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My story with a Army-Major in Egypt

Received message:



I have too many problems, a child with many needs and many exams, a sick father, a brother with a brain tumor, an mother dying, say doctors. We help each other as we can.

As to pass time, I’m time to time using the Internet.
One day, there is a new friend, eager to sharing our cultural differences between our countries, Romania and Egypt. Seriously man, says he is captain-investigator in the Egyptian Army. After a few months, I’m already in the throes of love and concern about his bigger problems than my life problems. Start pressuring me, blackmail me emotionally, I understand that if I don’t quickly do something to help him, our dream to marry us will break down, ready, he caught me in his toils of spider, from now on it’s much easy. So finally I’m going to sell my house, to can send him by Western Union ten thousand euros to rescue him from prison in which he is daily threatened by large heads, Egyptian Army generals. Which, moreover, have also increased the debt commission cause he, my poor man, he could not pay on time.
But I save him, I sold my flat, I send him the money, hurray! It passed about 2 years and half since that time.


And as I gave him everything, I’m no longer interesting. He disappeared. Permanently. Without a trace, as he started to tell me at cell-phone by screaming to me at our last conversation, when he accused me that I ruined his life cause he was sent to a prison in other town then Cairo just because Army forced catch him he have an relation with me and he have the intention to marry me.


So he, my poor lover-man, has disappeared with all 105 kg of my luggage that he may send to me in my country 3 days after I left Cairo, disappeared with my money that he requested was an loan, and all other things from November 2010. With many thousands of Euros. Newly enriched, with a new car purchased at a week after my departure from Cairo, a new black guitar, an new laptop, a modern TV console games, with new shaving and hair cutting equipment, with many branded perfumes, sunglasses brand, expensive clothes and shoes, children’s education money, money 4 his new home hidden in many accounts as he told me once. A new fancy-trancy man.
And my four pieces of luggage full of clothes, shoes, makeup, handbags, perfumes and sunglasses, all from the best brands, he divided to his relatives. Lucky them! Some sold them, brought them good money. As about gifts taken by me to my relatives, they do not need, do nothing. Died, no longer need them. But till now, my son cry sometimes thinking to his new clothes bough by me from Egypt, that have not reached him. But my former future husband, ex Army-captain, new Army-major Hazem from Nasr-City, fits with my son at clothes, so I know that it took and he wears it. What better!


Like I said, my mother did not need gifts from my luggage keept at Hazem’s home cause she already died at asylum. But hey, I can not save everyone, right? I wasn’t able to care for my mother cause everything I had and I could, I used to be saved my man, Hazem. I sold my house cause my future husband saying that he owns huge sums of money to the Egyptian Army owes that if he not pay all money in good time, sent him to jail. So I saved him. It is true that he disappeared several days after receiving the money from me. I thought he was busy running to return the money.

I’m back in Cairo with nothing but I’m calm and confident. I have not found work here in Romania all this years, till now. How I lived? Difficult. I suffered together with my child. Parents went to a better place. My brother?! He’s gone, too, in many other ways. I rest alone. I begin an new life with my child in a small room, without food sometimes, without clothes, without light or money.


More painful was when I learned that my Egyptian had not any money never-ever to any Army/Military duty and at any bank, was not in any danger of jail, anyone put him or threaten him with any jail, anyone punished him for relationship with me and his intent of “marriage”. It’s just fine. Enriched. How to be more interested in me? If only he will find sometime I again have inherited some money from my parents cause they went. Might be interested then. My son has forgiven me. My parents forgave me, they do not feel any pain. But I’m not forgiven. And Hazem the investigator in Army still hunts victims of careless destruction their lives.


What do you think, to believe anymore in the future in the next Army officers?!




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