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My story with Amir in Hurghada

Received message:


I started relation with Amir  from Amir’s aquacenter in July 2010. We met through my best friend in Hurghada. He said he was the owner of the aquacenter but this is not true.


In the beginning he told me he had two boats. He sold one after I gave him the money (see later). I asked him also ‘why did you not give me a part of the money back you own me?’. He said I bought land in my city Naga Hamadi. This is a good investment for us later. I did not think futher at that time.

In August my niece, husband and three children came to Hurghada to stay with me. Amir came to dinner. We spend a lot of time together, went all of us on the boat. Amir also joined us the whole day.

In the beginning after a few weeks after starting relation he ask me money to rebuild his boat. I gave this money to him…220000 pound. He signed paper for this.


I went back to Holland, we had contact every day by phone and after three weeks I returned back with my parents. He stayed with us a lot of time, getting to get know my parents… First night we all go out to play biljart and he said to me I have no money really. I can not pay the bill here. The boat is costing so much money…I gave him money.

We went to El Gouna with a friend of his Salem…Salem almost eat every night with all of us. Sure he was part also of this whole game. Often he took my father to watch staff of him rebuilding the boat. He asked more and more money and stupid as I was I gave it to him. Just before he came here the boat was almost finished. Just some small details. Than the paper of the boat had to be arranged. It took a lot of time he said. Man of the paper wanted money to finish the paper. I talked to this man when I was in Hurghada. The paper was finished in 3 days. Amir still owns this man money.

Also just before he came he called me, sending messages to transfer money. He did not have electricity and no money to eat. He was alone at night all the time he said. I transferred in total 4 times money with Western Union. Almost € 2000,-


23 th of December he came to Holland spending christmas and new year together. He left to Hurghada back 8th of January. He came with no money so I paid everything for him. New clothes things to decorate the boat, a electric blanket for his mother, because of her bad back, etc.  We went on a citytrip to Amsterdam for 4 days. Also I paid of course. A lot of time he wanted to spend my money in casinos. I paid the tickets, etc. Also before he left he askes me money because he had to buy something in duty free shop for a friend.

He got a lot of phonecalls but he did not answer. At that time he said to me I want to live in Holland with you. I am going to arrange some things in Egypt and I will be back in three weeks.


Then the revolution started. He said to me ‘I have to the army in Cairo, after two weeks he returned back to his mother and after this he did not answer the phone for 5 days. I started to be suspicious. I called his brother… Told me different stories. Sure his brothers and friends played the game with him all the time. I did not trust it so I booked ticket to Hurghada 27th of February for 1 week. When I told his brother I am coming to Hurghada next sunday I got a sms from his brother call Amir on this number now. Normally he has two numbers. Now he had another new number. I called him and I told him I will come to Hurghada. He said why why??? I am not there..why you come?? I said I want to see my best friend for  1 week and relax..not telling him I wanted to check things. One day later I called him on his own number. Another man answered the phone. I am the major of the army and no phone calls allowed here. I got angry and I said fuck you and your army. Amir called me back, I have a problem with the general of the army. You are a racist. Sunday when you come the general will visit you in your appartment and you have to make excuses to him. Otherwise you will have big troubles. Sure somebody else answered the phone. He was very afraid I would come to Hurghada and find out everything.


When I was in Hurghada I found out that he stole my bankcard (I gave the key of my appartment when he left here), the card was there and 30 minutes after arrival in Hurghada he went to my appartment, took the card and took every day in total 50 times money from my Egyptian bankaccount untill it was empty…Total 45000 pound. He had the pincode because he took gass for me one time here and the code here is the same as the Egyptian bankaccount. 

Never he was in the army. I also found out he is married to a German woman and has two sons with her. I heard she is having a very hard time in Hurghada, can not get out of the country anymore with her children,etc. He always said to me I have ex wife and son in Germany.


Back in Holland I found out he is on the blacklist of Hurghada. A lot of Russian women he speaks with in the middle of the night. He has a Kontactpage in Russian.. Also on Kunstkamera.net a lot of people are talking about him. A lot of women are searching for him. There are photo’s everywhere from the time we visted Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam. He is trying on the internet to get women to Hurghada to play with them also. He is paying their tickets.


I talked to a women she is hurt so much also thinking this man Amir was her future. She was in September in Hurghada staying with him. The same time as me. Unbelievable how he do this. He knows sure I talked to her.sending me sms go fuck yourself. Start to threaten me. When you make problems in Hurghada I will kill you. Make a lot of shit for you,etc. If I can warn just 1 women for this man, it is at least something.. A lot of times I see on the forum kunstkamera.net he ask women for money to buy ticket to see his son in Germany . He has open visa on his Egyptian passport. Never I saw his German passport.


I am fighting so hard to get my money… And I still have strong hope I will get it…




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