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Bezness in Mauritania.

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Hello, ladies!! :)
I am long-time friends with a wonderful woman who has fallen for a young man from Mauritania.
She is now totally changing and I fear the description of his approach and circumstances seem very similar to these bezness cases!…
Have you found that young Muslim men from Mauritania are very prone to these hijinx as well???!…

This guy is over 10 years younger than she is, too!-?  She ALWAYS makes excuses for the oddity of her situation.  She also has a very good career, owns a beautiful condo, etc., etc. and a wealthy family!…
She claims that he pays his fair share and finally got a much better job and a worker’s visa, but it just seems odd that he is shacking up with her with no formal proposal or ring, and she’s into her 40s….esp. coming from his traditional culture!



My friend maintains that she is very happy and he is a great boyfriend, but it just doesn’t seem right? And she did tell me that the relationship started off with him declaring that she was the Love for her within just a few days..:(No doubt, she is a great girl, but as a true friend, I tried to warn her of the possibilities before it became too serious…  And now I’m being cut off! Apparently, I was too skeptical!  



Do you have ANY ADVICE on how I can save my friend, tactfully and gently!!!???  Thanks SO MUCH!!…



Granted, maybe she doesn’t want to be saved, but it has really hurt her best friendships.  And I ordinarily have nothing against people of different ethnic backgrounds or cultures, I just wanted her to be careful and aware, as any good friend would in any situation!!…  She also had a painful prior divorce, so caution seems prudent…



p.s. I am in the United States.  He did just finish a B.S. degree here, she says, and seems to have a professional job now.  Do you think he could be ok-an exception outside the mold?  If she is really happy and secure with him, then why can’t she talk about these cultural issues??….



Thanks again for considering this case.


Video trailer Kus kus Bezness

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