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My story with Tamer in Hurghada

I would like to tell my story and i hope this story is going to help for a lot of women…

Everything start 4 years ago, in 2007 december i came alone for holiday in Hurgada, i just wanted to relax alone from all hard work….


One animation guy his name Tamer start to talk with me and one day he asked me to go outside for a walk, i think a little and i accept because i wanted to see how Hurgada look and i didn’t want to go outside alone….my holiday was one week so he in this couple days became my friend he said he like me very much because he see i’m here all alone by my self like lost heart, taking care of my self and i’m not depend to anyone (this suppose to be sign for me but only now i start to understand everything).


After i came back home we start to talk on internet, he already said to me he love me so much, he never met anyone like this before and bla bla bla….

After one month i decided to came to Hurgada and work with him as a friend… In the middle of January i was with him in Hurgada and start to work as animation.

I always told him i like u like a friend but he was saying to me i will wait because i love u and i will show u i can give u everything…. and he did… he was really respecting me very much, he said he love me everyday more and more, he was taking care of me, he want that i be his wife and life with me for the rest of his life

(4 years he was telling me the same things).


Of course i start to believe in him and after one month we start to date, but still i was suspicious… so the first year we both was working as animators in a different hotels, he bring me to his family in Cairo (wile we were in Cairo we get married) and we live where about 2 month and after we moved to Sharm El Sheikh to work again as animators…
About two year we was working and living in Sharm El Sheikh “Dreams Beach Resort” hotel, but every half year i was coming back home to my country to visit my parents and friends from 2 weeks till one month.


While i was at home he was writing me sms everyday how much he love me and how much he miss me and how much he want me to come back, sometimes he was calling me and crying in the phone and telling me that he can’t live without me anymore and asking me that i don’t leave him….. So after one year i truly start to trust in him and first time i said i love him and i did because i believed his feelings for me is real… Like this we was living and working two years first in Sharm El Sheikh “Dreams Beach Resort” hotel and the same hotel in Marsa Alam….

In this two years i was coming back home a lot of times and on his facebook i see guest tagging his pictures but not with girls but i see he is never wearing a ring, he told me if he is not wearing a ring so also he is not wearing necklace and bracelet because he always forgetting, but he was wearing everything except a ring and i don’t know why i believed but he was very convincing and second no one from our friends who was working with us never told me anything bad about him, so i believed (this was second sign and i was blind)….

After two years of working as animators we decided to came back to Cairo and get serious in our future life… He start to work in real estate and i was at home with his family, i tried to find job but for me it was difficult to find because i’m not egyptian and my mother toung wasn’t english (but now i think he didn’t want me to work because he always was sending my cv). So he was working and i was at home all the time… In this one year i came back home two times, first time while i was at home for two days he didn’t answer my phone calls and i was very worry and after two days he is sending me sms and telling me he was in hospital… about after week he is sending me sms and asking me 2000 pounds because he have to pay bills in hospital i said to him ask his sister and he answer me she don’t have and only i can help him because he need to give back this money for one man he borrow from…. i believed and i send him… (this was third sign and i still believed in him and this time it was a test for me from him)….

And the last year from 2010.11 till 2011.11 we decided to open our company in real estate. We talked a lot about this, actually he was talking a lot about this. So we start to build our company and of course i paid for everything because he don’t have any money and he never had. Everything was ok we had our company we had our flat, but revolution start and after revolution we lost everything. About 2 month we was waiting maybe everything is going to be ok but nothing good…. So he start to disappear he was telling me he is working with his friend and he wasn’t coming back home for two or more days and then he coming just sleeping all the time and going out again, and all this time telling me i’m working and trying to bring money…. After more 3 month we sold everything and moved to his family again. While we was living with his family it become worse, all night he was outsite and the same lie to me he is working with his friends. He was coming back only in early morning, sitting on the laptop while i was sleeping, and when he see i wake up he going to sleep till the evening, and again in the evening going out. In this last months was a lot of signs for me but i can’t understand how stupid i was…….

  1. women was giving him missed calls and he said to me “this is bitch who is trying to annoy me because every time i want to answer she hanging the phone” one day he was taking shower and she was calling i answer and she was asking for him i said i’m his wife and she said tell him i’m not going to call him again.
  2. maybe the same maybe other woman was calling him and he always was going outside to talk that i couldn’t hear or he wasn’t answering at all and i asked why she is always calling u, he said “this woman is giving me flat to sell and she always want to know something about business so she asking me but till now i don’t have the answer for her so she is calling me”…
  3. In the end every time he was coming back home he was deleting all call list and switching off mobiles and he said “i don’t want anyone called me while i’m sleeping”
  4. Last month he didn’t come back home at all and he stop calling me and stooped answering my calls and he made story that he is kidnapped and one off his friends must to bring to kidnapper money……….I know all this is a very big signs for me but i still believed in him i still trusted in him because he swear for me on his dad he swear on God he put his hand on Koran and swear he never cheated on me and he always going to love me and …….. so how to understand this?!!! Muslims can lie to Koran?!!
    Anyway this last month one day he write me sms “collect all your closes u going home tonight”, i called him he didn’t answer so i write sms “i’m not going anywhere till u explain for me” so he called me and said this kidnapper bought ticket and he can’t do anything. So he send me home and after two days he write me “go Julija and live your live away from me”. I called him and he said he never loved me and his wife is going to be egyptian and muslim….. he deleted all our pic on facebook, he blocked me on facebook if he is innocent so why he is running, why he is hiding
    from me…. he is telling now to everyone i don’t love him……he want to show i’m bad but not he….
    So why now why all these 4 years to stay with me, the answer very simple he was after my money… and now i’m asking to give back everything what belong to me and he said he don’t have to pay for me anything because WE paid for everything for our future, but he never paid anything because he never had any money and now we don’t have any future so i think i deserve to take what belong to me….

    And till now i can’t understand all this time all our friends and his friends didn’t say anything about him but now they start to talk when it’s a to late..

    Where is much more what to say but i hope you understand something what i write and i hope he will get what he deserve….


The liar in Egypt and how he use my feelings


Received message:


In April I went to Hurghada with several friends, we enjoyed wonderfully. April 12 four of us decided to take a trip on the quads, it was a great decision. On this trip came up to me one of the guardians trip and said that his friend is very shy and really liked him my friend. we started talking together …. after returning the boy gave me a phone number to his friend (for my friend) and said that waiting for a phone call from us to show us as the city of Hurghada.



We returned to the hotel and we wondered whether the long call to them or not. My friend liked the shy Egyptian, and I agreed to this meeting in the evening, because I knew that she could not go there alone. I called him and we agreed. They came after us to the hotel and we had a date (haha). They offered us another trip quads for free – we agreed to. The next day he came after us and we went on the quads. He said the colleague, who was with us yesterday, can not go with us but his boss agreed and will go with us. when I saw the boss, i think: fuck, he looks like a mafia men, I was scared a little, but we went. All the time we joked, we laughed, had a great time. We agreed with them for the evening. We went to the restaurant, then to a disco (they pay for everything) They took us to the hotel and the next day was the flight home. All this guys who I meet in Hurghada its good person, we have great time, fun and join but not Mohamed Geretly, now i know that he is the biggest LIAR in Egypt.

Days later I got a text message from the this boss (Mohamed Geretly). We exchanged emails, we write, I set up skype – every day we talked as friends. He said that he is divorced and has a son, he is working a lot of time and has no private life for himself. We talked every day. I fell in love. I decided to spend the holiday with him in Egypt.


I went there in June with my friend (she to her Egyptian man) I spent with him a wonderful two weeks. He bought me presents, take me on trips, to the cafe, he always paid. One evening he took me to his favorite coffee shop and asked me to marry him. gave me an engagement ring and I said yes. I dont know why i agree but i feel that i love him….Very much talked about our future, where we inhabit, he said he wants a real wedding, I also wanted.

Back to my country was difficult, at the airport, I missed him terribly. again began to talk on skype and writing on facebook. send me text messages and phone calls to me.

One day I found a post on his wall on facebook from a girl that she longs for him, and he wrote that he also longs for her. immediately asked what it meant and he said it was his ex-wife’s sister, he has a good rapport with that family, but it’s okay and he asked me not to worry. wrote to her when I was with him in Hurghada in June. then threw a ring from him, because I do not believe him. then explained to me everything and I trusted again.This should be a sign for me, but I believe him. Again, everything was great. We argued sometimes, because he had too little time for me, when he went to Alexandria to his mother did not have time to chat with me on skype.

I did not know then that in Alexandria is the second wife, I learned about this after half a year. One day he told me that he has prepared all the documents to the embassy in Cairo to come to my country and get to know my family.

I was very glad. I was happy. Meeting at the embassy he had arranged for October, we found that fly to me on October 23 for a week, know my family and friends, and I will prepare everything for my country, closed my case and I will return with him to Hurghada 30 October. It was supposed to be a day when we begin together a common life.

My friend told me that in September, she fly to her boyfriend to Hurghada (he is a friend of my fiance) It was a great idea. decided to fly together in September. My fiance was happy to see me again.
Began two weeks time, but it was different than in June …. He thoughts were in another world. I asked him if something is wrong. He said that he must go to his ex-wife to finally end the marriage (so far told her twice that it does not want her and he must say the third time in accordance with the rules) said that he do it for me, he want be my real husband. I agreed because I loved him, I wanted to be with him, wanted him to have a real family, real weddings, real life together.

His ex-wife lives in Jordan, we went to buy a plane ticket.
During those two weeks was very different than before. I was tired, but I wanted to believe in everything. And I believed. I wanted to be happy at his side. when I was with him, we decided to go to his family to Alexandria, then we will go to the embassy in Cairo to legalize our relationship. We had to get married. He told me that he had to protect me, if we want to go to Alexandria and to Cairo we must have security paper (contract orfi). I agreed because I trusted him. My friend was with us and her Egyptian boyfriend was also with us. signed this paper. A few days earlier, he again asked me again to marry him. gave me another ring. when we signed the contract in the office of a lawyer, he gave me a wedding band. Then we all went to celebrate. His sister and his mother invited us. I talked to his sister, she wanted to know me. He told his sister that we signed this contract, she congratulated us. all his friends congratulated us.

One evening, while sitting in a restaurant, he always sends a message. I asked to whom, he told me that the brother of his ex-wife, because he will arrange his hotel in Jordan. I told him to show me the news, he did not want. In the end showed me. then told him to show me his facebook. we started to argue, I take his phone and I saw a message from a woman. I started screaming, I was furious. This woman wrote: Hi love, hi Habibi, and he wrote that he misses talking to her. For me, he said it was an old woman, she worked in the ministry, she knows his boss and he must be nice for her, but he never had nothing to do with this woman, I should not worry. did not believe him, we went home and I destroyed this contract. I told him that I will not be with a man whom I do not believe it.
Me, my friend and her boyfriend, and my “fiance” sitting together in the living room, and my fiance explained to everyone that this woman is nothing for him does not mean, he loves only me, he just wants to be with me. I thought it impossible that he wants to be an old woman, again, I believed him. I decided to leave him some of my stuff, my clothes. Ended my vacation and I had to go back to my country. and he flew to Jordan. the day before his departure I told him that gave me the password to his facebook. He gave me a password, but before he deleted the all the messages.

He promised me he will ring that will write text messages. Within a week as he was there and did not write a single text message, not called me even once.
I decided to have fun at the detective. I found all the passwords to his email (he had 5 email addresses), I found a second account on facebook and also found the password. He forgot that the messages are archived and everything I found.
He was in Jordan two weeks, I waited for sms from him, but he wrote nothing. After a week I wrote that I have enough that I was worried because I do not know what was happening to him that I want to finish it. Then he found time to call, but I have not picked up the phone. Then he found time to send me a sms a lot, but I wrote that I do not want so I finish with him.

When he returned to Egypt to Hurghada, he wanted to contact me but I did not answer. During this time I found a lot of messages to other women, he wanted to meet them, all the while he was in contact with this old woman, he phoned her from Jordan and me do not ring. He wrote to her that he wants to fuck her that he only wants to be with her (other women he wrote the same thing) that he wants to kiss her everywhere bla bla bla – this same message for all womens………
I was furious, but did not tell him that I found it. Then I found a woman’s profile on facebook, and she wrote that it is his wife. This woman had his pictures and photos of his son.
I had to talk with him, so he told me the whole truth. This was Saturday, the day I told him that this is his day of truth. he agreed to it. He said that this woman is a cousin of his ex-wife and she just so fun and so she wrote that it is his wife. I did not believe. I do not believe him in nothing.

October 3, came to him, the old woman, and he fucked her. I wrote her an email. I sent her all the messages which are copied, and she told me the whole truth. She was with him once, had sex with him, he took her to the cafe, but she did not want more to meet with him. She did it once, but as she saw what is fat and ugly she did not want to talk to him more. This old woman is very nice, I sometimes talk to her on skype. apologized for what she did, but she did not know about me before. Now she knows that this is a very bad man that he is a big liar. He have all the time, such stories of different women. with old and young. He’s lying to their wives, he lied to his mother, sister. He lied to his friends.
When I found it all, I copied it all. I sent it to his friends, to his wife, the sister of his wife, the cousin of his second wife, I sent them copies of the message what he wrote to these women.
He destroyed my life. I told him that now he will see hell on earth, that he will pay a lot for his lies. I promised him that I will destroy his life.

when I was with him last time, I left my things with him. Now I want to recover them. He does not want me to send them. So I did not leave.
I believe the day will come when it will be me, begged me to finally ceased to destroy his life. and this is just the beginning of a nightmare ….. He lied to the wrong woman, he now pay the penalty.

Now he sees what it means strong woman, I am short term of his life in hell.

This is MOHAMED GERETLY safari manager in TRAVCO Group Company in Hurghada.


My story with Amir in Hurghada

Received message:


I started relation with Amir  from Amir’s aquacenter in July 2010. We met through my best friend in Hurghada. He said he was the owner of the aquacenter but this is not true.


In the beginning he told me he had two boats. He sold one after I gave him the money (see later). I asked him also ‘why did you not give me a part of the money back you own me?’. He said I bought land in my city Naga Hamadi. This is a good investment for us later. I did not think futher at that time.

In August my niece, husband and three children came to Hurghada to stay with me. Amir came to dinner. We spend a lot of time together, went all of us on the boat. Amir also joined us the whole day.

In the beginning after a few weeks after starting relation he ask me money to rebuild his boat. I gave this money to him…220000 pound. He signed paper for this.


I went back to Holland, we had contact every day by phone and after three weeks I returned back with my parents. He stayed with us a lot of time, getting to get know my parents… First night we all go out to play biljart and he said to me I have no money really. I can not pay the bill here. The boat is costing so much money…I gave him money.

We went to El Gouna with a friend of his Salem…Salem almost eat every night with all of us. Sure he was part also of this whole game. Often he took my father to watch staff of him rebuilding the boat. He asked more and more money and stupid as I was I gave it to him. Just before he came here the boat was almost finished. Just some small details. Than the paper of the boat had to be arranged. It took a lot of time he said. Man of the paper wanted money to finish the paper. I talked to this man when I was in Hurghada. The paper was finished in 3 days. Amir still owns this man money.

Also just before he came he called me, sending messages to transfer money. He did not have electricity and no money to eat. He was alone at night all the time he said. I transferred in total 4 times money with Western Union. Almost € 2000,-


23 th of December he came to Holland spending christmas and new year together. He left to Hurghada back 8th of January. He came with no money so I paid everything for him. New clothes things to decorate the boat, a electric blanket for his mother, because of her bad back, etc.  We went on a citytrip to Amsterdam for 4 days. Also I paid of course. A lot of time he wanted to spend my money in casinos. I paid the tickets, etc. Also before he left he askes me money because he had to buy something in duty free shop for a friend.

He got a lot of phonecalls but he did not answer. At that time he said to me I want to live in Holland with you. I am going to arrange some things in Egypt and I will be back in three weeks.


Then the revolution started. He said to me ‘I have to the army in Cairo, after two weeks he returned back to his mother and after this he did not answer the phone for 5 days. I started to be suspicious. I called his brother… Told me different stories. Sure his brothers and friends played the game with him all the time. I did not trust it so I booked ticket to Hurghada 27th of February for 1 week. When I told his brother I am coming to Hurghada next sunday I got a sms from his brother call Amir on this number now. Normally he has two numbers. Now he had another new number. I called him and I told him I will come to Hurghada. He said why why??? I am not there..why you come?? I said I want to see my best friend for  1 week and relax..not telling him I wanted to check things. One day later I called him on his own number. Another man answered the phone. I am the major of the army and no phone calls allowed here. I got angry and I said fuck you and your army. Amir called me back, I have a problem with the general of the army. You are a racist. Sunday when you come the general will visit you in your appartment and you have to make excuses to him. Otherwise you will have big troubles. Sure somebody else answered the phone. He was very afraid I would come to Hurghada and find out everything.


When I was in Hurghada I found out that he stole my bankcard (I gave the key of my appartment when he left here), the card was there and 30 minutes after arrival in Hurghada he went to my appartment, took the card and took every day in total 50 times money from my Egyptian bankaccount untill it was empty…Total 45000 pound. He had the pincode because he took gass for me one time here and the code here is the same as the Egyptian bankaccount. 

Never he was in the army. I also found out he is married to a German woman and has two sons with her. I heard she is having a very hard time in Hurghada, can not get out of the country anymore with her children,etc. He always said to me I have ex wife and son in Germany.


Back in Holland I found out he is on the blacklist of Hurghada. A lot of Russian women he speaks with in the middle of the night. He has a Kontactpage in Russian.. Also on a lot of people are talking about him. A lot of women are searching for him. There are photo’s everywhere from the time we visted Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam. He is trying on the internet to get women to Hurghada to play with them also. He is paying their tickets.


I talked to a women she is hurt so much also thinking this man Amir was her future. She was in September in Hurghada staying with him. The same time as me. Unbelievable how he do this. He knows sure I talked to her.sending me sms go fuck yourself. Start to threaten me. When you make problems in Hurghada I will kill you. Make a lot of shit for you,etc. If I can warn just 1 women for this man, it is at least something.. A lot of times I see on the forum he ask women for money to buy ticket to see his son in Germany . He has open visa on his Egyptian passport. Never I saw his German passport.


I am fighting so hard to get my money… And I still have strong hope I will get it…



Beznesspraktijken via de chat.

Ingezonden bericht:


Lieve Noor, ik ook ..heb je boek in 1 adem uitgelezen.
Hongerig naar alles wat ik over Bezness kon lezen en meer. Mooie herkenning uit je boek en ook je verschrikkelijke verhalen en wat een rampen je dan overkomen. Dat kun je je van te voren niet bedenken.


Ik werd verliefd op iemand achter de computer uit dat land en ik was daar nog nooit geweest, laat staan… alleen op vakantie.! Die compleet andere wereld in Egypte, maakt t dan ook zo onwerkelijk.
En waarom …? Ik zit in een scheiding. Kwetsbaar daardoor. Ik leef nog met mijn man onder 1 dak op 70 m2 ,wat me veel teveel spanning geeft. Ik vluchtte weg in een computerspel ..Citty Ville genaamd. Ik moest daar wat mensen toevoegen omdat dat spel daarop is gebaseerd. Dan komt er eentje op chat, die je vriendelijk gedag zegt, totaal onschuldig lijkt het. Je staat open voor een gesprek, want je ziet er geen gevaar in.


Je chat komt steeds vaker, geeft je complimenten en stelt je allerlei vragen, je doet je verhaal en daardoor wordt je steeds meer gehecht aan die persoon. Dat gaat heel subtiel en langzaam wordt je verliefd. Hij is begripvol, en luisterd, heeft alle tijd en geeft je zoveel aandacht. Hij maakt je een beetje jaloers , want hij heeft veel vrouwen om zich heen die commentaar geven op zijn foto’s. Dan zegt hij dat hij je nodig heeft , misschien wil je wel met hem trouwen. Hij zegt dat hij je graag wilt zien en je daar een hele leuke vakantie kan doorbrengen, hij zorgt overal voor. Hij is een man die zo anders is. Hij is je gids en je tolk en je droomt van luchtkastelen. Je zweeft weg en droomt van Pyramiden en Farao’s en je egyptische Prins voert je langs deze mooie streken en verwend je met alle zorg en toewijding. Ik heb toen een reis naar Egypte geboekt en een hotel besproken, ook voor hem een kamer in dat hotel. Je mag niet samen op een kamer, want de wet verbied dat je ongetrouwd niet samen mag slapen in een Islamitisch land. Het reisburo zegt of waarschuwd niet over deze liefdesfraude. Maar je prins is arm en heeft t niet makkelijk.


En dan begint het getrek om geld. Maak maar wat geld over :zegt hij, Dan kan ik voor ons ook proberen een appartement regelen, dat is goedkoper voor jou. Dan bespaar ik je geld. Stort het maar op West Union. Wat moet je doen? je twijfelt en je vraagt je af is dit wel goed?
Iedereen veroordeeld die man als je je verhaal verteld en ook jij …hoe kan je zo verliefd worden, zo dom, nooit die man gezien en dan daarheen…!!! Weet je wel hoe de cultuur is en hoe weinig je daar te vertellen hebt als vrouw. Hoe je gemanipuleerd wordt. Ik lag met kloppend hart in bed, want de datum van de reis kwam steeds dichterbij. Daar gingen de alarmbellen af maar ze deden zo pijn. Ik zag in dat het waarschijnlijk niet dezelfde motivatie was waarmee hij met mij wilde vakantievieren. Mijn droom van die prins moest ik opgeven en heb mijn reis gecanceld. Hij zat natuurlijk in de toeristenindustrie. ………………Ik was daar anders compleet leeggeplukt en erger kan ook nog, misbruikt of gevangen daar………niets meer over van het sprookje.


Het verwijderen van die man op facebook ging ook nog met veel emotionele pijn. Blijkbaar zitten ze je te hersenspoelen. Ik heb daar hulp bij gehad. Je schaamt je en voelt je bedrogen. Ik kom er nog goed vanaf, alleen mijn droom, mijn reisgeld en 1 x 25 euro.
Maar mijn leven is niet zo verwoest dan als het daar fout was gegaan.



Het heeft me een belangrijke les geleerd die ik nooit meer zal vergeten.
Ik waardeer deze site, omdat je hier niet veroordeeld wordt en je informatie kan opdoen. Je kan met al je vragen terecht. Geweldig bedankt hiervoor. En voor ieder die twijfelt…kom ermee.
Veel liefs.



My story with Mohammed in Hurghada

Received massage:


My story starts some yrs ago when I met Mohammed (Tony), owning Mira bazar by Three Corner Hotel in El Dahar, Hurghada.



After the romance had lastet 1/2 year he asked me to marry him (orfi), which we did. During all the time we spent together I had no thouhts about him being dishonest. He spoke about everyone else cheating women in different ways and he always behaved very good.

These years I was going to Hurghada every 2. month spending 1 month, he spent almost all his time with me and was so helpful caring and loving I had no suspection he was a cheater.

He also invited me to his family`s home in Luxor, we spent nice times there. Most likely they approved this way of easy income. He talked much about always having problems, being short of money, business was not so good,his mother being sick and needing medicines, so of course I each time gave him good money to survive until I came back.

After some years I started to feel something was wrong, so I checked his phone.. and found many sms from women which left no doubts that he had many love affairs at the same time.

I had bought property in Egypt and later discovered that he had cheated me for more than 100000 LE. The men selling any kind of properties are working with them and all taking commision.

Aqcuaintances have experienced silmilar cases with these 2 brothers, they got cheated for more. 

They are really sweet talkers and working like organized crime.

A general knowledge/info from locals ans reentering tourist is that the street in which Mira Bazar is located many workers are known for their cheating way with tourist and espacially women.

Their name are Mohammed (Tony) and Ahmed .. Their home village is El Baharat on west bank Luxor.




Video trailer Kus kus Bezness

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