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My story with Hassan in Hurghada

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My story began 13 months ago, when I met Hassan (date of birth: 16th December 1985) in Hotel Jasmin Village in Hurghada. He worked as a waiter in the Italian Restaurant and the Lobby bar. Before he also worked at Hotel Ali Baba. 
He was very tidy and reliable and gave very good service, when he brought the food and drinks. But that is his strength, because he stands out from the others waiters. He was never pushy. 


In our relationship he asked me several times to marry him, but I found it too early for a marriage.He accepted that. Many times I flew to Hurghada and we did spent good times together and also stayed together in an apartment near the Metro supermarket. He also invited me to his family’s home in Luxor (West Bank Gourna). His family are nice and friendly, but very poor. So I gave him and his family therefore a lot of money. He has parents, four brothers and three sisters. One of his sisters got married last summer. All brothers and sisters are married, accept one brother and one sister. 


Hassan never asks for money, but plays on your mind. He told me millions of times …: I never do something wrong for you. But during our relationship I found out that he is married to a Czech woman. For the Egyptian law (August 2012) her divorced her, but he refused to divorce her in Czech. He is been 2 months in Czech (2011) with his wife. I also found out that (during our relationship) he had a relationship with a Russian woman. With spoke on Skype to both the Russian an Czech woman.


Hassan speaks English (and Russian), but does not read and write in English! 
Mostly in the text messages he writes: Love.Love.Love<3xxx or Hassan +…….. =LOVE or xxxxlovexxxxlove or lovexlovexhassan. But sometimes he asks his friends to write a text message.

Normally he always uses this phone number: +2******67770 (For me, Czech wife, russian woman and Egypt friends). But he also uses another simcard (because I have seen this in December 2012 in his wallet), which I not know the number.


A feature if you know him well: Hassan often has stomach problems and should therefore sometimes vomiting (trow up) or sometimes he can not eat. Hassan wants to look good and he loves beautiful clothes and shoes. He loves t-shirts and (soccer) shoes. Especially football t-shirts of famous teams from different countries). Usually, he asked me to bring this when I go to Egypt. White is his favorite color. He likes to play (especially goalkeeper) and to watch football (Real Madrid) on television. He stopped working in Jasmin Village (24th of February 2013) and now lives with his parents in Gourna (Luxor).


Because Hassan is very sweet in general it was hard to believe that he is dishonest. He always have very good excuses in answer to my questions. Hassan has 5 different facebook accounts, which I have been able to trace and he also uses several Skype accounts. He has lots of friends who help him, because he is not really handy with computers.

If you recognize him and you have a lot of questions, do not hesitate to contact with me.

Please contact me through Bezness Alert.





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