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My story with Tito in Hurghada

Received message:

In December 2009 I arrived in Egypt, where I met Tito (nickname). He has 26 years, lives in Cairo, works as an animator in Bell Vista’s hotels.
I went back in January 2010, we did spent a perfect time. We had fun in disco’s, and we did fall in love with each other.  On the day of my departure I was at his home. In the morning when I returned to the hotel, I found out that I lost some money, that was in my pocket. I was not sure if it was him stealing it from me or that I lost it in the taxi. But doubts were planted in my head, although I did ignore them.


When I got back home, we communicated through internet and text messages. Then came the text message in which he asked me to help him and send 100 dollar into his account. Once in a sudden I remembered the day I lost the money from my pocket. I replied to him in a unfriendly way. Two months later I received a text message with a business like greeting. As my feelings for him didn’t die, I answered him. Only now I do understand that all that he did this, so I would not forget him.


In June I went to Egypt on a holiday once more and we met again. Our feelings didn’t die. At that point in time he didn’t work, so he had no money, it was thus up to me to take care of things financially. It became unpleasant when he started to ask me for money. Doubts came over me, about the sincerity of his feelings for me. Food for my doubts was the work he was doing as an animator, meeting all kind of nice, sociable girls that were always all around. The holiday ended and I went back home again.


Again we were communicating through internet and text messages. In the autumn again I went back to Egypt, particularly to decide if there could be a joint life for the two of us together. I didn’t want to live in Egypt and he did not really want to come to Russia and live there, as he understood very well that life was not easy there.  I had a dream to live abroad, so I decided to take the step.  I was planning to go in winter, but the “January 2011” events prevented that and plans were moved to spring.


We decided to leave together and go and live in Thailand, but as he was not working again, all the financial responsability  was on my shoulders. The passport, the visa, the opening of a bank account, tickets for the two of us. All together I did spent 2.500 dollars. When the time to leave had come, I experienced some problems and was unable to leave together with him. As a result he lived 2 months in Thailand without me, of course at my expense (apartment, meals, clothes), all together  approximately 1.500 dollars.


He was supposed to find a job in that period, but didn’t succeed in finding anything, which seemed strange to me.


When I finally arrived in Thailand, we did spent all week together, since the time that the visa was expiring was approaching. There were 2 options. One to return to Cairo and he should arrange things or two go and live in a neighbor country. We chose for option 2, as it was less expensive and closer. The day of our departure came. The day before “darling” was very nervous, I thought it was because of the journey ahead of us, but I could not have been more wrong. He left taking with him a great sum of money of 2.500 dollars, ostensibly for the visa.


He didn’t return, never showed up, he didn’t call and for about a month I didn’t hear from him. Then his friend Franchesko, contacted me. I assumed it was a “collegue”, working together with him on his dirty affairs. He told me that Tito was okay. As I asked him, why Tito chose this way, he answered me that Thailand was not the country where Tito wanted to live, he preferred Europe. Tito always dreamed of leaving Egypt, given the fact that there is no future for him there.


A few weeks ago, I got in touch with a Dutch girl, she was involved in a relationship with Tito as well, in the same period that we were together. Their relationship now lasts 2 years and they also make plans for a life together. The Dutch girl is planning to go to Egypte to meet him again, highly likely the invitation for the visa to Holland is on its way. As my sense of female solidarity didn’t give me peace of mind, I decided to write her to save her from our ”mutual gigolo”.
I placed information about Tito on a site www.dezy-house.ru. Within a few days, I received a reply from a German girl, she was involved with him as well. They also made plans to live together and bring him to Germany, more specific Bremen. As all kind of paperwork needed to be taken care of, money was needed. Tito didn’t have money, so the girl decided to sent him. He asked 3.000 euros and the poor girl, that was head over heels with Tito sent him 5.000 euros.  As soon as Tito received the money, she never heard from him again. Ain’t that a sad story.


Girls, be very careful, since he never loved anybody, but himself. He just wants one thing, escaping from Egypt, preferably to Europe. He plays with girls very easily, according to the usual scenario; he conquers the heart of a girl, convinces her to give him money or is willing to steel it and then disappears.


In my belief people like this should be punished and that is what I will try to do.



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