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Marriages between Egyptian men and foreign women


According to the study conducted by Dr. Izat Ashmawi, over 17,000 marriages between Egyptian men  and foreign women were registered in 2010 compared to just 195 in 2000.
That is an 8700% increase over the past 10 years!

Year         Estimated Registered Marriages
2000        195
2001        205
2002        264
2003        319
2004        424
2005        551
2010        17,000

Economist Dr. Hamdi Abdul al-Adhim told Al Arabiya, “Many families welcome such a marriage because it does not require a ready apartment for the bride or expensive dowries; foreigners only look for emotional fulfillment especially the ones who are older.”

While that’s great, ladies – you deserve to know the truth as to what you may ask for and what to put in your marriage contract. Love is only blind for fools. When going to the Ministry of Justice to file for her marriage license, the rules of the contract and dowry were glossed over with the official even saying, “Just put LE 1, that’s what most people do.” That is NOT what an Egyptian would do and nor should you!

Tree main points that a woman (local AND foreign) may put into a marriage contract:
* A woman has the right to divorce her husband and keep the dowry and other

* A woman has the right to travel freely with any children from the marriage
* A woman has the right to work
There are some things that you may think you want in the contract, but are actually already a part of Egyptian law:

If divorced, a man has to support the children which include the cost of living, school tuition and other expenses.

However, there may be a problem with the Egyptian version of child support. Sometimes a man will get a false certificate from his job’s human resource department that lies about his income, ie claiming his monthly income is only LE 1,000 ($167) and therefore cannot afford the requested LE 2,000 ($333) in child support.

If filing for a divorce, a foreigner is required to have a qualified translator (although you would think this would also be required when filing for a marriage license). Although the Ministry of Justice refused to accept him despite his qualifications, probably to force her into appointing one directly from the Ministry in order for the government to obtain the costs.
Also know that no matter what nationality or religion, a woman is awarded custody of the children. This is made null should the woman remarry or have relations with another man. Beware that while the only time custody may change is if the man can prove you are an unfit mother or if you remarry/have relations with another man, “Never underestimate a pissed off ex-husband.”





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