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The truth behind Parental Child Abduction in Egypt.

Received message:

In May 2009 I took my precious baby to see her father in Egypt, One week later our lives were turned upside down. My ex husband had kidnapped my baby.
For three years I have gone through Courts, Embassies, Ministers, Police and egyptian lawyers.

I was able to get my baby back after 8 months on condition I live in Egypt, but life would not be easy.
I lived with death threats, constant cases cropping up all over the country and four corrupt lawyers.

At the end for the safety of my baby i was forced to sign an agreement or lose my baby for ever. This agreement was that my baby was to live with her father and i get to have her for all school holidays, I could visit her as and when i wanted and she would get the best education possible.
Two school holidays have passed and I have not been allowed to have my baby, she was not put into school at all but a farming community nursery.


My only access to my baby is a phone call every three days that i have to fight for some times a week will go by and my ex will not answer my calls.


Having gone through death attacks, being beaten in front of authorities and constant fear of losing full contact with my baby, and eventually being forced into a contract that is meaningless.
I have decided to get back in the ring and fight again, I cannot leave my baby in the hands of a person that does not care for her well being or her education.

I will share my experiences with you, and hope that this wall can benefit parents out there in my situation.
We have to let all parents out there know, The truth behind Parental Child Abduction in Egypt.




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