lives, as I found a job in 2008. I saved money and requested a passport. He told me I was his wife, his mum, his love and his everything. I wanted to see all this in real life, and meet him and his family.

End October 2012 I connected to Facebook, just out of curiosity and that is when I found out. Larbi just forgot I had a Facebook account, as I hardly ever logged on. He probably got married in May 2011, but still kept sending me messages how much he wants me, loves me and wants me to come to Sharm. I wrote messages to some of his friend to congratulate them with his wedding. They did confirm to me he was married. On Skype I spoke to a a half Egyptian woman, his co-worker. She told me that all men working in tourism are bad and use tourists. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I started searching forums and site and ended up on your website and other websites about bezness. I was like a real detective to find all the truth and thanks to my intuition and analyzing the facts.



I asked him many times, if he got someone, but the answer was always no. I asked him if he was married, the answer was always no. As soon as he realized that his friends told me the truth, he finally admited in December that he might get married in two months. At that point in time his wife was already pregnant! I asked him if he had a child, and again the answer was no. But I felt he was lying, his baby was born in March/April, he announced it on Facebook, a proud father.

As I finally arrived getting a passport and saved enough money to come and see him, he was confused. But never the less said to me please come, I need you, we will have a nice time. But come to Sharm not to Mahalla. I was surprised, as I know all his family, as I always supported him, when him mum died, when his niece died, when you lost your job, when the revolution started and we had no contact, I did always stand on his side. Your family is like my family, I want to see them and hug the kids of your sister. – I said.But u know, we need money, your love is not enough. The red light was blinking too much! My intuition said – it is a lier!

When he finally realized that his friends told me everything, he said that everything was my fault, because I didn’t come sooner to Sharm. It will always be the fault of the woman, never his fault, he’s just innocent. He once asked me to sell my house, eventhough it is not mine, but belongs to the whole family. I wouldn’t even think of asking something like that, but they do it in Egypt.

In his opinion I’m a liar as well because I’ve been checking with his friends about him.In fact bad men have a bad opinion about western women. They think they are the best, but compared to our behavior, they bahave like criminals and have no morals. Well, it all depends who we are and what perception and perspective we have. It speaks for itself. We search for something good, they for something bad. Such mental differences hard to understand and face. I said to him that I am a real queen, made of gold, compared to him.


He never studied, but according to his Facebook account he studied on the University of Arts in Cairo. As a matter of fact he studied on the University of Cheat and Lies.


Beware of the Jordan Bedouin Bezness

Received  message:                                                                                                                                                                


Warning.. Beware of the Jordan Bedouin bezness.
All the boys from the bedouin village by Petra, Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum are scammers and liars!
Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Ahmed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Ali Albdoul and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep.
Their business is to fool and cheat all the girls they can into falling in love with them.
They do it for business – to get sex and money.


They often have 2-5 foreign girlfriends at the same time. Their family knows and lies as well. All the “nice” people you meet lie! They all lie for each other because they all want something… Gifts, sex, money, phone, computer, cloths, gasoline, a donkey, even camels…The money they get from girls they use to get other girls.
They will make you believe that they are different from the others and you will see the love in their eyes. But it is not true! Don’t ever trust them! They are all the same. They do anything to fool you!
They will take you to caves in the mountains, to the most beautiful views, they will make fire and cook for you, take you to their family, dance, drink, watch the sunset and sunrise on a blanket under the ‘shooting stars’.


They do business with girls! They go with tourists and then they charm the girls to believe that they are in love with them. The truth is that they just want sex. When the girl goes back home, they will make friends with her on facebook, messenger, skype, email or phone. They are on all social media and have a lot of different accounts and names, so all the girls they trick don’t know about all the other girls. They will try to get you to come back to Jordan. And if you go back – they will pick you up in the airport or hotel, but when you leave they go pick up the next girl or a new tourist. If you had sex with one of them please go to your doctor and get tested for all sex diseases (HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea etc.) and Hepatitis B. They are whores, gigolos, scammers, trick thieves and they have sex with all possible. It is like trick rape, so don’t ever think that is true that a Bedouin boy from Petra loves you or want to marry you!
They will all tell you that you are special and that they love you, but also tell you lies about that their donkey died, their car is broke, their motorbike was stolen, they have to go to the hospital, someone complained about them so they have to go to jail. They often pretend to get into trouble and want you to send money through Western Union. They come up with the craziest stories – Only to get the money from you!!
They look like Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow), most of them have kohl in their eyes, wear scarf’s or have long hair. If you are with your husband or boyfriend they will fool him too, they will let you believe you are his best friend but also try to fuck your wife or girlfriend!
Names of boys doing this for fulltime business (with variations of their names): Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Othman Salm, Mohammad, Ahmed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Albdoul, Albdool, Bdool, Bdoul, Mohammed Ali and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep (but they are not the only ones). They are all the same.. All the boys, men, girls, women and kids in the village is making business and living by cheating tourists.


And you will believe every lie they tell.. They are really good at this business!!
There are thousands of stories from girls around the world who experienced this, but- The government in Jordan knows about this problem but they don’t do anything about it!
The police know about this problem and should warn all tourists especially in hotels, in Wadi Musa and around the main gate to Petra about these people, but they don’t.
The embassy and the airport of Amman and Aqaba should warn all women who come, and especially the women that come more than one time, but they don’t!
Jordan is the ‘peace’ safe country in the Middle East, so they don’t want to destroy that image for the rest of the world.
It is also good for the Jordanian economy that all these girls keeps coming and it is very bad for tourism if the world knew the truth about the secrets of beautiful Wadi Rum and Petra.
Join the new group that wants to stop this and tell your story – Share the names and the lies:
We understand if you want to be anonyms, so create a new anonyms facebook account (like they do!) and join the group. Together we will open this story to the world and try to get the authorities in Jordan to warn about this and stop it!



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