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Bezness in Jordan

As if the bezness practices only exist in Tunesia, Egypt, Turkey and Marocco….

Jordan should be added to that list. It has been going on for years and on a large scale too.
In particular the region around Petra. Women who travel to see its major tourist attraction, the archeological park Petra, or go on any other trip near or around Petra are targets of the “bedouins” and their bezness. Especially in Wadi Musa, a town very near Petra. This place practically relies on the money-flow coming from female tourists. It supports the local economy, more so, now tourism has seen a downfall of 60% due to the unrest in the Mid East.
The government, who is very aware of the bezness, prefer to do nothing. At least they should be the ones to warn female tourists. But they chose to ignore it. They will send you an apology letter of 4 lines, telling you that it was simply a “rip off, but it is not a violation of the tourist law”. Your replies will remain unanswered.
So that leaves us female tourists, to warn other female tourists. Google for “scammers of Wadi Musa” and you will find plenty of stories.
Luckily, my observance and common sense saw right through these shababs.
Be aware, when you visit Petra, Wadi Musa or even the bedouin village of Uhm Sayhoun: do not let your guard down for a single second, do not fall for their charms, their cheesy romantic words, their “kind and sweet” family….because once they have you on the end of their fishing line, that is when it will start, the cunning and callous lies. All of them simply love you soooooo much…. because sooner or later you will be financially supporting them. And they are extremely clever at getting from you what they want.




Video trailer Kus kus Bezness

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