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My story with Mohamed which destroyed my life

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My story began in 2008.
I was on skype online,spoken with my friends,or with one member of my family.When suddenly one man,with name :Mohamed Samy,from Egypt,was wrote me,i was answer him,and we start to speak.He was very nice,me too with him,i thought cant be nothing bad if i speak with one strange man.
I told him,im married,he said no problem.after time we was chat again,and again,an so on,sure he start to say some unusually words,what was sound good,and i feel it that this man is realy start to feel something for me. And after time,me too,i was wait everyday to speak with him,and slowly my husband start to accuse me,that something wrong with me,couse i stay to much front of computer.


Mohamed was invite me to go visit him,in Hurghada,I was accept,couse i was feel very alone,before i find out my husband cheat on me,and i thought i will give him back.I let my husband,i let my son,and i was going to him,spending nice time together.Here at home,i start to explain that i like to divorce,and get my son,and my part of money,and going back to Hurghada.Must to know that,Mohamed was ask my hand,gave me one silver  ring,we had both the same ring,and he ask me to respect him,and leave my husband,and go to him,to start our life.I was did everything how we was speak about,and after time ,when my husband try it to kill me,couse he find that iam pregnant,from arabic man,he said he never let me go,and this baby never will born.I was speak with Mohamed and he said,Habibi dont come now,just after 2 week,next time he said,dont come now just after Ramadan,after he wrote me,that im very bad woman,and lier,ask me to let him in peace,never disturb,i not understand what happend with him.


I lost our baby,i was going sepparate from my husband,i was try live alone with my son,but my husband stoped me to do any work,he was make me bad things,make me suffering that i was leave him,and cheat him with another man.I didnt care nothing,couse i was fall in love in Mohamed.


All my family knows it, what happening with me,everybody try to explain me,that is wrong what iam doing,and want stop me to love more. But im very hurd,and i was totaly love Mohamed.In 2009 my husband died,and first time i called him,to tell him that im free woman,and have enough money to can start new life together,and make bussines,anywhere.He was speak with me nice again,and ask me to come again,couse he was miss me,he need me,and he like to start again with me.
I was going with my son together,and nothing happened what he was promissed.My son liked him,and dont want coming home,but i was cry all this 2 week,couse he told me,he cant marry,just have friendship relation. I cant explain how much i suffered,after this,i came home,and after few months i was call him,and we start to speak again,and i was try to invite him here,to make papers,and everything to help him,come here,live here in Europe. He said he have no passport.I said its ok,next time when i come we will make together his passport.


After year,in February,when was the revolution,i was call him everyday,i was vorry about him,he was say to me many time on the phone,that nobody care so much about him,just his mother and me,and he is very thankfull that i exist,and he said:-Emy when you will come,we will marry directly!!!!,I will never forget this,what he said,not just love me,and need me,he said ,he will marry with me directly.And when was the first fly,i was going to him,and bring him one expensive camera,couse he said,he have no work,but to can work,he need a good camera,i was ask him,witch one is good for his work,he said the type,and i was buy it.
In Egypt,he was nice on first days,he was happy for a new camera,and one day i was ask him:
So ,Mohamed when we will start the papers for marry.He start to be very angry,and scream to me,that what im thinking now,he cant marry now,he have no money,no work,no nothing,and maybe he will never can marry,couse he is very poor man,and and and…He was explain me,that he have so much problems,that i cant imagine,i told him,that i will help him,and i was give him money,to can resolv some of his problems,but i thought,i will not give all my money,couse with this camera now he can make good job.and get enough money.If he is good photograph underwater,and divemister,and tourist come back again.I was love him,God knows how much.


I came home,and start to read about Coran,and going to learn everything about islam,and pray,and all what one “muslima”must to know.But he dont care nothing anymore.After time i was going again back to him,couse he said,anytime i can come ,couse his home is my home too.But he was very angry on me,he ask me why you come back?what you want?He was going out,and come back late,try to push me away from him,ask his friend,to sleep in his house in that time,when im there,couse he dont want to be alone with me.Acting all that they work together.
In reality i dont know what he want all this years from me,one time speak with me,one time not.
Only me i was who know it what i want.When i speak something with somebody,then i keep my promisses,not like him.I was try to start a new life,now with a new man,but i cant love anymore,i was ask this nice man,to let me in peace,i dont want to destroy his life too,i cant be happy,and i cant forget nothing from my past,Mohamed destroyed all my good feeling,all belive in man.I dont know if ever i will forget what he did with my feeling,with my life.And iam so angry for myself,couse i was spend so much money for travel,just becouse of him,i was let my son,to my parents,and focus on his life,how can i help him,im very shame,and now i try to spend lot time with my son,and pray to God,pray to Allah,to give me power,to not lose my mind,and kill myself!
So this is my long story of my life.Hope can understand,i was try to write in poor english,that everybody can understand.



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