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My story with Mano in Hurghada

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Heres my Story about a stupid Egyptian how i feel madly in love for. I first met him in Dreams Beach Resort in 2008.When i first saw him i thought he was very ugly and just funny looking.. but he started talking to me and he was very charming and kind. I fell for his funny jokes and his crazy sense of humor.


He followed me everywhere and when i walked to dinner he would run to me and make me feel special from the other girl guests. He would sit and have dinner with my family and on his day off spend his whole time with me. i started to fall for this crazy boy.


When it was time to leave Dreams Beach he was soo sad and started to cry. That was it for i fell him. Once i landed back in the UK he would call, text, and email, we used msn to do webcam so we could see each other. I soon then booked my second holiday to Dreams Beach..


I came back many times, i showered him with gifts and he did me. I was in love. My family dint like him because they think he does this to all the girls that holiday in Dreams Beach. But i dint care I was in Love. I noticed everytime i would come on holiday he would tell me exactly when to come he told me he was goin back o to Cairo or he was working in different hotels.. I thought it was wierd that he would be so controlling as to when i can come to see him in Dreams Beach…


I remember when i came for holiday in the summer of 2009.. it was all knew animation Alot of people i had not seen before.. Mano was very nervous all the time and always watching everyone, when i landed in the hotel he did come meet me he spent no time with me what soo ever..


I found out later on he had another girl as his “girlfriend” staying at the hotel at the same time as me.. i saw he was always with Russian girl with long blond hair called oksana. i got in contact with this girl and she comfirmed she was with him… and then she told me she found out about him and other girls.. theres one girl i need to talk to she is Russian or Ukraine with long blond hair she came with her family and also alone just to be with mano.


Anyway i left him.. when i told him i will no longer come to Dreams Beach he went all crazy and started to cry.. i felt bad i went back again to Dreams to be with him.. while i was on holiday he did not care about me.. One night i lied and said i felt sick and will have an early night alone.. But i was fine and went to The Dreams Team Disco tech.. I found him on the floor with girls dressed as Nurses dancing all over him.. i found him kissing one.. i did nothing and returned to my room to pretend i never saw anything.


After that holiday i left promissed i would never go back again.. but i did as like before he cried and begged me to come back… i went back in 2010 and i heard so many stories he was with english girl, a russian girl, a ukraine girl, polish girl.. no 1 gave me names of who they where but they were all his girl friends… after this i confronted him and he laughed saying they all good for somthing… one for money, one for family, one for visa ect.. i could not believe he told me all this.. i left…


Ive been back a few times after but mano was not there i heard he got kicked out Dreams Beach because he had fight over an English girl who worked there.. i dont know if thats true but im glad hes left Dreams Beach i now can enjoy my holidays there in peace and to know all the other girls he hurt they can go back to Dreams Beach and still enjoy themselfs.




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