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The liar in Egypt and how he use my feelings


Received message:


In April I went to Hurghada with several friends, we enjoyed wonderfully. April 12 four of us decided to take a trip on the quads, it was a great decision. On this trip came up to me one of the guardians trip and said that his friend is very shy and really liked him my friend. we started talking together …. after returning the boy gave me a phone number to his friend (for my friend) and said that waiting for a phone call from us to show us as the city of Hurghada.



We returned to the hotel and we wondered whether the long call to them or not. My friend liked the shy Egyptian, and I agreed to this meeting in the evening, because I knew that she could not go there alone. I called him and we agreed. They came after us to the hotel and we had a date (haha). They offered us another trip quads for free – we agreed to. The next day he came after us and we went on the quads. He said the colleague, who was with us yesterday, can not go with us but his boss agreed and will go with us. when I saw the boss, i think: fuck, he looks like a mafia men, I was scared a little, but we went. All the time we joked, we laughed, had a great time. We agreed with them for the evening. We went to the restaurant, then to a disco (they pay for everything) They took us to the hotel and the next day was the flight home. All this guys who I meet in Hurghada its good person, we have great time, fun and join but not Mohamed Geretly, now i know that he is the biggest LIAR in Egypt.

Days later I got a text message from the this boss (Mohamed Geretly). We exchanged emails, we write, I set up skype – every day we talked as friends. He said that he is divorced and has a son, he is working a lot of time and has no private life for himself. We talked every day. I fell in love. I decided to spend the holiday with him in Egypt.


I went there in June with my friend (she to her Egyptian man) I spent with him a wonderful two weeks. He bought me presents, take me on trips, to the cafe, he always paid. One evening he took me to his favorite coffee shop and asked me to marry him. gave me an engagement ring and I said yes. I dont know why i agree but i feel that i love him….Very much talked about our future, where we inhabit, he said he wants a real wedding, I also wanted.

Back to my country was difficult, at the airport, I missed him terribly. again began to talk on skype and writing on facebook. send me text messages and phone calls to me.

One day I found a post on his wall on facebook from a girl that she longs for him, and he wrote that he also longs for her. immediately asked what it meant and he said it was his ex-wife’s sister, he has a good rapport with that family, but it’s okay and he asked me not to worry. wrote to her when I was with him in Hurghada in June. then threw a ring from him, because I do not believe him. then explained to me everything and I trusted again.This should be a sign for me, but I believe him. Again, everything was great. We argued sometimes, because he had too little time for me, when he went to Alexandria to his mother did not have time to chat with me on skype.

I did not know then that in Alexandria is the second wife, I learned about this after half a year. One day he told me that he has prepared all the documents to the embassy in Cairo to come to my country and get to know my family.

I was very glad. I was happy. Meeting at the embassy he had arranged for October, we found that fly to me on October 23 for a week, know my family and friends, and I will prepare everything for my country, closed my case and I will return with him to Hurghada 30 October. It was supposed to be a day when we begin together a common life.

My friend told me that in September, she fly to her boyfriend to Hurghada (he is a friend of my fiance) It was a great idea. decided to fly together in September. My fiance was happy to see me again.
Began two weeks time, but it was different than in June …. He thoughts were in another world. I asked him if something is wrong. He said that he must go to his ex-wife to finally end the marriage (so far told her twice that it does not want her and he must say the third time in accordance with the rules) said that he do it for me, he want be my real husband. I agreed because I loved him, I wanted to be with him, wanted him to have a real family, real weddings, real life together.

His ex-wife lives in Jordan, we went to buy a plane ticket.
During those two weeks was very different than before. I was tired, but I wanted to believe in everything. And I believed. I wanted to be happy at his side. when I was with him, we decided to go to his family to Alexandria, then we will go to the embassy in Cairo to legalize our relationship. We had to get married. He told me that he had to protect me, if we want to go to Alexandria and to Cairo we must have security paper (contract orfi). I agreed because I trusted him. My friend was with us and her Egyptian boyfriend was also with us. signed this paper. A few days earlier, he again asked me again to marry him. gave me another ring. when we signed the contract in the office of a lawyer, he gave me a wedding band. Then we all went to celebrate. His sister and his mother invited us. I talked to his sister, she wanted to know me. He told his sister that we signed this contract, she congratulated us. all his friends congratulated us.

One evening, while sitting in a restaurant, he always sends a message. I asked to whom, he told me that the brother of his ex-wife, because he will arrange his hotel in Jordan. I told him to show me the news, he did not want. In the end showed me. then told him to show me his facebook. we started to argue, I take his phone and I saw a message from a woman. I started screaming, I was furious. This woman wrote: Hi love, hi Habibi, and he wrote that he misses talking to her. For me, he said it was an old woman, she worked in the ministry, she knows his boss and he must be nice for her, but he never had nothing to do with this woman, I should not worry. did not believe him, we went home and I destroyed this contract. I told him that I will not be with a man whom I do not believe it.
Me, my friend and her boyfriend, and my “fiance” sitting together in the living room, and my fiance explained to everyone that this woman is nothing for him does not mean, he loves only me, he just wants to be with me. I thought it impossible that he wants to be an old woman, again, I believed him. I decided to leave him some of my stuff, my clothes. Ended my vacation and I had to go back to my country. and he flew to Jordan. the day before his departure I told him that gave me the password to his facebook. He gave me a password, but before he deleted the all the messages.

He promised me he will ring that will write text messages. Within a week as he was there and did not write a single text message, not called me even once.
I decided to have fun at the detective. I found all the passwords to his email (he had 5 email addresses), I found a second account on facebook and also found the password. He forgot that the messages are archived and everything I found.
He was in Jordan two weeks, I waited for sms from him, but he wrote nothing. After a week I wrote that I have enough that I was worried because I do not know what was happening to him that I want to finish it. Then he found time to call, but I have not picked up the phone. Then he found time to send me a sms a lot, but I wrote that I do not want so I finish with him.

When he returned to Egypt to Hurghada, he wanted to contact me but I did not answer. During this time I found a lot of messages to other women, he wanted to meet them, all the while he was in contact with this old woman, he phoned her from Jordan and me do not ring. He wrote to her that he wants to fuck her that he only wants to be with her (other women he wrote the same thing) that he wants to kiss her everywhere bla bla bla – this same message for all womens………
I was furious, but did not tell him that I found it. Then I found a woman’s profile on facebook, and she wrote that it is his wife. This woman had his pictures and photos of his son.
I had to talk with him, so he told me the whole truth. This was Saturday, the day I told him that this is his day of truth. he agreed to it. He said that this woman is a cousin of his ex-wife and she just so fun and so she wrote that it is his wife. I did not believe. I do not believe him in nothing.

October 3, came to him, the old woman, and he fucked her. I wrote her an email. I sent her all the messages which are copied, and she told me the whole truth. She was with him once, had sex with him, he took her to the cafe, but she did not want more to meet with him. She did it once, but as she saw what is fat and ugly she did not want to talk to him more. This old woman is very nice, I sometimes talk to her on skype. apologized for what she did, but she did not know about me before. Now she knows that this is a very bad man that he is a big liar. He have all the time, such stories of different women. with old and young. He’s lying to their wives, he lied to his mother, sister. He lied to his friends.
When I found it all, I copied it all. I sent it to his friends, to his wife, the sister of his wife, the cousin of his second wife, I sent them copies of the message what he wrote to these women.
He destroyed my life. I told him that now he will see hell on earth, that he will pay a lot for his lies. I promised him that I will destroy his life.

when I was with him last time, I left my things with him. Now I want to recover them. He does not want me to send them. So I did not leave.
I believe the day will come when it will be me, begged me to finally ceased to destroy his life. and this is just the beginning of a nightmare ….. He lied to the wrong woman, he now pay the penalty.

Now he sees what it means strong woman, I am short term of his life in hell.

This is MOHAMED GERETLY safari manager in TRAVCO Group Company in Hurghada.



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