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My story with Tamer in Hurghada

I would like to tell my story and i hope this story is going to help for a lot of women…

Everything start 4 years ago, in 2007 december i came alone for holiday in Hurgada, i just wanted to relax alone from all hard work….


One animation guy his name Tamer start to talk with me and one day he asked me to go outside for a walk, i think a little and i accept because i wanted to see how Hurgada look and i didn’t want to go outside alone….my holiday was one week so he in this couple days became my friend he said he like me very much because he see i’m here all alone by my self like lost heart, taking care of my self and i’m not depend to anyone (this suppose to be sign for me but only now i start to understand everything).


After i came back home we start to talk on internet, he already said to me he love me so much, he never met anyone like this before and bla bla bla….

After one month i decided to came to Hurgada and work with him as a friend… In the middle of January i was with him in Hurgada and start to work as animation.

I always told him i like u like a friend but he was saying to me i will wait because i love u and i will show u i can give u everything…. and he did… he was really respecting me very much, he said he love me everyday more and more, he was taking care of me, he want that i be his wife and life with me for the rest of his life

(4 years he was telling me the same things).


Of course i start to believe in him and after one month we start to date, but still i was suspicious… so the first year we both was working as animators in a different hotels, he bring me to his family in Cairo (wile we were in Cairo we get married) and we live where about 2 month and after we moved to Sharm El Sheikh to work again as animators…
About two year we was working and living in Sharm El Sheikh “Dreams Beach Resort” hotel, but every half year i was coming back home to my country to visit my parents and friends from 2 weeks till one month.


While i was at home he was writing me sms everyday how much he love me and how much he miss me and how much he want me to come back, sometimes he was calling me and crying in the phone and telling me that he can’t live without me anymore and asking me that i don’t leave him….. So after one year i truly start to trust in him and first time i said i love him and i did because i believed his feelings for me is real… Like this we was living and working two years first in Sharm El Sheikh “Dreams Beach Resort” hotel and the same hotel in Marsa Alam….

In this two years i was coming back home a lot of times and on his facebook i see guest tagging his pictures but not with girls but i see he is never wearing a ring, he told me if he is not wearing a ring so also he is not wearing necklace and bracelet because he always forgetting, but he was wearing everything except a ring and i don’t know why i believed but he was very convincing and second no one from our friends who was working with us never told me anything bad about him, so i believed (this was second sign and i was blind)….

After two years of working as animators we decided to came back to Cairo and get serious in our future life… He start to work in real estate and i was at home with his family, i tried to find job but for me it was difficult to find because i’m not egyptian and my mother toung wasn’t english (but now i think he didn’t want me to work because he always was sending my cv). So he was working and i was at home all the time… In this one year i came back home two times, first time while i was at home for two days he didn’t answer my phone calls and i was very worry and after two days he is sending me sms and telling me he was in hospital… about after week he is sending me sms and asking me 2000 pounds because he have to pay bills in hospital i said to him ask his sister and he answer me she don’t have and only i can help him because he need to give back this money for one man he borrow from…. i believed and i send him… (this was third sign and i still believed in him and this time it was a test for me from him)….

And the last year from 2010.11 till 2011.11 we decided to open our company in real estate. We talked a lot about this, actually he was talking a lot about this. So we start to build our company and of course i paid for everything because he don’t have any money and he never had. Everything was ok we had our company we had our flat, but revolution start and after revolution we lost everything. About 2 month we was waiting maybe everything is going to be ok but nothing good…. So he start to disappear he was telling me he is working with his friend and he wasn’t coming back home for two or more days and then he coming just sleeping all the time and going out again, and all this time telling me i’m working and trying to bring money…. After more 3 month we sold everything and moved to his family again. While we was living with his family it become worse, all night he was outsite and the same lie to me he is working with his friends. He was coming back only in early morning, sitting on the laptop while i was sleeping, and when he see i wake up he going to sleep till the evening, and again in the evening going out. In this last months was a lot of signs for me but i can’t understand how stupid i was…….

  1. women was giving him missed calls and he said to me “this is bitch who is trying to annoy me because every time i want to answer she hanging the phone” one day he was taking shower and she was calling i answer and she was asking for him i said i’m his wife and she said tell him i’m not going to call him again.
  2. maybe the same maybe other woman was calling him and he always was going outside to talk that i couldn’t hear or he wasn’t answering at all and i asked why she is always calling u, he said “this woman is giving me flat to sell and she always want to know something about business so she asking me but till now i don’t have the answer for her so she is calling me”…
  3. In the end every time he was coming back home he was deleting all call list and switching off mobiles and he said “i don’t want anyone called me while i’m sleeping”
  4. Last month he didn’t come back home at all and he stop calling me and stooped answering my calls and he made story that he is kidnapped and one off his friends must to bring to kidnapper money……….I know all this is a very big signs for me but i still believed in him i still trusted in him because he swear for me on his dad he swear on God he put his hand on Koran and swear he never cheated on me and he always going to love me and …….. so how to understand this?!!! Muslims can lie to Koran?!!
    Anyway this last month one day he write me sms “collect all your closes u going home tonight”, i called him he didn’t answer so i write sms “i’m not going anywhere till u explain for me” so he called me and said this kidnapper bought ticket and he can’t do anything. So he send me home and after two days he write me “go Julija and live your live away from me”. I called him and he said he never loved me and his wife is going to be egyptian and muslim….. he deleted all our pic on facebook, he blocked me on facebook if he is innocent so why he is running, why he is hiding
    from me…. he is telling now to everyone i don’t love him……he want to show i’m bad but not he….
    So why now why all these 4 years to stay with me, the answer very simple he was after my money… and now i’m asking to give back everything what belong to me and he said he don’t have to pay for me anything because WE paid for everything for our future, but he never paid anything because he never had any money and now we don’t have any future so i think i deserve to take what belong to me….

    And till now i can’t understand all this time all our friends and his friends didn’t say anything about him but now they start to talk when it’s a to late..

    Where is much more what to say but i hope you understand something what i write and i hope he will get what he deserve….



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